Policies & Procedures

The following are policies and procedures from the Parent Handbook for St. Catherine’s Preschool:



Our first priority is the well being of every child enrolled at St. Catherine’s. Please keep your registration papers; call lists, carpool lists, etc. up to date. We cannot release your child to anyone unless you have given us permission in writing to do so. We will ask for a photo id before the child will be released to them.

If there is a legal separation or divorce affecting the child the school must have a copy of the court order pertaining to custody of the child. This must be a certified copy of the court order. We will follow the court orders with no exceptions.



St. Catherine’s program is a structured day with a wonderful teacher/student ratio. We are not a special needs preschool and our teachers are not trained to accommodate children that cannot fully participate in our day. After the “normal” adjustment period a child is expected to be able to follow our classroom rules and school policies without causing disruption to the teaching process. This is especially true for the Pre-K year as we are preparing children for Kindergarten. If the teacher feels there is an issue with your child that needs to be addressed and corrected, we will schedule a meeting with you including the Director. We will make an action plan, ask for a Cobb County referral and evaluation if we feel it is necessary and/or a pediatrician opinion. Early intervention is key with children and our goal here at St. Catherine’s is to get your child the help they need to be successful and confident. St. Catherine’s will make every effort to help a child and parent resolve behavior/learning issues. If we feel the situation cannot be resolved after these efforts, the child will be asked to leave the program.



Classroom rules and consequences are explained and demonstrated to each child on an age appropriate level. Methods such as time out, red light and sometimes a more serious time out to the front office are used. Commenting on good behavior exhibited by a child rather than unacceptable behavior can also get positive results. St. Catherine’s prides itself on the manners and behavior we try to instill in your child. If a child cannot participate in the classroom by following the rules on a consistent basis we will call the parent to come and pick them up early. In addition, a meeting with the Director and a behavioral action plan will be developed to correct the behavior. Classroom rules and order must be maintained, not only for safety, but also to provide the desired education for your child. We absolutely base our rules and expectations on an age appropriate level. Several things we strive for is for a child to be able to keep their hands to themselves, sit calmly in circle time, follow the teacher’s directions, perform classroom duties and not disrupt the learning process. We expect parents to be fully cooperative by picking your child up early if necessary and helping implement a behavioral action plan. If a child cannot adapt to the rules and participate in our program after adequate effort is made, they will be asked to leave the program.



Our program hours are 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM. The classrooms will open at 9:30 AM. We cannot accept your child earlier than 9:30 AM. Our teachers need this time to prepare for their day. Our drop off / morning carpool is from 9:30 – 9:45 am. Coming in later than 9:45 is disruptive to the class. In addition, the child will miss free time and not be ready to settle into the day’s routine.

All children will be ready for pick up at l: 00 PM. and they must be picked up no later than 1:15 PM. Except for an emergency, a late fee of $5.00 per child will be assessed and added to the following month’s tuition.



At St. Catherine’s Preschool we strive to give you feedback on how your child is progressing. Please remember that due to laws of confidentiality we cannot discuss any other child’s behavior except your own with you. This means we cannot give you behavior details in front of other parents and we do not want to discuss behavior issues in front of the child. You cannot ask for a detail of your child’s day at pick up or in carpool line. If there was a problem you should be aware of you will get a note in your child’s bag and a time will be set up to speak to your teacher in private. If you need to talk with a teacher or the Director please feel free to call the school or send a note. We want to protect every parent and child’s privacy. In addition, we do not want to affect a child’s self esteem by discussing issues in front of them. Rest assured you will be informed of issues that need your attention.



Tuition is due on the first of each month. If your situation necessitates a change, please make arrangements with the Director. Checks should be made payable to St. Catherine’s Preschool and placed in the marked bin at the front office. When paying in cash, please request a receipt. You can mail your check to the address in the front of this handbook. The program is operated on tuition; absences cannot be deducted from the monthly tuition amount. There will be a charge for returned checks. You can pay online and have your check mailed to the office.

Tuition fees are per child per month. If you desire a written receipt, please request it at the time of payment. To obtain a detailed receipt for tax/insurance purposes each month please let us know in September. You may place tuition in your 4 year old’s folder due to carpooling.



Please see the current year tuition rates on our Registraton page.



Please sign the Emergency Contact form located at the front desk or give your teacher instructions if you know that you are going to be able to be reached at your regular phone numbers. (Example: older child’s school, doctor/dentist, exercise class, etc.). We must be able to contact you if your child gets sick or injured. You only need to fill out this form if you will not be at the telephone numbers listed on your permanent paperwork.



We publish a monthly newsletter called the St. Cat’s Chat. We include in the newsletter articles from each of the age groups about their upcoming month. The newsletter will keep you up to date on current events, holidays and field trips. We will send this and any other notes home in your child’s bag so be sure to check it daily.



All clothes should be suitable for play and easy for the child to manage. We do not recommend belts. Elastic waists can be handled easily by the child. Those children still in diapers should wear “diaper friendly” clothes that make it easy for them to be changed. No boots please! Please bring an extra set of clothing each day, including socks for all aged children – even four year olds have accidents. Some teachers have a place to leave the clothes so you don’t have to transport them each day. Children not toilet trained should have extra disposable diapers or training pants. Please include these items in your child’s bag. Hats and mittens are suggested for winter months. Every child should be dressed suitable for outside play. We go out every day that the weather permits. Remember our playgrounds are sand and mulch and sandals or flip-flops can cause accidents. Please wear closed toe athletic shoes to prevent any injuries.



All items – coats, bags, bottles, cups, lunch boxes, and anything else sent to school should all be marked clearly with your child’s name. This is very important as most young children may not recognize their own belongings. We have a lost and found box at the front desk. Please check it periodically for items that have been misplaced.



Please pack a lunch for your child each day. Be sure all food is ready-to-eat. Due to time constraints, our teachers cannot peel, slice or heat up each child’s food. A flip-top thermos is recommended or juice box for the children. The one year olds drink will be transferred into their spill proof cup. Please do not send soft drinks, gum or candy to school. The school will provide their daily snack which we serve with water for mid morning snack. If you think your child may be allergic to what we serve, please send in their own snack. We will send a note home if your child has a severely allergic child in their class and cannot include any foods his/her lunch. This mainly applies to peanut butter at this time.



Registration will be early in the year for the following Fall. The Registration fee is non-refundable. The fee is $100.00 per child, however, not more than $150.00 per family.



A certificate of immunization from your child’s doctor or the County Health Department is required. All certificates must be on file at the school on or before the beginning of school.

Children with a fever, runny nose, cold, sore throat or with other contagious diseases will not be allowed to stay at school. Children who are not up to par have a very difficult time with a full school day. In addition, they may pass their illness on to other children and staff. Repeated abuse of this policy will result in a child being removed from the program. Anytime your child has a problem with a contagious illness you will need a doctor’s release to re-enter class. Please make sure your emergency contact list is up to date. We must have contacts that are available to pick up your child if they become sick. (See sign in section for more details)

Please notify the teacher if your child has any allergies and/or is on medication. Please see the office for written authorization and instructions for medications needed during school hours.

When a child comes to school they should be ready to participate in all activities, as we cannot leave a child unattended. We have outside play each day that weather permits. On hot, sunny days please apply sunscreen to your child before bringing them to school.



A 30 day notice in writing must be given to the Director when a student leaves our program. You are obligated for tuition only for that 30 days.



Activities are planned for each main holiday. We encourage parent participation and assistance with special day events. There will be a sign up sheet for the major holiday parties for your child’s age group. We do not allow latex balloons in the school. Ask your child’ s teacher for assistance in planning as well as suggestions for party activities.

If you would like to acknowledge your child’s birthdays during the school day, we allow you to send in a special snack for their class. We prefer donut holes and cookie cakes over cupcakes and regular birthday cakes. This will be served at regular snack time so you may drop it off in the morning. We also sing Happy Birthday during music time. Birthday “parties” are not allowed during the regular school day.



• Toys from home

• Stuffed Animals

• Chewing gum, candy or soft drinks



We believe field trips are an important learning experience for your child; therefore, our four year olds will be going on at least one trip during the year. We do need parent volunteers to assist during the trips. Please let your teacher know when you can help. A permission slip will be required before your child will be allowed to participate. Please sign and return the slips promptly.

We also offer “in-house” field trips for all students. A visit from the firemen, policemen, dentist and others make an exciting and educational day.



PLEASE DO NOT PARK NEXT TO THE CURB OR NEAR THE FRONT ENTRANCE AT ANY TIME, RAIN OR SHINE. THIS CREATES A TRAFFIC HAZARD. PLEASE PARK IN A MARKED PARKING SPACE ONLY. End all cell phone calls before entering our parking lot so your full attention is on the safety of our children. Drive slowly and cautiously!



Carpool begins the first week of school for the Pre-K. Threes will have afternoon pick up only and it will start the second week of school. All carpool is done through the back parking lot.

Morning drop off for Fours is 9:25 to 9:45. Afternoon carpool for Threes and Fours is 1:00 to 1:15. Please see Stephanie or Elaine if you are carpooling with another parent so she can assign one number.

Morning and afternoon pick up will take place at the back of the building. After pick up/drop off, go around then circle to exit. Once you get back to the main parking lot, please turn right and then move toward the exit.


– Tape your carpool number on the right of your windshield not too high or low so clearly visible.

– Stay in your car. We will unload and load your child for you.

– Teach your child to buckle and unbuckle his/her car seat. If they cannot do so, please pull into the main parking lot and buckle your child. We cannot buckle car seats due to safety issues.

– If you are dropping off and picking up a car seat, please come inside. We cannot take or install them during carpool.



Support your child’s school and purchase a St. Catherine’s Preschool t-shirt. We have a new design in blue and pink and they are available at the front desk. They are perfect for field trips and school spirit days.

Threes and Fours get a tote bag with their supply fee. Ones and Twos are welcome to purchase one or use a backpack/bag from home which can also accommodate their lunch bag.

T-Shirts – $10.00 Tote Bags – $10.00



Since our main concern and responsibility is your child’s welfare and safety, we ask you to understand that our rules must be strictly enforced. Should you have a question or concern about the preschool rules, please feel free to contact the Director at any time.

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