Next Steps: 5/15

Posted on May 15, 2016
Now that the Parish Profile is complete, approved and published, the Nominating Committee will begin to accept nominations for our new rector beginning on June 1. This nominating period will close on June 30, with all materials to be submitted no later than July 15.
All communication with the committee should come through the following e-mail address:  We request a personal e-mail address for each nomination and confidentiality will, of course, be of utmost importance.  
To summarize briefly our very, next steps:  the Nominating Committee will receive a list of nominations from the Bishop’s office.  Together, these potential candidates, along with those who have indicated interest on their own, or have been nominated from any other source, will be sent a copy of the profile as well as a list of questions for written response.  These responses will provide a basis for the committee’s initial screening.  
This is an exciting time and we are thrilled to be moving onto this next stage of our search.

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