Parish Profile is Published

Posted on May 5, 2016
Parish Profile is Published!
The Episcopal Church is methodical – there is a process for most everything including searching for a new rector. And that rector search process does not allow the Nominating Committee to share the Profile until it is finished, approved by the Diocese, and approved by our Vestry.  So even though we told you were working on the Profile – you couldn’t see a rough draft, you couldn’t see a table of contents, you couldn’t see the type-font we were thinking about…  until now!! We’re excited for you to be able to look at it, think about it, even share it with friends so they can see it too – it is approved, published on our website and public now!
As pleased as we are to have the Parish Profile finished, we are not yet ready to declare ourselves open for nominations.  Having the Profile completed was a prerequisite to being ready to receive nominations, but there are others.  Your Nominating Committee now decides what our process for receiving nominations will be, how long we will be open to receive nominations, what we will ask nominees to provide to us, and what questions we will ask during our interview and discernment time with them. We have guidelines and we have ideas about these items, but we need to discuss, decide, formalize and document them.  We don’t expect that to take nearly as long as creating the Profile, but we want to be comfortable with our process, so we will take the needed time.
Coming back to the Profile, it was wonderful to us how quickly both the Diocese and the Vestry approved it – only a few days after we completed it.  We hope everyone  will read the profile, and we have two Town Hall meetings coming up for talking about it: Wed. May 10 and Sunday May 22.  Hope to see you there! Link to Parish Profile:
Margaret Shaw
St. Catherine’s Nominating Committee

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