Sabbatical July 3

Posted on July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014 –

Get an early start again today. The sunrise looks like the sky is ablaze. The first four hours are steady climbing as we pass through rural farmland and up to the top of Ligonde, stop for lunch and then a gentle descent on into Palas de Rei for a 15 kilometer day. I am very tired and a little achy and chilled but can’t resist a side trip by taxicab to see Vilar de Donas, the ancient seat of the knights of Sanriago. The church’s origin goes back to the 10th century.

At dinner Denice notices I am getting very red in the face. The albergue owner asks my symptoms and has me lie on the floor with my feet up. He brings some OJ and the next thing I know a woman is taking my pulse and saying: I’m a doctor. The pulse is strong, and the diagnosis: dehydration… with plenty of fluids I will be fine by morning. What a way to be reminded to keep my liquid intake high! God again sends angels to watch over me.

— Amma Susan


3 Responses to “Sabbatical July 3”

  1. Barb Selby
    Jul 04, 2014

    you’re a real trooper, Susan. Hang in there! The prayers will keep coming.

  2. Diane Sanders
    Jul 04, 2014

    I hope you feel better and stronger tomorrow. Remember to keep drinking water.

  3. pam franklin
    Jul 04, 2014

    So glad you found out the problem so quickly. Keep up the fluids.Love and prayers Pam

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