Sabbatical July 6

Posted on July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014 –

We leave Azusa at eight this morning, getting a late start because it is raining, in hopes that it will let up soon. On the way we encounter Justin and Peter, friends from childhood who are on Camino together. Justin has an illness like Lou Gehrig’s disease. When he said “I wonder if I could do the Camino?” his friend Peter said I will take you. So Peter and two other friends are traveling with Justin and pushing him in his wheelchair on the Camino. He came down Mount O Ciebro with the help of people speaking nine different languages from five different continents. This is truly community at its best and my God moment for the day. Because of the rain there are many mud puddles, one of which I decided I could hop over not thinking about landing on my right foot with all the weight from my pack on that newly healed metatarsal. My foot began to feel almost as painful as it was the day I first injured it. We stopped for lunch and I decided to send my pack on to our albergue 5 km down the road in hope that I might spare my foot further injury. I’m hoping with a good night’s sleep and some rest I’ll be able to walk again tomorrow. We have 20 km left to Santiago.

– Amma Susan


5 Responses to “Sabbatical July 6”

  1. Nicole
    Jul 07, 2014

    All the best for your last day to Santiago!
    Loveley greetings and blessings

  2. Michelle Wilson
    Jul 07, 2014

    Hi Fr. Susan. Good to see you having a wonderful sabbatical. Prayers of healing for your ankle. Know God is filling your mind (and eyes) with wonderful sights, sounds, memories and Godly moments to share.

  3. pam franklin
    Jul 07, 2014

    Hope your foot is better by tomorrow! So wonderful to run into Peter and Justin. Hope the last 20 go great! You are almost finished! Love and prayers Pam

  4. Swiss Britt
    Jul 07, 2014

    Beautiful story. Prayers of thanksgiving for your pilgrimage as it continues.
    Press on to the high call :-). peace in the midst.

  5. Patti Raymond
    Jul 07, 2014

    Hope your foot is better by the morning. You were
    so lucky to have run into your old friends Justin and Peter.
    Each day God shows a wonderful silver lining.
    Prayers and Love are with you.

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