Sabbatical July 8

Posted on July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014 –

I am able to walk on my foot today; what a difference a good night’s rest makes! Santiago is only 20 km away. We begin through tall stands of eucalyptus trees which give way to open fields shrouded in mist and then to groves of holm oaks. We have a lot of uphill walking to do today. As we walk along we are joined by my friend Ena, one of the “Camino Angels” God placed in my way earlier in the journey when I found myself short of funds in Acebo. We journey on passing the airport for Santiago and then on to the top of Mount Gozo, so named for the joy the pilgrims experience when reaching its summit. From here you can see the city of Santiago spread out before you. also here is the huge sculpture commemorating Pope John Paul’s visit to Santiago years ago. We pause at the church in the site where pilgrims used to wash themselves in preparation for entering Santiago. Here we renewed our baptismal vows with prayers that God would purify our hearts as we finished the Camino and then strengthen us to carry the gifts of this experience with us to our homes, for the Camino of life continues when we leave Santiago. Ena was a great help to me on this part of the journey. She walked with me every step of the way… especially encouraging me for the last 10 km, as I was really having to push myself on feet that were becoming very weary. When we were a mile and a half from our goal but within the city limits. Ena stopped to get a place in an albergue, which surprised us. We had thought that she would stay with us to the journey’s end. She caught up with us about a quarter of a mile down the road. She had seen how I was struggling to finish the last few kilometers and had left her own pack at the albergue because she wanted to carry my pack on to the finish. I stood there and wept at such gentleness kindness and caring. We continue on the remaining of 5.4 km into the heart of Santiago, to the great cathedral. Words cannot begin to describe the joy as we enter the great plaza and finally are able to see that cathedral towards which our feet have been walking from the journey’s beginning. We decide to go to the 6:30 mass that evening to celebrate the gift this Camino has been. To our greatest joy and surprise the two Pilgrim priests we met earlier on the way are celebrating that evening at the service! Usually the botofumero, a huge incense thurible, is not used at the evening service but it is that evening! It was an amazing and very emotional experience. After the service we go to the credentials office where we receive our Compostelas! I walked 278 km, approximately 167 miles. This has been a life-changing journey I will be unpacking for years.

– Amma Susan


3 Responses to “Sabbatical July 8”

  1. Nicole
    Jul 09, 2014

    W O N D E R F U L

  2. Patti Raymond
    Jul 09, 2014

    I am so happy for you.
    God’s love is so wonderful as he surrounds you.
    Love and Prayers

  3. pam franklin
    Jul 09, 2014

    How wonderful to complete a dream of a lifetime! I am so proud of you. You were surrounded with angels each day.Love and prayers Pam

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