Needlework Brigade

The Needlework Brigade is a diverse group extending across all age groups who wish to participate in needlework projects for the church that leave a lasting legacy of their faith and dedication to our Lord. The committee is currently engaged in a multi-year project stitching needlepoint altar rail kneelers.

Some statistics of why it is such a long term project: Each altar rail kneeler contains approximately 584 square inches tot be stitched. On average, an experienced stitcher can complete one square inch per hour if only one color of yarn is being used.  When stitching the graphical portion the average grows to close to two hours. Each kneeler is estimated to require  800–1,000 hours of work, some even longer. Typically it’s a 15 – 18 month project to complete a kneeler. For the entire project, this will involve between 17,600 and 22,000 hours work by many dedicated volunteers.

We need more stitchers,  anyone who has ever done needlepoint or counted cross stitch before is invited to join us. If you have limited experience, we can teach you. Once a month, members of the Needlepoint Brigade meet at the church to discuss our progress and stitch together. It’s a lot of fun and fellowship.

Chair: Beverly Fambrough