Building & Grounds

  • Grounds Teams – Chair: Ron Brannock

Mainly during spring, summer, and fall, volunteers are needed to maintain our lawns and grounds including mowing, debris removal, trimming, blowing, etc. Groups are scheduled on a rotating basis to provide up to four mowers each week that mowing is needed. Grounds Team also supplies volunteers for projects such as spreading mulch, construction of beds and borders, planting grass, etc.

  • Church Gardens – Chair: Gail McGill

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with planting and maintaining flowers and shrubs around the church grounds, especially flower-tending and watering during the summer months.

  • Building Repairs – Chair: Roger Motter

Maintenance and care of our buildings is often accomplished using the time and talent of parishioners. Major jobs are contracted, but need supervision and planning skill. Parish Workdays are scheduled occasionally to clean up and spruce up our church home.

  • Sound Systems – Chair: Bill Ivey

There are three sound systems used frequently in our parish life: the main system in the Sanctuary, the system in the Parish Hall and the portable system used by the JuBiLaTe Music Team and other special events.  Setting up for special events, keeping up with changing needs and maintaining or installing new equipment is the task of the sound system ministry. We invite anyone with an interest in sound, music or electronics, or who’s interested in learning, to become a part of the team.