Us without Father Jim

Posted on April 28, 2016


The nominating committee has been working on finalizing the Parish profile.  This has been a meaningful experience, and has given all of us time to think about who we are as a parish and where we are headed.  I wanted to share with you an email I received from Jason Snape a few weeks ago.  I thought it was an excellent observation and it really helped me to understand the importance of this step.
Jason sent me this email one evening after the committee had met to finalize the Parish Profile, and prepare it for approval by the Bishop.
Hello Bill,

Something profound occurred to me as I digested tonight’s work, and looked back through the profile we’ve built together. 
This profile is us without Father Jim. 
Having no photos of him, or his voice in our text, or his hand in our work, is sad and sobering to me, but also very interesting.  I’ve been very curious since Jim announced his departure to learn what, about St.Catherine’s, was him; and what, was us. The profile clarifies this – he was pivotal to how we got here, right now, but we are moving forward, we have a strong sense of who we are, and it is going to be okay. He was great at supporting and enabling people, and helping them discern who they were and where they were going. This profile is excellent evidence of that, but on a body-of-Christ scale. It reminds me of what Ellis says about parenting – it’s our job to give our children roots and wings.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and we look forward to sharing the profile with you soon.
Bill Lee

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