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April 8-21, 2017

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See below for Holy Week and Easter calendar

4/14 – Good Friday, office closed

4/15 – Easter acolyte practice

4/16 – Easter Day; Rice Bowls ingathering;
The Extension dinner

4/17 – Easter Monday, office closed

4/18 – Blood drive

4/19 – MOPS

4/19, 26 – WNL Youth & Explorers

4/21-22 – Youth Lock-in

See below for complete calendar



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The Good Shepherd and the Child (Catechesis)

Emptiness — filled

By Father Dean

At the heart of it, Easter is about emptiness being filled. The tomb that morning was empty—and yet, for those who found the tomb empty, the emptiness of their spirits were soon filled with the reality of the Risen Christ. And nothing was ever the same again. That is the promise of Easter, that the various empty places in our lives will be filled with the hope, the possibility and the promise of new life through the risen Jesus Christ.

What empty place in your life needs to be filled this Easter season? Is it the emptiness from a lost relationship, lost health, or lost future that you once hoped would happen? In all our empty places in life, we are like those early disciples, who could not imagine how God might redeem that terrible tragedy, that terrible emptiness left with the absence of their beloved Lord.

And yet God found a way, as God will find a way in each of our lives, a way ahead to hope and to live abundantly. St. Catherine’s celebrates each Sunday, of course, as a “little Easter,” for we weekly celebrate in the bread and wine, and in the Story, the many, creative and imaginative ways in which God turns emptiness into the fullness of hope.

I invite you to celebrate with your brothers and sisters in Christ the good news of Easter Resurrection, on this Easter Sunday, and throughout the year. Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Holy Week 2017

We offer some new observances and changes to our traditional schedule this year, so mark your calendar now! We invite you to set aside the demands of the everyday and join together with family and friends for the week beginning April 2 for Holy Week. If you have never made this journey you will find it life changing. This time marks the days of Jesus' passion and resurrection and is the most important time of the church year. In rites and words the mysteries of Jesus' final hours are with us again, his passion, his cruel suffering, his rising from the dead. We discover the answer to age-old questions: Does God love us? Is God merciful? Does God care for us? We have only to look and learn from Jesus Christ.

Please join us for these special liturgies, our Tuesday evening Healing Service and the three days of the Easter Triduum: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Great Vigil of Easter (7:30 pm each day) — word and sacraments that touch our lives as in no other ways during the rest of the year. Prepared by the days of Lent, Christians celebrate on these holiest of days the saving work God has accomplished in Christ. We have additional offerings during Holy Week so please look through the calendar and activities below. The nursery is available as noted in this schedule. You are invited.

A liturgical note: No Communion on Good Friday - From Father Dean: Good Friday and Holy Saturday (the period ending at sunset on Saturday) are the only days of the church year in which the consecration of the bread and wine of Holy Communion is prohibited. Over the centuries, many churches (especially in the Anglo Catholic tradition) developed a practice of blessing extra sacraments on Maundy Thursday to distribute on Good Friday. Even though the 1979 Prayer Book makes allowances for this tradition, many priests believe that the very absence of the sacrament on these days most closely mirrors the spiritual sense of God’s "apparent absence” during those terrible hours on the cross: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” It fully recognizes that in our spiritual journey there are times when we, too, cannot see ahead in hope, and we must wait, like those disciples, for the Good News of Easter to come soon. This year in the Good Friday 7:30 pm service at St. Catherine’s we will observe this discipline of waiting.

Palm Sunday, Apr. 9...

8:00 am

Holy Eucharist (HE)

9:00 am

Liturgy of the Palms + HE (nursery)

10:00 am

Church School (nursery)

11:15 am

Liturgy of the Palms + HE (nursery)

Tuesday, Apr. 11...

7:30 pm

NEW DAY/TIME HE + Healing Service (nursery)

Maundy Thursday, Apr. 13...

6:30 pm

NEW Maundy Thursday Experience for children and families

7:30 pm Maundy Thursday Proper Liturgy (nursery)

9:30 pm

All-night Prayer Vigil

Good Friday, Apr. 14...

9:00 am

Morning Prayer

12:00 pm

Outdoor Stations of the Cross (meet at church front doors)

6:30 pm

Indoor Stations of the Cross (meet in the foyer)

7:30 pm

Good Friday Proper Liturgy (nursery)

Holy Saturday, Apr. 15...

10:00 am

Proper Liturgy

7:30 pm

Great Vigil of Easter + Baptism (nursery)

Please note that these activities from previous years will not be offered: Children’s Stations of the Cross; Good Friday Monastic Dinner.

  • Tuesday Healing Service April 11 - NEW DAY - Our traditional service of Holy Eucharist and Healing will be Tuesday evening Holy Week. The mystery of the anointing with holy oil (holy unction) provides both physical and spiritual healing. The sacrament, with holy oil blessed by the Holy Spirit, is most commonly celebrated during Holy Week on Holy Wednesday evening. Everyone in the parish may be anointed with the holy oil for the healing of spiritual and bodily ills. The oil carries God's grace both to renew the body and to cleanse the spirit. The service follows the apostolic tradition mentioned in the New Testament: "...let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven" (James 5:14-15). Holy unction is a mystery of great comfort and integral to our journey through Holy Week to the new life of resurrection. It provides uplifting and asks for patience to accept the will of God whatever the physical outcome. Come and receive the anointed grace of our Lord and know how God sustains us even in these times of great need.
  • NEW Maundy Thursday Experience April 13 - for Children and Families, 6:30 pm
    Pre-K through 6th grade students and their families are invited to join us in St. Catherine’s first ever Children’s Maundy Thursday Experience. Meet us at 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall on Maundy Thursday, April 13. Together we will share a light snack at the table as we discuss and dramatize the Last Supper. We will explore other components of the Maundy Thursday service such as the foot-washing and stripping of the altar. This will be an interactive way for children to explore the themes and liturgy of Holy Week in an engaging way, with the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the Maundy Thursday service to follow.
  • Maundy Thursday Service - April 13, 7:30 pm - In this celebration Jesus sacramentally anticipates the gift he makes of himself on the cross. His command to serve others is dramatically recalled in the ceremony of the washing of the feet, which he performed for his disciples. Like the Paschal lamb, killed and eaten by the people, Jesus is a sign of God's salvation.
  • Maundy Thursday Prayer Vigil - Our custom is to keep Vigil in the church with our Lord through the night from immediately following the Maundy Thursday liturgy until Morning Prayer on Good Friday at 9:00 AM. We will have security in the building through the night. The sign up poster is available in the foyer. You may sign up for the time you desire, there is no limit to the number of persons keeping watch at any time period. You may also keep the vigil in your home if traveling to church is prohibitive. Won't you spend one hour with your Lord?
  • Guided Stations of the Cross April 14 - Outdoor Stations 12:00 pm, Indoor Stations 6:30 pm - Please join us for Guided Stations of the Cross led by our clergy on Good Friday. We have both Outdoor Stations sited around our grounds, and Indoor Stations in the main sanctuary. Our Stations of the Cross are available to everyone for personal devotions during Lent, Holy Week or any time throughout the year. The Outdoor Stations are in wooden housings beginning with Station 1 to the right of the church front doors. The Indoor Stations are the plaques on the walls of the sanctuary, with Station 1 at the right-hand rear of the nave as you face the altar.
  • Good Friday Service - April 14, 7:30 pm –These liturgies retell the story of that last day with a simple dignity and drama not seen at other times in the church. During this time we pray for the entire world asking that this powerful paschal mystery bring blessings to the world. According to ancient tradition, the cross is venerated this day, and the sacrament of Christ's love for his church is received. It is one of two days the Episcopal Church asks us to fast—the other is Ash Wednesday, therefore a fitting beginning and end to our Lenten journey.
  • Great Vigil of Easter Service - Saturday, April 15, 7:30 pm - Remember to bring your bells to ring at this service! The Great Vigil of Easter begins with the kindling of fire from which the great Paschal Candle, a distinctive feature of the Easter liturgy, is lighted. The candle leads the procession into the darkened church. The Exsultet is sung, a prayer among the oldest liturgical texts to survive to this day. The Liturgy of the Word begins in which we listen to the record of God’s saving acts in history, the witness of His continuing presence among his people, as well as in his world. We respond to each reading and then pray, silently at first, and then our prayers are gathered into a collect. The celebrant then calls us to renew our baptismal vows. Now at last into its final part, the Holy Eucharist begins with this special Easter greeting: “Alleluia, Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia.” Bells are rung and joyful sounds are made. For the first time since the beginning of Lent a joyful song of praise is sung and the bells are rung to celebrate the great news of Christ’s resurrection. The people celebrate the victory of their King who has triumphed over sin, death, and the powers of darkness. The light of Christ!
  • There will be no Children’s Chapel on Palm Sunday and Easter Day. This activity will resume on Sunday, April 23.
  • Office schedule -- The church office will be closed on Good Friday, April 14, and Easter Monday, April 17. The Preschool and Preschool office will be closed on Good Friday.
  • Reflections through Easter Day -- Remember to read your Reflection of the Day on our website, Facebook page and daily emails, now through Easter Day at, our collection of Lenten reflections written by our own St. Catherine's parishioners.

Easter Day – Sunday, April 16


7:00 am - NEW TIME Outdoor Sunrise Eucharist (rain or shine) with Jubilate Choir
8:00 am - Breakfast
9:00 am - Festival Eucharist with Choristers Choir
              Reception follows in Parish Hall
10:00 am - Easter Egg Hunt (see below); No Church School
11:15 am - Festival Eucharist with Chancel Choir and brass ensemble
              Reception follows in Parish Hall

  • Bring flowers for children's Flowering of the Cross at 9 am service – We invite all children to bring cut flowers to the 9:00 Easter morning worship service. It is our custom to flower the cross in front of the sanctuary just as the glorious worship service begins. Be sure to bring flowers for each child, and we always appreciate some extras for children who are visiting or simply forgot theirs in the rush of dressing in their Easter finery.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The Easter Egg Hunt will be on Easter Day for children through 5th grade immediately after 9:00 service (approximately 10:00 am). We ask that parents be present and supervise their own children during the hunt. Young children (toddlers-2nd grade) meet in front of the church on the pavers, and older children (3rd-5th grade) meet in the downstairs atrium. Youth may be helpers, please contact Youth Director Sally Paris,
    --> Candy donations still needed, by Monday, April 10 (we have enough plastic eggs, thank you). PLEASE REMEMBER: (1) Leave items SEPARATE, do not fill the eggs. (2) Candy should be individually wrapped -- no loose jelly beans, etc. (3) Make sure the candy contains NO PEANUT products (no Reese's, Snickers, etc.). (4) Bring items to the box outside Youth Director Sally's office by April 10.
  • Rice Bowls Ingathering is Easter Day -- Remember, you can help make a difference in the lives of millions of kids worldwide! The "rice bowls" you have filled with your change through Lent are due back to the church by Easter Day. Information about Rice Bowls is available on the website at
  • Easter receptions - cookies and assistance needed – Please join us for a light festive reception following 8:45 and 11:15 am services on Easter morning. This year we are keeping it light and are asking for ONLY cookies or other small, light finger desserts. Your Fellowship Committee also needs plenty of assistance with set-up, serving, and clean-up. Sign up by contacting Deana De La Barre, or Janet Livingston,
  • Easter Communions – We invite you to let us know if you will not be able to be in church on Easter due to illness or disability. The Church's tradition is to bring the communion of Sunday of the Resurrection to those unable to celebrate in the midst of the community of faith. Simply contact the office and we'll have one of our Eucharistic Visitors call to arrange a visit.

Blood drive next date: Tuesday, April 18

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? You can be a volunteer blood donor and make a lifesaving difference! Come to our next St. Catherine’s blood drive on April 18 from 3 to 7 pm in the Parish Hall. Reserving a time is easy: go to and enter Sponsor Code STCATS to sign up. BUT - appointments are not required, so if you don’t get around to making one you are of course welcome to come!

Help is also needed for greeting donors, setup and clean up, please contact Jennifer Massey, / 404.375.8327.

Sip & Swirl evening April 28 - RSVP

Join us for the annual Sip and Swirl on Friday, at 7 pm at the home of Emily & Nelson Gale, 228 Lamplighter Lane, Marietta, 30067. This St. Catherine’s favorite is hosted for all adults of the parish by our Fellowship Ministry Team. Our tasting will be led by Hans Kraeger. Please BYO tasting glass and a "pick-up" tapas or appetizer to share.

The cost is $20 per person and we ask that you RSVP to ensure that we have enough tastings to go around. Please reply by Monday, April 24, on the Volunteer Opportunities form which will be in your bulletin after Easter, or contact Molly Banko at Hope to see you there!

Cats On Wheels April day trip

Cats On Wheels is our fellowship group for active senior adults and we welcome you! Our next even-month excursion will be a day trip on Saturday, April 29 to the Gainesville Botanical Gardens. For all the details including departure time please contact Alan Certain,, 404-661-220.

“Nothing Goes Without Saying”: The Youth Rite 13 Ceremony

By Mary Lou Shannonhouse

How often do we think to ourselves ,”She knows I love her – it goes without saying” or “He knows how much I appreciate all his hard work – it goes without saying?” The truth is, words are a powerful affirmation and the absence of the right words can leave a void that hurts. The truth is, very little goes without saying. The important things should NEVER go without saying. We know this but sometimes we need to hear them loud and clear.

During the 9:00 am Eucharist on Sunday, May 7, we will celebrate an important rite of passage with our 7th and 8th graders. This group is named Rite 13 after the special liturgy we will celebrate with them on this day. In some respects, this is a new way of saying to our young people things we have meant to convey all along – things like: “We stand with you as you make your way on the journey; we are here if you need us; we think you are terrific; we love you.” We often assume that our teens feel appreciated and accepted as a vital part of our congregation, but adolescence can be such a time of uncertainty that some things cannot be said often enough.

One of the unique aspects of our Youth program, “Journey to Adulthood,” is that it seeks to provide rites of passage that are often lacking in our culture. We help define points along the path to adulthood that tell our young people they are making progress; they are growing; they are becoming adults. Rite 13 is the liturgical cornerstone that lays the foundation for the entire congregation at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church. It provides the opportunity to rise up and in one mighty voice and tell our young people, “You matter to us. Your lives are of great value. The journey you are now embarking on is significant.” It is a way that we fulfill our baptismal covenant of “seeking and serving Christ in all persons.”

The Rite 13 Liturgy is a rite of passage that recognizes the gift that God bestows upon each one of us: the gift of manhood or womanhood. This is a free gift that we cannot earn and need not prove. This gift is the essence of who we are. The same energy that pushes us through adolescence gives us the power to change the world. As these young people grow and mature, their knowledge and skills will increase but the core of who they are remains the same. These are the young adults we will celebrate and recognize on May 7:

Leah Banko

Ingrid Blackwood

Amanda Braman

Rhett Brogdon

Connor Buckalew

Sebastjan Hutton

Jordan LeGarde    

Justin Kerr

Michael Kerr

Jake McGhee

Jake Michalak

Drew Michalak

Maxwell Morey

Sidney Nabinger

Connor Pyburn

Willow Riney

Sydney Spessard

Emily Travis

Aubrey Ward

J. P. Westin

Shep Worden

Riley Yucius

Maddie Zimmerman   


Here is a priceless opportunity for us to affirm all that is good in the young people who live and grow around us and to recognize them as young men and women in our midst. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to say in a loud and powerful way what we have meant to say to them all along. Remember – NOTHING GOES WITHOUT SAYING!

  • Rehearsal dinner Saturday, May 6, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Ceremony Sunday, May 7, at the 9:00 am service.


GOT WISDOM? SHARE IT… St. Catherine’s Book of Wisdom for our Rite 13 Teens

In the spirit of such books as “Life’s Little Instruction Book,” we are compiling advice from St. Catherine’s parishioners. Please give us a small bit of advice (one sentence or less) to our Rite 13ers who will be celebrating an important rite of passage on Sunday, May 7 at the 9:00 am service. Your advice can be something practical ("Don’t go to bed with gum in your mouth") or something more profound ("Be content to be who you really are"). Both are important to know. And please identify yourself by your first name and age, or stage in life (for example “Bob, age 41” or “Susan, mother of 3”).

Download and print our form from our website at or pick up a copy in the foyer at church. Please put your completed form in the green Words of Wisdom Box in the foyer or return them to Mary Lou Shannonhouse by Sunday, April 30. Thank you!

Stewardship 365

By Nelson Gale

During this time in Lent of reflection and introspection we think of all that has been given to us by our Creator. We are asked to clear our minds and hearts of all the clutter that distracts us from what is really important. During every season of the year, but especially during Lent, it is so important for all of us to be very focused on the time, the talents and the financial gifts that God has given all of us. We feel a heightened sense of gratefulness and generosity as we think about the things with which we are truly blessed and how we are to use them to bring us in a closer relationship with God.

Watch St. Catherine's video! - Click here ( ) Stewardship of Time & Talent

Highlighting Facilities & Ground Ministry

By Tami Mace

During the month of March and April, Stewardship 365 has been celebrating and highlighting the life and work of the Facilities and Grounds Ministry Team, volunteers and staff members who care for St. Catherine's Episcopal Church. Volunteers plan and complete projects all over the church campus, inside and out. Right now the highest areas of volunteer need are lawn and flower bed maintenance—spring has sprung!! Planned service days occur regularly during the year as well as special projects depending on the immediacy and need. Our next Service Day will be Saturday, May 20 at St. Catherine's from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Everyone is invited to join the Facilities and Grounds volunteers in whatever area you are most interested! To find out more about being part of this ministry please contact Tami Mace, 404-457-9437, or Bill Sapp at

In our Memorial Garden - Help us contact these families!

By Linda Smith and Susannah Campbell

The Memorial Garden Committee has been attempting to contact the family members of all those who are interred in the Garden since last September. A letter was sent to inform them of the planned expansion & assure them that the expansion would not disturb the cremains of their loved one, along with a description of the plans and changes to be made. The letters were sent to the last known address, and while we had many meaningful exchanges with family members, there were numerous letters returned due to incorrect address. We were unable to locate a number of families after extensive internet searches, including obituaries. Less than half of the families received their letters because we do not have names of family members and/or current addresses for their next of kin.

The burials began in 1991, and the majority of their family members have moved out of the area. We hope by sharing the list of those for whom we are missing contact information, that some of you will be able to provide their names, relationship and addresses. Even if you don’t have their current addresses, it will help even if you only remember names and relationship of family members. We would like to send another letter informing the family members that the construction has begun, as well as plans for the dedication upon completion. We are counting especially on our long-time parishioners and staff members to share any information they might have.

Please review this list, which includes several friends or family members of parishioners, as well as Preschool families, who may not have attended St. Catherine’s. You may email Linda Smith at, or Susannah Campbell at, if you have information about family members, last known address, or any other information that might help us locate someone in their family. It will help even if you only remember names of their children (especially sons because their last name is more likely to be unchanged) or siblings, or possibly the city or state to which they moved. You may also leave a note addressed to us with Becky or Rose in the church office.

Thank you all so very much for your generosity & support for the Memorial Garden Expansion, and the Memorial Garden Guild.


Date Interred  

Family information

Linda Lee Jernigan



Zoe Ellen Carpenter


Marian L. Coatsworth


Former Parishioner

Sandra Kay Nalley



Michael Armstong Waters   


Young friend of former rector Larry Packard

Joan Ierardi Darrow


Ed Darrow's wife

Paul Carpenter, Jr.



Neva Virginia Todd



Audrey Buck



Ralph Edwin Scott



Marilyn Louise Miller



Hazel Lacey Roberts



Kenneth McNemar


Friend of former parishioner Bob Padgett

Janice Lucille Turner


Parishioner & choir member

Roy B. Miller, Jr.



Looking ahead… VBS 2017: Hero Central

Save the date! Vacation Bible School this year will be Monday to Thursday, June 12-15, from 9:00 am to 12 noon. Watch for registration opening on April 20. Our theme will be “Hero Central: Discover Your Strength in God!”

Volunteers are needed! There are many ways in which to help with Vacation Bible School. If you aren’t available during the week, we still will need many hands to help transform St. Catherine’s into the Hero Headquarters leading up to the week. Please contact Jenna Parker, or Susie Davis, if you would like to be involved. Get ready to dust off your cape for what is sure to be a powerful week!


Family Promise Golf Tournament sponsors wanted

Family Promise of Cobb County is holding its second annual fundraiser golf tournament this summer on Monday, June 19 at Indian Hills Country Club in Marietta. Last year this event raised $17,000 for FPCC after expenses and this went a long way toward the approximately $120,000 it takes to keep this program operating for a year. As a first year event, it was a big success, but we would like to improve on this for 2017. A critical element of success is attracting generous sponsorships.

Would your business, group or employer be able to sponsor? We have a range of sponsorships from $100 to $5,000. Sponsorships allow businesses and organizations to associate themselves with this critical work for homeless families in Cobb County. Please talk to your employer's Human Resources Department, or to other members of any Cobb County group to which you belong. If you were a sponsor last year, please do so again; and if your situation permits, please consider upping your sponsorship to the next higher category. For information please talk to Richard or Eleanore Pearson at 678-290-0097, They can make forms available and informational brochures about Family Promise so that you can be more effective in explaining to potential sponsors why you are so passionate about Family Promise of Cobb County.

Serving dinner at Elizabeth Inn

By Bill Ivey, Sr. Warden

Our Vestry prepared and served an amazing dinner on March 28 at MUST Ministries’ Elizabeth Inn shelter. Thanks to all who purchased or provided or delivered, and to Nelson, Stephanie (and Danielle), Beth, Carol, and Rebeccah who prepped and served on-site with yours truly. We all had lovely hairnets and pretty gloves. Afterward, several people came to say thank you and one said, “That’s the healthiest meal we’ve had since we’ve been here!” I see lonely and disappointed and distant expressions from some, but the kids are all smiles and having a good time. I also saw people who had just run out of options – maybe lost a job or missed a couple of payments on their house, or left a family behind due to substance abuse. MUST Ministries really does provide a safety net for our community and it’s a really good place for our outreach efforts. As one of their staff said to me: “God is so present here.” Indeed!

More comments from the evening’s team:

“It really was a great evening spent with the folks at Elizabeth Inn.”

“A comment from my daughter: ‘Mom, these people do not look like they are homeless.’ Sometimes you are exactly as Bill said, in good shape but run out of options for affording a home. I know they all enjoyed with such joy in their hearts having that meal last night. Thank you for being faithful servants to help those in need.”

“It was a joy to be there to assist. I look forward to doing it again.”

St. Cat's has opportunities to help every month at the Elizabeth Inn: Laundry Team — fourth Tuesday AND fifth Wednesday, sign up here or contact Dave Yucius, 678.560.0456, Breakfast Team — fourth Wednesday, sign up on the Volunteer Opportunties form in your bulletin or contact Audrey Nesbitt, Dinner Team — 28th of month, contact Connie Bergeron,, 404-819-0891 or Tracy Buckalew, Photos below -- Bill Ivey


Feature on Children’s Ministry: Lent in the Atrium

By Jenna Parker, Children and Family Ministry Director

Growing up I always had a very particular idea of Lent in my head. My dad hated Lent from his own memories growing up a preacher’s kid in a different denomination as well as a general distaste for the dirge-y music selections common at our church during the season. I have fond memories of hearing him good-humoredly complain about the season, though he never missed a Sunday. I have never thought much about what he really felt to be missing during this season until this year as I have been able to experience Lent in a brand-new way through our Church School offering for children, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. I think what my dad was missing was feeling uplifted during the season. As I participated and heard stories from our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, I was reminded about how much there is to be uplifted about during Lent.

From Lent One there was an excitement in the air amongst the adult Catechists as the children shuffled to their respective atria. (An atrium is the room designed specifically for the child’s age group where he or she experiences Catechesis together with peers and adults.) This excitement comes from the beautiful and powerful presentations and subjects during this season. The 3 to 6-year-old children are getting to hear about how the Good Shepherd cares for and deeply loves his sheep—some of them for the first time. Though it will take some of them years to understand how they fit into the relationship between the shepherd and his sheep (and it is important they make this discovery on their own in their own time) this is the time when the foundation for a loving, personal relationship is established. It is beautiful to see the joy on their faces as they see this presentation. The 6 to 9-year-old-children build upon this in many ways. On one recent Sunday, while being presented The Mystery of Faith, a Catechist had a joyful interchange with a child. As she shared that Christ will come again, Elizabeth (age 7) exclaimed “He’s coming back? That’s really Good News!” Finally, the 9 to 12-year-old children have been busy studying Exodus. Bibles in hand, they have explored the scripture dramatically, through art, and historical context. It is amazing seeing the respect they are given to take ownership in the Word of God. Actual scripture is made accessible to them in a way I know I never received at that age. They are not reading from a story Bible, but are receiving the real thing in ways that are age appropriate.

I have been so blessed to take part in the joy and wisdom of the children of St. Catherine’s this Lent. I have also been reminded through their exploration of the promises that God makes to us this season and every day. We are promised to be loved, taken care of, and be called to do God’s work. These are promises available to every person and every age, though sometimes it takes the wisdom of a child for me to remember. Though this season has been eye-opening and uplifting, I am excited to see what the season of Easter brings to the atria!

Rector Search update from your Vestry

Your Vestry has received the names of the final candidates for Rector from the Nominating Committee. We will be conducting our final interviews after Easter. Please keep your Vestry and the candidates in your prayers.

Volunteer Corner: featuring Jenna Parker!

An interview with St. Catherine's Director of Children & Family Ministry

By Pat Pepper and Jenna Parker

Pat: Jenna, I wanted to step outside my usual volunteering article for The Wheel and do this interview with you because I keep hearing from our members how happy they are that you are here. They (and I) want to hear what are you enjoying about being at St. Cat’s.
Jenna, now that you have been here 8 months what are you the most excited about?
Jenna: I am excited about Children's Chapel being introduced to the 11:15 service. The Children's Chapel has been especially a welcoming place for visitors and new families. It has been nice for me to help these new families connect and show them what we can offer here.

Pat: That is exciting and I know that Children's Chapel during the 11:15 service was your vision. What else?
Jenna: I have also hired two new nursery workers. They are very sweet and wonderful with the children.

Pat: I met them, they are Kennesaw State University students and are involved in the Sunday night program Sally Paris is leading.
Jenna: Yes, that is how I found them. Helping them and coordinating the nursery is one ongoing task that I have each week.

Pat: Over Christmas you were very involved. How was that?
Jenna: It was great. There were lots of things going on. Doctor Lisa Miller came and spoke at St. Catherine’s as an event that was sponsored by Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. There was a lot involved in coordinating that event and it was great to hear from Dr. Miller about the scientific backing for was what we are doing at St. Catherine's in Christian Formation. Advent wreath making was a fun event to see the congregation come together. In addition to organizing and providing all of the supplies, I created a devotional that families could take home and use with their new wreath. I also created a Service Guide for Lessons and Carols and that had an activity for each scripture that was read with a short passage. The children provided great feedback and were able to connect to our liturgy.

Pat: Those had to provide great openings into conversations in the families.
Jenna: I heard from families that it did. I heard stories of children pointing to their service guide and saying “They just said that!”

Pat: What about the Christmas Pageant?
Jenna: This year I directed the pageant as well as adapted the script from scripture. I used my Catechesis of the Good Shepherd formation and presented the nativity story to the children so that they could hear it in a familiar way before presenting the drama. Throughout the process of putting together the Christmas Pageant, I was able to use skills learned in my Level One Catechist formation and at the same time use my degree which is in Theatre for Youth.

Pat: I did not know your degree was in Theatre, that is very exciting. You are in Level One training to be a Catechist. Is that because you want to teach Level One?
Jenna: Not necessarily. At St. Catherine’s, I am receiving formation so that I can help if needed and have a greater understanding of the curriculum.

Pat:Tell me what else you feel good about.
Jenna: I presented a Children's Program for the Living Gratefully dinner. The main activity I led was a story drama of The Clown of God, the story of a juggler who has nothing to give but the gift of juggling. During that time we talked about what Stewardship means for them and that their talent can be a part of the gift they give back. Sometime just making people smile can be our gift, like the juggler in the book.

Pat: That sounds like something adults could also benefit from hearing. What else?
Jenna: During the Annual Meeting my time with the children was focused on how our activities at St. Catherine's are about being a part of the body of Christ, and though we do many different things, we come together as One. When providing programming for children while their parents are doing something else, I love the opportunity to help them understand what is going on and how it applies to them.

Pat: Looking to the future, what are some of the things you want to accomplish?
Jenna: I’m excited to create more opportunities for intergenerational and young families’ events. I would love to create a weekly Wednesday evening (or another evening) event for young families. Another idea I have explored is during a school break when people are not traveling so much I would like to hold a mini-Vacation Bible School and use my training and degree to create lessons that focus around a biblical story, culminating in presenting a drama to the families.

Pat: Or perhaps to the entire church during a Sunday worship?
Jenna: Yes, that would be great! I’m also excited to continue creating new and different opportunities throughout the year. For example, this year I decided to consider other opportunities for children beyond the traditional Stations of the Cross. Instead, I have created an experience for our children to learn about Maundy Thursday. It will be great fun! It is April 13 at 6:30 in the Parish Hall.

Pat: In one sentence, how would you describe St. Catherine's?
Jenna: St. Catherine's is probably the most welcoming church I have ever been a part of and probably the most energetic.

Pat: I amen that!

Interested in finding your purpose for ministry? Contact Pat Pepper, Coordinator of Volunteer Ministry, 770.971.1269 or to get connected!

Seen around St. Cat's

Photos by Bettye Harris, Connie Bergeron. See more in the albums at Photo Albums.


Photo #1 - Eunjoo Lee-Huls joins in a beautiful duet with husband Edward at our Concert Series event on March 18

Do you know about these ministries?

In our Parish Cycle of Ministries, we celebrate the life and work of these ministries in the upcoming weeks. Please read on to find out about each and consider if you’d like to become involved.

  • April 17-23: Flower Guild — This week we celebrate the life and work of our Flower Guild, which obtains and arranges the flowers and plants which adorn the altar and church for worship services. We work in rotating teams, and training is provided. To find out more about being part of this ministry please contact Emily Gale, 770.953.3407,


Letters have been received from the following to acknowledge gifts from our parish:

  • Habitat For Humanity NW Metro Atlanta, on March 27, for gift of $4,500


Author Anne Lamott at Central Presbyterian April 8

Bestselling author Anne Lamott on her new book, “Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy,” on Saturday, April 8, 7 pm at Central Presbyterian Church, 201 Washington St SW, Atlanta. Tickets $22-$30 and include a copy of the book. For details and tickets go to .


Georgia Festival Chorus gala concert April 30

The 100 voices of The Georgia Festival Chorus invite you to "30-60-90," their series concluding concert at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church at 5:00 pm on Sunday, April 30. This will be a gala celebration in honor of the chorus's 30th anniversary and founding director Frank Boggs's 90th birthday. The concert will present special sololists in favorite hymns, as well as classic and contemporary choral works by Mozart, Moses Hogan, Palestrina, Mark Hayes, Craig Courtney, Dan Forrest and many more. A special reception will follow the program. The concert is free, no tickets needed (a free-will offering will be taken). Several members of our parish participate in this community chorus well-known to us through appearances in previous years at St. Catherine’s. For more about Georgia Festival Chorus and these concerts please visit


5th Annual Links for LAMB Golf Tournament May 9

Come to this annual event hosted by St. Aidan's, St. David's, and the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, on May 9 at the beautiful Bradshaw Farms. All proceeds directly benefit the children of the LAMB Institute. Cost is $150/player and includes covers greens fees, cart fee, driving range, all contests, continental breakfast, hot buffet lunch, and drinks. Sign up online by visiting or email the tournament coordinator at


Wellness Tips

Community Medication Take Back Day - Saturday, April 29, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm - Do you have unused or expired medications? Turn them in for safe disposal! Your efforts can save lives by removing expired and unused prescription medications from your medicine cabinet. Do your part to prevent accidental poisoning, overdoses and improper use of medications. Simply take your old medications to one of the drop-off locations, turn them in by driving through and receive a free gift. No questions asked, no forms or ID required. Three drop off locations: Cobb Senior Services (1150 Powder Springs St., Marietta); WellStar Acworth Health Park (4550 Cobb Parkway, Acworth); WellStar East Cobb Health Park (3747 Roswell Road NE, Marietta).

This event is sponsored by WellStar, SafeKids Cobb County and the Cobb County Police Department. For questions regarding these events, call 770-793-7373. For more information about medication safety and proper disposal, please visit or contact your local poison center at 1-800-222-1222.


If you have a name to be added to the Prayers please fill out the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin, or contact the church office, 770-971-2839, Names will remain on the Prayer Chain list for one month unless indicated for a longer period.

ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMED SERVICES: Pat McDougald, Tom Blackstock; Josh England, Jake England, Lucas Elgie, Andrew Hutton, Taylor Bacon, Ryan Johnson and Zach Hurley.

OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS: Donald, our president, Nathan, our Governor, members of Congress, and this Country.

DECEASED: Matthew Versagli, nephew of Cindy Sheehan; Rose Combee, friend of Ina Bachmann; Wayne Burns, cousin of Linda Smith; Sally Ann Neumann Bean, mother of Alison Travis.

THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER: Jarrisha Watson, Jan Pienezza, Teal Family, Barbara Renehan, Wes Woodruff, Mark Pendroid, David, Grace, Jennifer Buckalew, Roger Irwin, Jim Raasch, Janice Larkin, Joni Valoria, Milt Hayes, Joyce Hendricks, Warren Martin, Bill Lewis, Harold Shapiro, Rev. Bob & Roberta Abstein, Chris Phillips, Dan Montgomery, Jane Smith, Elizabeth Keeley, George Alexander, Gary Parker.

BEFORE SURGERY: Kathleen Iacobelli, Julie Brannock, Paul Manno, Edie Teal.

BIRTHDAYS: (4/8) McCall Kimball, (4/9) Audrey Greene, (4/10) Ben Frost, Molly Frost, (4/11) Sue Schnorf, Beth Brinkley, (4/12) Kelley Francis, Ben Mikkelsen, (4/13) Ruth Hepler, (4/15) Meg Gonzales, Justin Perry, Christina Pyburn, (4/16) Connor Buckalew, Katie Lowry, (4/18) Kelly Iacobelli, Matthew Shannonhouse, Olivia Lopez, (4/19) Nancy Ban, (4/23) Nancy Sandlin, Jan Severs, (4/25) Brian Williams.

ANNIVERSARIES: Tom & Kristin Blackstock (4/10), Jay & Joyce Hendricks (4/17) Juan & Beth Sandoval (4/18), Richard & Tanya-Bowers Dean (4/20), Bob & Karolyn Olliffe (4/22), Bob & Pat Pepper (4/23), Doug & Susan Jenkins (4/28).

(4/9) Ed, Tracey & Wyatt Pitts; Rod & Nadine Pope; Chris & Jan Potter; Sally Powers, Oscar & Peggy Price.
(4/16) John, Virginia, Christian, Roman & Cecelia Pumpelly; Harriett, Steve, Connor, Bryce & Christina Pyburn; Tim Raasch & Michael Motes; Shelley Ransdell & Carol Eskew; Michael, Meg & Thomas Reeves.

PRAYER FOR OUR RECTOR SEARCH: Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on St. Catherine’s, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a rector for this parish, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

We love to recognize birthdays and wedding anniversaries for everyone in our parish! We have a year-round calendar to pray for these special dates, send birthday cards, and publish in our bulletin and newsletter. Would you like your birthday or anniversary included in our remembrances? Please send names and dates to us using the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin, or contact the church office.


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Holy Baptism

Dates coming up: June 4 (Pentecost). To schedule a baptism please contact the church office for the customary booklet about Holy Baptism and to arrange a date.

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below are the next two weeks of events and activities, correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Saturday, 4/8 Saturday, 4/15


CGS Level 1 Training
Flower Guild
Adult Acolyte Training

Holy Saturday
Flower Guild
Acolyte Practice
Proper Liturgy
Great Vigil Liturgy
Sunday, 4/9 Sunday, 4/16


Palm Sunday
Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist
Church School
Holy Eucharist
Girl Scouts
Young Adults


Easter Day
Sunrise Eucharist /Jubilate
Festival Eucharist /Choristers
Easter Egg Hunt
No Church School
Festival Eucharist /Chancel Choir
Women's Extension Dinner

Monday, 4/10 Monday, 4/17

Monday in Holy Week
CGS Catholic
Men's Book Study
Stephen Ministry
Women's Bible Study
Boy Scouts


Church Office Closed
Women's Book Study
CGS Catholic
Master Planning
Court of Honor
Finance Committee
Boy Scouts

Tuesday, 4/11 Tuesday, 4/18


Tuesday in Holy Week
Bible Study
Staff Meeting
Computer Lab
HE + Healing Service


Bible Study
Staff Meeting
Blood Drive
Computer Lab
Wednesday, 4/12 Wednesday, 4/19
Wednesday in Holy Week
Chancel Choir


Wheel Articles Due
Tour Choir
Youth & Explorers WNL
Chancel Choir

Thursday, 4/13 Thursday, 4/20

Maundy Thursday
Father Dean's day off

Computer Lab
Children's Maundy Experience
Maundy Thursday Liturgy
Prayer Vigil

Father Dean's day off
Computer Lab
Calling and Caring
Men's Bible Study
Friday, 4/14 Friday, 4/21

Good Friday
Office & Preschool Closed
Amma Susan's day off

Men's Bible Study
Morning Prayer
Flower Guild
Women's Bible Study
Outdoor Stations of the Cross
Indoor Stations of the Cross
Good Friday Liturgy
A.A. Women’s Meditation


Amma Susan's day off
Men's Bible Study
Women's Bible Study
Youth Lock-in
A.A. Women’s Meditation

Future planning

Please hold these dates:

  • Friday, April 28 – Sip & Swirl adult evening 7 pm at the Gales’ home
  • Saturday, April 29 – Cats on Wheels @ Gainesville Botanical Gardens
  • Saturday, May 6 & 7 - Rite 13 Banquet and Ceremony
  • Sunday, May 14 - Youth Sunday, Graduate & Acolyte Recognition
  • Saturday, May 20 - Parish Workday 8-11 am
  • Sunday, May 21 - Last Day of Church School
  • Sunday, May 29 - Summer worship times schedule begins
  • June 2-4 - Youth Beach Retreat
  • Sunday, June 4 - Day of Pentecost
  • June 12-15 - Vacation Bible School
  • June 14-21 - Chancel Choir trip to International Choral Festival, Tuscany, Italy
  • Monday, June 19 - Family Promise Golf Tournament


By Youth Director Sally Paris,

-> Youth Calendar online

-> Photo albums

Upcoming Events

April 9 - Palm Sunday
April 12 - No WNL (Holy Week)
April 16 - Easter!
April 21 - Lock-In
May 6 - Rite 13 Banquet
May 7 - Rite 13 Ceremony
May 14 - Youth Sunday, Graduate & Acolyte Recognition
May 21 - Last Day of Church School
June 2-4 - Youth Beach Retreat


National Day of Service

Join Chandler Sherry on Saturday, April 8 from 4 to 6 pm at St. Ann's Catholic Church. Sign up for Chandler's team here:


Youth Lock-in April 21-22

8 pm to 8 am at St. Cat’s. $20 covers food and activities, friends are always welcome. RSVP to Sally by April 16.


Getting ready!

Hopefully we'll have a new rector soon, and I need your help welcoming them! What I need from all youth... a picture! I would like to have pictures of everyone with their name so that the new Rector can get to know who we are more easily! The picture doesn't have to be formal, but please make sure your face is able to be seen clearly. I would love to have these pictures as soon as possible. Email them to Please also include 1-2 words that you would use to describe the Youth program and imagine what a great gift this will be to help our new rector get to know us!


Vacation Bible School is coming

Youth! Are you interested in helping out with HERO CENTRAL VBS this summer, June 12-15? You should sign up with this link: .


Youth Beach Trip June 2-4

Who: Youth grades 7-12, friends are welcome!
Where: Panama City Beach, FL
When: Friday to Sunday - exact times TBD
Cost: $150

If you have not registered but plan to attend, please let Sally know ASAP! Space is filling up fast!!


Rite 13 Suburban Plunge

We had to think on our toes and be flexible! We got to spread mulch at the church and serve our community in a way we didn't know we needed to. Mr. Ivey took us on a tour of the grounds behind the Youth House and we had lots of fun too! What a blessing it is to have a community like this! #rite13 #stcatsyouth

Diocesan Offerings

  • Graduation Celebration Sunday, May 7
    Register by May 1 - This will be our second annual Graduation Celebration located at Holy Innocents', 3:30-5:30 pm, no cost. All family and friends are invited to join our graduating seniors for a special service including Bishop Wright as the celebrant and as the spiritual leader in a blessing by the entire community. After the service, we will have a reception to follow. Get details and register all seniors and guests by May 1 at
  • atlSERVE Mission Week - June 25-30
    This is our local summer mission week. What started as a two-parish venture between Holy Innocents' and All Saints' Atl has turned into a local Diocesan Youth Mission Week. All Saints' Atl lets us use their incredible youth space to live for a week and youth from all over the Diocese come together to serve the communities of Atlanta in various ways. The intention of our work is centered around relationships and how we all find God in all people. For youth 6-12th grade, cost $275 (scholarships available). See details and register at

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