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July 8-21, 2017

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7/15 – Cats On Wheels lunch

7/16 – The Extension dinner

7/23 – Newcomer Coffee;
Habitat House Dedication

7/25 – Elizabeth Inn Laundry Team

7/26 – Elizabeth Inn Breakfast Team

7/28 – Elizabeth Inn Dinner Team

7/29 – Retirement Celebration for Amma Susan

7/30 – Amma Susan’s Leave-taking

8/5 – Rise Against Hunger

8/6 - Fall/School-year worship schedule begins;
College Freshmen send-off;
Parish Town Hall

See below for complete calendar



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The Good Shepherd and the Child (Catechesis)


By Mother Sarah

Last summer I spent almost a month on the holy mountain known as Sewanee. I was a brand new DMin (Doctorate of Ministry) student. For three weeks, in what felt a little bit like summer camp for clergy, I wrestled with academic writings on the origins of the Eucharist, critiques from my peers on my sermons, and exploring new ways to incorporate poetry and fiction into preaching. It was wonderful. It was also very busy. Classes were long and I was always—always—behind in my reading. As much as I hoped to get a jump on the papers that would be due a few months later, I felt like I was just treading water. I found myself debating skipping daily chapel—something I love—to go do other things that felt were more urgent in the moment. In an age of constant movement - Nothing is so urgent as sitting still. - Pico IyerA year later and I wonder what might ever be more urgent than gathering with a community, singing hymns, hearing stories, praying to the Creator and breaking bread.

One day, as I was walking down the hall, I saw this handwritten sign outside of a professor’s door (image, right):

It stopped me in my tracks. I took this picture, and for a while, I slowed down a little bit. I enjoyed a long lunch in the cafeteria with my peers. I sat outside and watched the deer. And, of course, I went to chapel. (I was still behind in my reading.)

The notion of sabbath is a hard one in our culture. How, and where, do we truly find rest? In her book An Altar in the World, Barbara Brown Taylor writes about sabbath beautifully: ”In the dark or in the light, with a stone slab under your back or a feather topper, your day begins when you let God hold you because you do not have the slightest idea how to hold yourself—when you let God raise you up, when you consent to rest to show you get the point, since that is the last thing you would do if you were running the show yourself. When you live in God, your day begins when you lose yourself long enough for God to find you, and when God finds you, to lose yourself again in praise."

Sabbath begins with creating stillness and space to be with God. We observe sabbath on Sundays (even as sometimes it feels very busy as we prepare for worship). We step out of our usual busyness to enter God’s time. And I hope we can find ways to invite sabbath into our lives, to practice sabbath other times too.

So many parents, my own included, invite children to rest with a bed-time routine like stories or Compline or prayers. Do we do this for ourselves as well? Do we make space for rest and restoration, for God to come and dwell in our stillness? For me, it’s something I continue to grow into—it is so easy for me to get wrapped up in the busy. It need not be radical—there are lots of little ways to make space. I’m exploring the labyrinth outside the church as a place to practice quick moments of stillness in the midst of daily life. And at home, my back porch is an electronics-free zone where reading, conversation and prayer are welcome, but the gadgets have to have their own sabbath. What about you? How do you make space for sabbath and stillness and God? I’d love to hear your wisdom.

If you’re looking for a starting place, our Book of Common Prayer gives us one. This is the prayer for Quiet Confidence, found on page 832: O God of peace, who has taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be our strength: By the might of your Spirit lift us, we pray, to your presence, where we may be still and know that you are God; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

With joy and love,

Coffee & fellowship for Newcomers & Visitors

Sunday, July 23, 9-10 am

By Anne Hitchins

Our Summer Newcomer Coffee will be Sunday, July 23 at 9 am in the Parish Hall. Newcomers, visitors, and new or returning church members are invited to this informative gathering for coffee and fellowship and to learn more about our ministries. It is a great opportunity to meet with lay leaders, staff and clergy, and get to know us and get a better understanding of St. Catherine's. Feel free to bring a friend, relative, or neighbor. All are welcome. Please contact Susan Heuke 678-231-8558 or Anne Hitchins 404-432-6222 for any questions.

Retirement Celebration for Amma Susan

Saturday, July 29 - Get tickets soon

Please come and celebrate Amma Susan Johnson's nine years with us and the beginning of her new journey of retirement. All adults are invited at 6:00 pm in the Parish Hall to celebrate Amma Susan's 9 years with us. The evening will include dinner and drinks, plus videos, presents, some special guests, and we are hoping that there will be people with "Susan stories" to share. Tickets are $25.00 per person, available on Sundays at church, or contact Marilyn Hunter,, (c) 678-488-6677 or (h) 770-579-5746.

Amma Susan's last Sunday at St. Catherine’s will be July 30.

Parish Retreat registration now open!

When: Arrive by 12 pm on Saturday, September 2 / Depart 11 am Monday, September 4
Optional extra night: Friday, September 1

It’s for everyone: adults, youth, children, singles, couples and families! Join us at the beautiful Lake Logan in North Carolina for a Labor Day weekend of spiritual renewal, fellowship and outdoor fun... and time to get to know Mother Sarah in an informal setting. We always have lots of activities to select from for youth, children and adults, and Lake Logan has wonderful facilities for swimming, boating, fishing and hiking. You can see photos and more about Lake Logan at

Hold your place with your $100 deposit -- sign up now at XqABE6RtwSU3eoEx2
or on Sundays at church

Pricing for 2 nights Saturday-Monday includes meals: Couple $495 / Adult Single $325 or Shared $250 / Children $40 / Teens $100. Additional cost for the optional Friday night. Payments may be made through on The City (select “Parish Retreat” in the drop-down tab), or by check (please designate for “Parish Retreat” on the memo line). For any questions or information about scholarships please contact Delee Freeman,

Worship schedule changes begin Sunday, August 6

NEW worship times for the school year

Holy Eucharist service times will be changed from previous years! The schedule beginning August 6 will be:

  • 7:45 am
  • 8:45 am
  • 11:15 am

Church School 10-11 am:

  • Sundays in August - activities for all ages (children, youth and adults) each Sunday beginning August 6!
  • Parish Town Hall on August 6, 10-11 am - a session with Mother Sarah and Q&A and reflection on her first few weeks with us!
  • Watch for announcement of the start date of classes for each age group


College send-off on August 6

On August 6 at the 8:45 am worship service (NOTE THIS TIME because worship schedule changes this day!) we will recognize all our rising college freshmen to wish them God-speed, and present to them the St. Catherine's Book Scholarship Fund awards. Congratulations to each!

Youth House Expansion work

We're really getting close to the finish!! Work is ongoing and lots of help is so important now. For more schedule/details contact Fred Massey,


  • Saturday, July 8, 7:30 – 11:30 am to prime and paint interior!
  • Saturday, July 29, 8 am - noon for a major Cleaning Day!

Cats On Wheels lunch Saturday, July 15

Cats On Wheels is our fellowship group for active senior adults and we welcome you! Our next odd-month, pay-your-own lunch will be 11:30 am at Diner Bakery Company, 3150 Cobb Parkway NW, Kennesaw, Please RSVP so we can save you a seat to Alan Certain,, 404-661-2200.

Photo - On our visit in June to Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers: Tom and Ann Snead, Arlyn Cook, Vera Bibbings. Picture by Ron Cook.

Ministry Teams Quarterly Meeting coming up

DATE TBA SOON - All leaders of St. Catherine’s ministry teams and committees, please be sure to have a representative present at this important meeting as we prepare for the ministry "Brunch & Learn" on August 13, plus planning for our many fall activities coming very soon! Anyone who is interested in the ministry work of our church is welcome to attend.

Communion wine donations

Our supply of communion wine is getting low. We are fortunate to have parishioners donate our wine either in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, a loved one. If you would like to help, please leave donations in the church office, marked with your name and information for remembrance. We use Taylor Tawny Port. Thank you.

Cookies requested for Lemonade Brigade

Our Lemonade Brigade volunteers serve refreshments for everyone after Sunday services. Donations of cookies would be greatly appreciated. Please drop them off in the kitchen anytime, clearly marked for "Lemonade". We can never have too many cookies! For questions please contact Deana DeLaBarre,

Sign up for suppers with Mother Sarah

By Pat Pepper

“Supper’s ready!” is the traditional cry with which mothers call their children indoors for supper. The call represents the most important moment of the day, a confirmation of family life. Peoples of the world spend a lot of time enjoying each other’s company over a meal. Having a meal together puts most people in a good mood. We can communicate with words that state the intent of our hearts.

Mother Sarah Fisher would like to get to know the people of St. Catherine's as quickly as possible. We feel the best way to do that is over a meal. We have decided on small-group lunches and dinners and she has chosen a series of dates in August through October with 4 to 6 guests per meal. Please go now to to view the list of dates and times, and sign up, or contact Pat Pepper if you have questions, Listen for the call, “Supper’s ready!”

Exactly what is EFM?

Enrolling soon for the new class

By Jan Potter

Have you ever sat and listened while someone “witnessed” about their faith? Does it make you feel a bit squeamish, and maybe guilty, because you think you are just not “getting it”? Talking about how you feel about God can be a challenge – especially for an Episcopalian. Or maybe you were raised on the felt board Jesus and you can’t figure out how to connect the dots to the world today.

Photo - Congratulations to our 2017 EFM Graduates! Diplomas presented on July 2 to Shirley Childs, Amy Morris and Paula Morris, by EFM leaders Jan and Chris Potter. Picture by Bill Ivey.

Education for Ministry (EFM) is a program out of Sewanee (University of the South) that helps you understand just what you believe and how you can apply it in the world we live in today. The entire program is four years, and you commit to one year at a time. The first year is a very in-depth study of the Old Testament. Maybe you have always wondered why we still have that terrifying Old Testament God who could flood the world when it misbehaved. And, why Noah? Why do we keep those stories? This is not the “whitewashed” if the Bible says it, it must be true version. This is something that looks at everything from a variety of traditions.

The second year is an in-depth study of the New Testament. When was it written? Who wrote it and why? Why were some books written in one language and some in another? Why did Mary get to sit and listen while Martha had to work? Why did one guy get paid as much for one hour and someone who labored all day? And, if the disciples didn’t “get it” – how can I? The third year is all about church history. How did the Episcopal Church come to be? What does it mean inside the history of the whole church? This isn’t the memorize-facts-for-a-test version – this is the full piñata of fascinating information to help you understand just how we got where we are today.The fourth year brings us back to how we translate all these ideas into a living working faith for our time. It includes various stories about how we can connect with our physical world and how we can accept and nurture all peoples.

In addition to looking at the materials, we also set aside a time each week to practice thinking theologically. The very word “theological” can be scary but the theological reflection is a time to look at anything in the world today (or a Bible verse, or a personal experience or belief) and connect that to our own sense of what we believe. It’s a way of understanding why you believe one thing and someone else might not.

EFM is about how we can find our way and make sense out of a sometimes senseless world. We meet once a week (during the school year), usually on Thursday evenings. This is not a “smart people sit around and tell you what to think” kind of class. It is an open forum. It is one of the few places in church where you can say, “I’m not sure I believe that” and not be judged. The program gives you the background to make sense out of what you see and hear all around you and, eventually, to understand why and what you believe.

There is a yearly charge, but there is scholarship money available to defray the cost. We would love to have you join us. We start back on September 7, the first Thursday after Labor Day. Please contact the church office or Chris or Jan Potter ( for more information.

Welcome all: wear your name tag!

Please remember to wear your name tag each Sunday and gently remind other parishioners who may have forgotten. This is a great time for all of us to resume this important habit as we as we help Mother Sarah, our visitors and newcomers, and everyone get to know each other better.​

Name tags are kept in the kiosk on the wall in the foyer. If you don't have a name tag or have misplaced your old one, simply request one using the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin or contact Becky in the church office,, 770-971-2839. Thank you!


Family Promise hosting gets new location - August 6-13

Time to sign up!

By Linda Scott and Barb Selby

In order to allow time for the expansion work on our Youth House to be completed, we have arranged to have our hosting at East Cobb United Methodist Church, August 6-13. They host the following week, so the families will not have to move for two weeks which should be better for them.

For us, it means we have the same sign-ups for hosting meals, Evening Hosts and Overnight Hosts -- we'll just be using their facilities instead of ours. We'll go over the logistics with all volunteers in plenty of time and since East Cobb Methodist is only a few blocks away at 2325 Roswell Road, it should be easy to get to.

We will need more sign-ups in all categories. Please see Barb Selby or Linda Scott after Sunday services in the next couple of weeks so we'll have a full chart and can let you know any specifics for the alternate location. If you can serve and want to contact us directly, please do so at

Our special thanks go to Fred Massey, his dedicated crew and all the volunteers who have worked so hard on the Youth House. It's been amazing to watch the building be transformed and we're so grateful for all the work everyone has done. We know that they want to be done with the house for our Youth, and hopefully this will give them a little extra time to take a breath and finish up.

-> Finally, another big thank you to Eleanore and Richard Pearson for their work representing St. Catherine's on the Family Promise Annual Golf Tournament in June. They did an excellent job and the funds raised topped last year’s by $6,000!

Habitat for Humanity home build

Thank you to all of our volunteers who are supporting this year's Habitat for Humanity house build. St. Catherine's is providing workers on July 8 (landscaping day). Everyone is invited to see this year's finished house on Dedication Day at 3 pm on Sunday, July 23. Photos below by Connie Bergeron.

Outreach items collections

July: Stock the ECMS Pantry

By Christy Luttrell and Harriet Pyburn

During the month of July, our Outreach collection is focusing on stocking the food pantry at East Cobb Middle School. The food pantry at ECMS assists families during tough economic times. The top needs include: canned tuna/chicken, peanut butter, jelly, canned spaghetti/ravioli, dry pasta and sauces, individually wrapped snack foods (chips, crackers, pretzels), canned vegetables and fruits, cereal/oatmeal, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, and gift cards to Walmart, Kroger, or Publix. If giving gift cards please label for “ECMS” and give to an usher or to Becky Adams in the church office. Other items may be brought to the Outreach collection bins across from the Parlor.


May collection report

Photo - Alla from New American Pathways Refugee Center collecting the spring clean items. Picture by Christy Luttrell.

In the month of May, we held a Spring Clean collection drive at St. Catherine's to benefit refugee families through New American Pathways in Atlanta. The organization is located near the intersection of 85 and 285 off of Briarcliff Rd. New American Pathways provides approximately 5,000 refugees per year with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives and achieve long-term success. They provide resettlement and resource navigation assistance, career services, English classes, after school and summer support for children, immigration services, civic engagement opportunities, etc. See their website for some of their amazing stories: .

Thank you to all who donated towards this spring collection drive, and a special thank you to the children at our Vacation Bible School who made American flags to welcome the refugees. We were able to provide New American Pathways the following after our May collection: Glass Cleaners 3; Paper towels packages 2; Sponges 19; Kleenex 2; Toilet Paper packages 3; Diaper boxes 2; Diaper packages 3; Cleaners 5; Dishwashing liquid 5; Laundry detergent 1; Clorox 1; Cleaning wipes 6; Shampoo 2; Conditioner 2; Hair/brush 1; Disposable bibs 1.

Thank you for this support and be on the lookout for other ways we can support New American Pathways throughout the year!

Rise Against Hunger

Meal Packaging Event on Saturday, August 5

On Saturday, August 5, join us at 10:30 am in the Parish Hall to help package 10,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger (formerly known to us as Stop Hunger Now), to be distributed to hungry children all over the world. If you have not attended this event before, it is fun for all ages. All supplies are provided for us – we just need lots of manpower (measuring rice, adding veggies and vitamins, weighing meal bags, packaging in boxes, etc.). The event will take about 2 hours, depending on our number of volunteers.

Learn more about the program at Looking forward to this wonderful multi-generational outreach event!

Additional summer opportunities in our community

By Harriett Pyburn

  • MUST Summer Lunch - Thank you to all who packed 2,000 meals in our Parish Hall over the past two weeks for the MUST Summer Lunch Program, which supplies much needed lunches to students in Cobb and neighboring counties who would normally receive a free lunch at school. If you enjoyed this time, the MUST Summer lunch program is looking for additional volunteers throughout July at our partner host site, Eastside Baptist at Olive Springs (as well as others if they are more convenient for you):
    M-F 9am-11am: make sure sandwiches are fresh and all items are complete in lunches at a host site before lunches go out that morning
    M-F 10:45am - 12pm: be a delivery driver or rider (must be 25 to drive and 18 to ride)
    If interested, sign up (you can sign up for an individual day):
  • Emmaus House is looking for a group of people to cook the afternoon meal at their Freedom School Finale on Friday, July 21. The meal would be served from 2pm-3pm for approximately 200 people. Are you interested in spending more time in the Emmaus House community? This would be a great way to meet the people, celebrate their summer achievements, and pitch in to help. Please contact Janet Livingston ( if you have interest and availability to help that day. Even better - grab a group of friends to come! There is a grill on-site that can be used.
  • The residents at The Extension Women's Center enjoyed a great dinner on June 18 provided and served by Deborah & Jim Weigel, Jerome, Lee & Marlene Stuart. Many thanks to these amazing volunteers for their support of this important ministry. The Extension Women's Center is a residential substance abuse recovery center in Marietta housing 20 to 21 ladies. St. Catherine's provides dinner on the third Sunday of each month, next date coming up is July 16. If you would like to volunteer or are interested in more information on The Extension Women's Center, please call or email Connie Bergeron, 404.819.0891,
    Photo by Connie Bergeron.


Wedding Invitation

Dear Members of St. Catherine's,

Gina Baumann and Jim Kareken request the Honor of your Presence at their Marriage on Saturday, the Twenty-Second of July, Two Thousand and Seventeen, Half Past One O'Clock in the Afternoon, at Saint Catherine's Episcopal Church, The Reverend Dean Taylor presiding. A Cake and Punch Reception will follow in the Parish Hall. For additional information please visit their wedding website: .

Vestry notes – Summer 2017

By Bill Ivey, Senior Warden

Your vestry has been busy – we’ve all been busy. Selecting and preparing for a new rector while also saying goodbye to two beloved priests has been a lot of work. We want to thank all who have reached out to help Mother Sarah settle in or who have graciously done something personal to welcome her into our St. Catherine’s family. We are both getting used to each other – her style is very open and conversational. She looks forward to meeting all of us. If you send her a note or email ( you will get a response. Her day off is Friday and in an emergency can be reached by calling the church office, 770-971-2839 ext 202.

Mother Sarah’s first vestry meeting was June 20th. As always, the vestry meetings begin with Eucharist around the altar in the sanctuary (nave). I was traveling and due to recent electronic upgrades, the result of a hardware donation from Daniel Mikkelsen’s employer, we now have two very functional conference telephones and I was able to dial in to participate! Sarah began our meeting by commenting on the warm and loving welcome she has received. She says her first few months will be used to get to know us and to listen well to what we are doing and saying in our ministries. She has a few things she does differently – a few words of prayer here or there, a variation from the prayer book, or maybe a suggestion for thinking about something we’ve done for a long time and asking why we do it that way. Learning about each other will be a fun process.

Each vestry person then reported on the on-going activities in the various ministry teams. We spent a long time letting Sarah know of the great volunteers and the existing ministries each team manages. We heard reports on the various major projects in progress – The Youth House will hopefully be finished by August 6, according to our current plan. The Memorial Garden Expansion project will get back in gear after Cobb EMC moves the power supply to our admin building (this occurred on July 5). We should see work proceed very soon.

The vestry authorized an extra staff holiday in thanksgiving for their hard work over the two years of the interim period. Each staff person received a day off or equivalent paid time off that they may take during our summer days. Thanks to our staff for their exemplary service!

Our finances continue to be in good shape – we have spent less than budget in many areas and that, combined with your regular giving, has kept us in great shape financially. Remember that pledges often decline in the summer months. Please keep your pledge up-to-date by using on-line giving through The City – it’s easy!

You will see a calendar of events in this newsletter – please note the upcoming Parish Retreat on Labor Day weekend. It’ll be a great way to meet Mother Sarah in a less-rushed environment.

Remember that all vestry meetings are open – if you wish to attend, please let one of our wardens know. If you have an issue you wish for us to know about, you may email us at: . We appreciate your prayers.

Our Heroes of Vacation Bible School

By Jenna Parker

On June 12-15, St. Catherine’s was host to 56 children as they explored how to become Heroes for God and the community at the Hero Central Vacation Bible School. Highlights of the week included Wonder Woman cookies, playing with water balloons, and making capes. The VBS heroes also enjoyed “meeting Mary” as they heard an imagined first-person account of when Jesus went to the Temple as a child, decorating bags for MUST Ministries, and exploring the idea that they already have what it takes to be heroes. It was a fun and fulfilling week made possible by countless adult and youth volunteers and generous donations from the St. Catherine’s community. Thank you for your support of this program. We all had a super time!

Photo - Our AWESOME Parish Hall background - thank you, Jason Snape!

Thank you, Blood Drive donors

A big thank you to all who responded to the Red Cross's urgent need at our June 20 blood drive! As a special thank you, the Red Cross offered two Braves game tickets to one of our June donors. A drawing was held at Sunday breakfast on July 2 and the tickets were awarded to Molly Banko, however she will be unable to use them so another drawing will be held soon.

Mark your calendar now for our next Blood Drive: Tuesday, August 22!

Introducing Mother Sarah

It has been a wonderful first weeks with all of you. Thank you for your hospitality and welcome. Mandy and I both felt like our first Sunday was a "welcome to the family" party. And last week with the Bishop felt like an extension of that party. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for making us feel so at home. As we get to know each other, I thought it might be helpful to know a bit more about me and a bit more about Mandy. So below are some of the questions I've recently received. I thought I'd share the answers a bit more broadly and hope it's helpful.

Thank you for the wonderful start to this journey. It is good to be with you all.


What do I call you?
This seems to be an eternal question for women clergy! Father is traditional and yet it seems odd. Mother sounds a bit like a nun. What's a girl to do? I answer to several names. The first is my given name -- Sarah. I am quite content to be addressed simply as Sarah. If you, or your children, prefer a more formal title, Mother Sarah is also very comfortable for me. During my time in Chicago, a group of my 20-somethings started calling me Mofi, a blending of Mother and Fisher and it stuck. I have folks from many parishes, youth and adults alike, who call me Mofi (pronounced Mo-Fee), and I will happily answer to that as well.

How may I reach you?
In person: You can find me at St. Catherine's Sunday through Thursday. Sometimes I'm doing office work, sometimes I'm in meetings and sometimes I'm out in the community. While I love drop by visits (they are especially wonderful as I get to know you all), if you want to make sure to have time with me, please contact me ahead of time so I can be sure to have time set aside specifically for you. Friday is my day of Sabbath and I try hard to use that day as a day of rest and restoration.
By email: I check email on days that I'm in the office. If you have an emergency, please do not hesitate to call me. [Please use telephone when the matter is urgent.]
By phone: If there is an emergency, please call the office and enter my extension: 770-971-2839 x202. You will be given the option to enter a code and this will alert me directly, 24/7, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.
By Facebook: You can find me at I love friend requests and will accept yours if you send one. I also recognize that not everyone wants their priest to have full access to the Facebook life, so I will only accept friend requests-I will not initiate them. It's totally up to you if you want to be Facebook friends. Please note: if you have sent me a request and I have not responded-please delete the request and resubmit. I'm aware a few requests have gotten eaten up in cyber-facebook land, so please resubmit!
Please also note: if you have important information, pastoral or life events of which you'd like for me to be aware, please contact me either by email or phone. While I enjoy Facebook, I do not catch every event that happens on every page. I would hate to miss something important to you because it didn't show up in my feed.

Tell us about your family -
I'm from Athens, Georgia and much of my family lives there. I have a brother and a sister. My parents divorced when I was about 10. My mother remarried and I have a wonderful step-father. And at the age of 75, my father met the true love of his life, an artist named Nancy. She hates being called step-mother, so I just call her my Nancy. My father died 2 years ago, but I am grateful to still have Nancy as part of my life.
I was the only grandchild until I was 21, so my cousins feel more like nieces and nephews and they are truly some of the joys of my life. My cousin Katie and her brand-new-husband Matt live just 2 miles from St. Catherine's! I'm excited to get to see them a bit more often now that they are so close.
Mandy's dad was in the Navy, so she grew up around the world-Bermuda, Wales, Iceland and D.C. were all home to her before college. She has three brothers. We anticipate we will see her brother who lives in South Carolina, an avid baseball fan, even more now that we're near the Braves stadium!
Mandy and I have known each other for almost 20 years. We have some of the most wonderful nieces and nephews on the planet and will be happy to tell you a whole lot about them -- they bring us great delight!

When will we see Mandy?
As you may know, Mandy is also an Episcopal priest. She works at Canterbury Court as the Director of Pastoral Care. This allows her to worship at St. Catherine's on many Sundays. This summer she is working on her Doctorate in Ministry and will be away for most of June. She has several commitments to serve as a supply priest around the Diocese in July and August. She and I are both looking forward to the parish retreat over Labor Day weekend and really eager to get to know people in that relaxed setting. Come this fall, you will see more of her!

What do you do when you're not at St. Catherine's?
We have family all over the country -- Virginia, Connecticut, Boston, Silicon Valley, South Carolina and, closest to home, Athens. They are a top priority for us. We spend much of our vacation time visiting nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. We also love to travel. Jerusalem and the Holy Land has been an important and formative part of both of our lives. We are eager to return as soon as we are able. A little less holy, but a lot more relaxing, we also love beaches. We try to get to the beach once or twice a year. Our favorite beach is Eagle Beach in Aruba. When we can't get there, we often escape to Hilton Head or Tybee where we love kayaking. Speaking of kayaking -- we love to kayak when we're at the beach, but have yet to try kayaking on the river. We're hoping that's in our future. We are delighted to be here at St. Catherine's and look forward to getting to know you.

Photos - Mother Sarah's first Sunday at St. Catherine's, June 11 (pictures by Bill Ivey and Bettye Harris)

Seen around St. Cat's

Photos by Jan Potter, Bettye Harris, Phil Spessard, Bill Ivey. See lots more in the albums at Photo Albums.

Beginnings and endings: Pentecost 2017

June 4 was a momentous day, baptizing six new members of the Body of Christ, and saying farewell to our wonderful Interim Rector Father Dean Taylor. See more pictures full-size in the album at Baptisms and Pentecost June 4, 2017

Confirmation with Bishop Wright on June 18

See LOTS more photos full size in the albums Confirmation2017 and


Stephen Ministry "Come & See" lunch on June 25 -- if you're interested in
joining the new class of Stephen Ministers this fall contact David Moore,
Chris Potter, Amy Morris or any of the other Stephen Leaders
MUST Summer Lunch -- we made 1,000 lunches for MUST's
program on TWO different sessions, and it was fun!
Celebrating Independence Day at St. Cat's

Do you know about these ministries?

In our Parish Cycle of Ministries, we celebrate the life and work of these ministries in the upcoming weeks. Please read on to find out about each and consider if you’d like to become involved.

  • July 10-16: Cats on Wheels — This week we celebrate the life and work of Cats On Wheels. If you are old enough to be eligible for an AARP card and have an adventurous spirit, you are invited to join this lively group of active senior adults for monthly lunches and trips to places of interest. To get on the mailing list for all their activities contact Alan Certain, 7404-661-2200,
  • July 17-23: Porch Visitors — This week we celebrate the life and work of our Porch Visitors, part of our Invitation Ministry. Porch Visitors take loaves of bread to the homes of first-time visitors to St. Cat’s within 24 hours of their visit. They go just to the visitor’s porch to leave the bread, tell them we are glad they worshiped with us this week, and hope to see them next week. To find out more about being part of our Invitation ministry please contact Susan Heuke, 678.231.8558,


Hello St. Catherine’s Parishioners!

I wanted to thank you so much for all of the support through donations and purchasing our baked goods for our Odyssey of the Mind Team going to the World Finals Competition in Michigan last month. We raised enough money to cover the majority of the costs for several team members and we appreciate everything you have helped us with. We placed around the middle of the pack (which was great for our first time at Worlds!) and had such a great experience, with your help and prayers guiding us along the way. Again, thank you so much for all of your contributions because they truly helped make the experience one that was once in a lifetime.

Thank you!
Stephanie Gardiner

Dear St. Catherine’s,

Thank you for the ongoing support and prayers and flowers and calls! It has been a long road and you have carried us -- in so many ways! Many thanks for the flowers delivered by Chuck & Linda Shrake. they were beautiful! You are the best church ever!

Carol Eskew and Shelly Ransdell

Jerry and I want to thank the folks at St. Catherine's for all of their prayers, cards and best wishes for his recovery. He is doing amazingly well and we know it has much to do with all the good thoughts and wishes emanating from our wonderful parish!

Thanks again,
Linda Scott

Letters have been received from the following to acknowledge gifts from our parish:

  • From Communities in Schools of Marietta/Cobb County on May 22, for gift of $500.
    "Your continued support is greatly appriciated by the children, families and staff. Thanks so much - Carol Fey, Exectuive Director"


Eagle Scout project will benefit St. Catherine's

My name is Charlie Zimmerman and I am a youth at St. Catherine’s as well as an acolyte and a member of Boy Scout Troop 713. My Eagle Scout project is going to be a meditation pathway in the back of St. Catherine's. I am in need of time and money to get my project completed. My estimate of the project is $1,000 for the materials needed for the project. Remaining proceeds will be donated to St. Catherine’s. Checks may be made payable to Troop 713, and in the memo line Charlie Zimmerman Eagle project. If you have questions my parents' contact is, 404-502-3940. Thank you for anything you can donate.

On Friday, July 7 we will start work at 6pm to 8pm and will have pizza and Gatorade, water, and soda. Anything not completed we will continue working the next day at 8 am. We will be spreading mulch on the pathway. If you can bring shovels and wheelbarrows, please do.

Thank you very much,
Charlie Zimmerman


Epiphany’s Jumble Sale Saturday, July 15

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany’s annual Jumble Sale is Saturday, July 15 from 9 am to 2 pm, at 2089 Ponce de Leon Ave., NE, Atlanta. Toys…books…housewares…furniture… and hundreds of other items, available at great prices! Epiphany is located at 2089 Ponce de Leon Ave. at the corner of Ponce de Leon and East Lake Road, about one mile west of Decatur. The entrance to the parking lot is off of East Lake Road. For information call 404.373.8338 or visit .


MUST Ministries Charity Golf Tournament

Attention St. Cat’s Golfers: come on Monday, September 11 to Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw for a fun-filled day of golf as we raise funds to help your neighbors in need! TWO flights of golf this year – 7:30am registration and breakfast , 9 am start, OR 12 noon registration and lunch, 1:30pm start. Sponsorships available and contests, gift packs and prizes! Single $225, Twosome $450, Foursome $900. See MUST’s Upcoming Events page at for details and registration.


Wellness Tips

  • Walk through water
    Are you looking for a low-impact, high-calorie burning exercise? Try water walking. Walk into waist- to chest-deep water and walk laps! Water walking can be a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness, especially for those with arthritis or joint pain. Start slowly if you are a beginner, or look for a class at an aquatic center in your area. Source: Arthritis Foundation
  • Movie theater popcorn
    Popcorn is a tasty and healthful snack. Three cups of air-popped popcorn has fewer than 100 calories and no fat. But, hold on… we’re not talking about movie theater popcorn. Something to think about when you’re in line at the next show: a small popcorn (about 6-8 cups) at most theaters ranges between 400 and 700 calories, between 20 and 34 grams of saturated fat and has up to 700 milligrams of sodium. This can be almost two days’ worth of saturated fat. The “buttery” topping adds about another 130 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon. Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter


If you have a name to be added to the Prayers please fill out the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin, or contact the church office, 770-971-2839, Names will remain on the Prayer Chain list for one month unless indicated for a longer period.

FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMED SERVICES: Pat McDougald, Tom Blackstock, Josh England, Jake England, Lucas Elgie, Andrew Hutton, Taylor Bacon, Ryan Johnson and Zach Hurley.

FOR OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS: Donald, our president, Nathan, our Governor, members of Congress and this Country.

DECEASED: Craig McHattie, nephew of Ron Cook

BEFORE SURGERY: Brian Williams

THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER: Erica Bernhard, Roberta Loewy, Roger Irwin, Sam Watson, Emily Richardson, Roger Carroll, Darlene Knight, Ann Brazil, Jacqueline Heckel, Jacqueline Warren, Declan F., Dawn Ford, Bob Black, Sheila Lewis, Nancy Stokes, Keira Woodrow, Hale Sanders, Lou Smith, Steve Burkholder, Diane Waller Evans, Marty Rankin, Mary C., Sarah Rice, Debbie Brown, Marti & Cam Graham, Suzanne Gardiner, Ruth Cehelnik, Chubby Rice, Betty Robinson, Jan Pienezza, Wes Woodruff, Mark Pendroid, Jim Raasch, Janice Larkin.

BIRTHDAYS: (7/8) Ellie Paris, (7/10) Alice McGuire, Erica Edwards, (7/11) Rachel Bagby, Bill Ivey, (7/12) Noah Forness, (7/13) Emma Rice, (7/14).

ANNIVERSARIES: Michael & Katja Michael (7/11)

(7/9) Steve, Susan, Mary, Nick & Jennifer Vavra; Thomas, Megan & Samuel Vogt;
(7/16) Jim & Dale Voyles; Charles, Gretchen, Elisabeth, Richard (Foster) & Lexie Walton; Cameron Ward, Melyn Roberson & Audrey Ward.

We love to recognize birthdays and wedding anniversaries for everyone in our parish! We have a year-round calendar to pray for these special dates, send birthday cards, and publish in our bulletin and newsletter. Would you like your birthday or anniversary included in our remembrances? Please send names and dates to us using the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin, or contact the church office.


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Holy Baptism

Date coming up: November 5 (celebration of All Saints). To schedule a baptism please contact the church office for the customary booklet about Holy Baptism and to arrange a date.

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below are the next two weeks of events and activities, correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Saturday, 7/8 Saturday, 7/15


Stephen Leader Meeting

Cats On Wheels Lunch
Private Event
Sunday, 7/9 Sunday, 7/16


Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist


Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist
Women's Extension Dinner

Monday, 7/10 Monday, 7/17

Playball Camp
Men's Book Study
Christian Formation
Boy Scouts


Playball Camp
Kneeler Group
Stephen Ministry
Boy Scouts

Tuesday, 7/11 Tuesday, 7/18


Staff Meeting
CGS Leadership


Bible Study
Staff Meeting
Wednesday, 7/12 Wednesday, 7/19
Executive Committee


Wheel Articles Due

Thursday, 7/13 Thursday, 7/20

Calling & Caring Ministry


Friday, 7/14 Friday, 7/21

Mother Sarah's day off
Amma Susan's day off

Women's Bible Study
A.A. Women’s Meditation


Mother Sarah's day off
Amma Susan's day off

Women's Bible Study
Wedding Rehearsal
A.A. Women’s Meditation

Future planning

Please hold these dates:

  • Saturday, July 22 - Baumann/Kareken Wedding 1:30 pm
  • Sunday, July 23 – Newcomer Coffee 9-10 am; Habitat House Dedication 3 pm
  • Saturday, July 29 – Retirement Celebration for Amma Susan 6 pm
  • Sunday, July 30 – Amma Susan’s Leave-taking Service
  • Saturday, August 5 – Rise Against Hunger (a.k.a. Stop Hunger Now)
  • Sunday, August 6 – Fall/School-year worship schedule begins; College Send-offs; Parish Town Hall meeting 10-11 am
  • Sundays in August: activities for all 10:00-11:00 am (children, youth, adults)
  • Family Promise hosting week - August 6-13
  • Parish Retreat – September 2-4 at Lake Logan, NC


By Youth Director Sally Paris,

-> Youth Calendar online

-> Photo albums

Upcoming Events

July 8 – Youth House priming & painting
July 19 – Kickball
July 29 – Youth House Cleaning Day
August 5 – Diocesan Tubing Trip
August 6 – Worship times change to school-year schedule; Youth activities/Church School 10-11 am


Time for EYE - national Episcopal event

Please pray for all those going to EYE, the Episcopal Church’s international youth event held every three years -- July 11-13 in Oklahoma City, OK! Three St. Cat's youth are going as part of the 16 youth from the Atlanta Diocese.


Diocesan Tubing Trip - Saturday, August 5

Come join over 200 Episcopalians on the rivers of Helen, Ga. This is our third annual Diocesan Tubing Trip that you cannot miss. We spend the day tubing the river, eating good food, and we close it with a Youth Led Liturgy at Church of the Resurrection. Get information and register at .



Beach Trip! June 2-4
Wet but fun at Braves game June 21

Working on the Youth House - we need your help, too!

Wheel schedule:

Next publications:

  • July 21
  • August 4
  • August 18

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