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July 22 - August 4, 2017

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7/23 – Newcomer Coffee;
Habitat House Dedication

7/25 – Elizabeth Inn Laundry Team

7/26 – Elizabeth Inn Breakfast Team

7/28 – Elizabeth Inn Dinner Team

7/29 – Retirement Celebration for Amma Susan

7/30 – One service ONLY at 10:30 am;
Amma Susan’s Leave-taking

8/5 – Rise Against Hunger

8/6 - Fall/School-year worship schedule & Christian Formation begins;
Parish Town Hall

8/6-13 – Family Promise hosting week

See below for complete calendar



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The Good Shepherd and the Child (Catechesis)

For Everything There is a Season — Ecclesiastes 3:1

By Amma Susan

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” As I prepare for my leave-taking service and retirement to follow, these words from Ecclesiastes come to mind. Throughout the seasons of my life, from my mother’s arms to kindergarten, to elementary school, middle and high school, college, marriage, motherhood and ordination, I have known the truth of these words. Now it is time for me to leave the season of active ordained ministry to enter this new season called retirement. The ending of this and each of life’s seasons is a new beginning; everything must end for something new to emerge.

In my 20 years of ordained ministry I have served three churches: assistant rector at Holy Innocents, rector of St. Clare’s, Blairsville, and, with Roy’s advancing dementia, almost 9½ years ago I accepted the call to serve as your associate rector. You welcomed Roy and me into your hearts and your homes, we have stood together on holy ground at bedsides and in hospital rooms, we have worshipped, celebrated and shared tears, and worked and played together in this corner of God’s vineyard we call St. Catherine’s. Thank you for loving me and my family. I am deeply grateful for each of you and our ministry together and will miss you almost beyond the bearing of it. At the same time, I know that my decision to retire is the right one for this season in my life.

When my pastoral relationship with St. Catherine’s ends on July 31st, it will be the beginning of a wonderful and exciting new season in the life of this parish, as you go forward in ministry with Mother Sarah. My retirement brings with it the personal joy of beginning a wonderful and exciting new season in my own life as well. I look forward to the opportunities that retirement will bring for me to be more present to my family, to enjoy leisure activities and open myself to what God is calling me to be in this continuation of life’s journey. Wherever that leads me, know that you will always hold a special place in my heart.

“Life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who journey with us, so be swift to love, make haste to be kind, and go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

Amma Susan+

Coffee & fellowship for Newcomers & Visitors

Sunday, July 23, 9-10 am

Our Summer Newcomer Coffee will be at 9 am in the Parish Hall. Newcomers, visitors, and new or returning church members are invited to this informative gathering for coffee and fellowship and to learn more about our ministries. It is a great opportunity to meet with lay leaders, staff and clergy, and get to know us and get a better understanding of St. Catherine's. Feel free to bring a friend, relative, or neighbor -- all are welcome! Please contact Susan Heuke 678-231-8558 or Anne Hitchins 404-432-6222 for any questions.

Amma Susan retires

Please come and celebrate Amma Susan Johnson's nine years with us and the beginning of her new journey of retirement.

Retirement Dinner & Celebration Saturday, July 29 - Waiting list open

6:00 pm in the Parish Hall. Space is currently full for this evening, so if you do not yet have a ticket please sign up on the waiting list at church this Sunday or contact Marilyn Hunter or Elizabeth Lopez
--> If you have a ticket but won’t be able to attend
, please contact Marilyn or Elizabeth ASAP to give your place to a person on the waiting list. Thank you!


Leave-taking service Sunday, July 30

  • One worship service ONLY — 10:30 am

Parking for this service - We are expecting a large attendance this day, and we request that you consider carpooling if possible. If needed, overflow parking will be available in the East Cobb Middle School parking lot (south of the church on Holt Road).

Parish Retreat - it's for everyone!

Saturday-Monday, September 2-4
Optional extra night: Friday, Sept. 1

Adults, youth, children - singles, couples and families! We really hope you will come to the Parish Retreat this Labor Day weekend at beautiful Lake Logan in North Carolina. There will be an adult program co-led by Mother Sarah and Julie Johnson, and full programs for youth and children hosted by Sally Paris and Jenna Parker. Our Retreat “officially” starts Saturday at lunchtime and goes through noon on Monday. Also, there is an optional Friday night stay if you’d like to come up early and get in an extra day! We’ve built in plenty of free time for hiking, boating, bonfire and fellowship. And this will be great opportunity to get to know Mother Sarah and Mandy a little more in an informal setting. You can see photos and more about Lake Logan at

Hold your place with your $100 deposit -- sign up now at
or on Sundays at church

Pricing for 2 nights Saturday-Monday includes meals: Couple $495 / Adult Single $325 or Shared $250 / Children $40 / Teens $100. Additional cost for the optional Friday night. Payments may be made through on The City (select “Parish Retreat” in the drop-down tab), or by check (please designate for “Parish Retreat” on the memo line). For any questions or information about scholarships please contact Delee Freeman,

For Kids and Youth

Get ready to have an awesome time with the whole family at the Parish Retreat! In addition to fellowship, enjoying the outdoors, and creating family memories, there will be age-appropriate and dynamic programming no matter your age. We are excited to offer both a youth program for sixth through twelfth graders and a children’s program for pre-k through fifth graders to ensure everyone will come away from a great weekend full of fun and formation. Contact Sally Paris for questions about the youth program and Jenna Parker for questions about the children’s program. Also note that youth may attend without a parent (adult chaperones will supervise youth staying in a house together). We are excited to see you there!

Worship schedule changes begin Sunday, August 6

NEW worship times for the school year

Holy Eucharist service times will be changed from previous years! Our new scheudle for begins on Sunday, August 6.

  • 7:45 am - Our early service is a solemn Holy Eucharist without music.
  • 8:45 am - Holy Eucharist, usually a spoken service and including music. Three weeks per month the music is led by our Choristers young persons' choir (beginning September 10) under the guidance of Dr. Jana Williams. Our Jubilate Choir of instrumentalists and singers leads the music once per month.
  • 10:00 am - Church School - see activities and classes below
  • 11:15 am - Choral Holy Eucharist - Our sung Eucharist with the liturgy chanted by the celebrant and choir. This worship service features music by our Chancel Choir (each week beginning September 10) under the guidance of Music Director Dr. Brian Williams accompanied by Organist Dr. Jana Williams.


Christian Formation and Church School for everyone 10-11 am

Beginning August 6 we will have Christian Formation programs and Church School offerings 10-11 am for all age groups. Please see our plan below:

  • Youth - Church School begins August 6
  • Children - See details below! Special formation offerings each Sunday in August, then Catechesis of the Good Shepherd begins September 10.
  • Adults - Special formation offerings each Sunday in August, then Church School classes begin September 10.
    • August 6 - Parish Town Hall with Mother Sarah, Q&A and reflection on her first few weeks with us.
    • August 13 – Ministries “Brunch & Learn” - Hear the "elevator speech" from each of our Ministry Teams about the work each is engaged in at St. Catherine's
    • August 20 - Reflections on the Atlanta diocese's mission trip to Ghana held earlier this year – Diocesan Canon John Thompson-Quarty and our own Janet Livingston will show pictures and video from their trip with Bishop Wright.
    • August 27 - A special intergenerational event, for all ages - watch for announcements
    • September 3 - No Church School due to the Parish Retreat.
    • September 10 - Adult Church School classes begin

Children's Church in August and September

By Jenna Parker

Along with school starting, Church School is about to get ready for children at St. Catherine's as well! We have a lot going on so please be mindful of the dates for children's Church School, ages preschool through 5th grade, at 10:00 am on Sundays this fall. Our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program will not commence until after Labor Day, but we will be busy each Sunday before then! Please let Jenna Parker ( know if you have any questions.

  • August 6 - Meet in the Choir Room at 10:00 am! We will celebrate going back to school and Acolyte Training will be held for the big kids. Children age 8 and older who are interested in being an acolyte are welcome to attend this training, but we will all meet in the Choir Room to get started.
  • August 13 and 20 - We will meet in ithe Choir Room to explore prayer and different ways to talk to God.
  • August 27 - We will all meet in the Parish Hall for an exciting inter-generational event.
  • September 3 - No Church School due to the Parish Retreat.
  • September 10 - "Catechesis of the Good Shepherd" Church School program begins for the school year.

Youth House Expansion work

We're so close to being complete!! Work is ongoing and lots of help is so important now. For more schedule/details contact Fred Massey,


  • Saturday, July 29, 8 am - noon for a major Cleaning Day and installing ceiling tiles.

Photo - 3 Spessards at work on the Youth House (photo by Bill Ivey)

Stephen Ministers new class for fall

Apply by August 1

Stephen Ministry is one-to-one lay caring ministry that equips laypeople to provide confidential, Christ-centered emotional and spiritual care to persons experiencing difficult times such as grief, divorce, job loss, illness, relocation and more. Stephen Ministers receive initial training and then attend continuing education after commissioning. You can learn more about this program at

A class of new Stephen Ministers is being formed now for this fall. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact Chris Potter, 404-376-7430, by August 1.

Ministry Teams Quarterly Meeting

MONDAY, August 7, 7-8:30 pm

All leaders of St. Catherine’s ministry teams and committees, please be sure to have a representative present at this important meeting in the Parish Hall as we prepare for the ministry "Brunch & Learn" on August 13, plus planning for our many fall activities coming very soon! Our purpose is to provide a forum for information exchange between the conveners, staff, clergy, Vestry and all ministry leaders. We’ll also have time allotted for separate ministry team breakout meetings. Anyone who is interested in the ministry work of our church is welcome to attend.

Wednesday Night Live begins August 30

Dinner and programs for all ages!

August 30th kicks off our NEW WNL (Wednesday Night Live) with dinner and programs for children, youth, adults, and even young adults!

  • 6:15-7:00 pm – Rehearsal for Choristers (choir for youth and kids grades 3 – 12); Children’s program for those too young for Choristers; Adult group program with a focus on Parenting.
  • 6:30-7:15 pm - Dinner and worship for everyone.
  • 7:15-8:15 pm – Programs for Youth, Explorers (children grades 3-5), and Adults; Chancel Choir rehearsal (choir for all adults and Youth who are past the level for Choristers) is 7:15-8:30 pm.
  • 8:15-9:30 pm - Young Adults program associated with the Campus Ministry at Kennesaw State University.

We are hoping this is a schedule with offerings that fit everyone in some way. Please come when you can and leave when you must. We want to be able to make this work for your needs.

-> Dinner teams wanted -- We are looking for teams of people to cook/serve/cleanup dinner for WNL one night a month. We will have an easy, set menu to make your planning simple. If you are interested in helping with dinner, please contact Sally Paris, Many hands make light work and we NEED your hands!

Communion wine donations

Our supply of communion wine is getting low. We are fortunate to have parishioners donate our wine either in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, a loved one. If you would like to help, please leave donations in the church office, marked with your name and information for remembrance. We use Taylor Tawny Port. Thank you.

EFM - Educiation for Ministry

Enrolling now, classes begin September 7

By Jan Potter

Have you ever sat and listened while someone “witnessed” about their faith? Does it make you feel a bit squeamish, and maybe guilty, because you think you are just not “getting it”? Talking about how you feel about God can be a challenge – especially for an Episcopalian. Or maybe you were raised on the felt board Jesus and you can’t figure out how to connect the dots to the world today.

Education for Ministry (EFM) is a program out of Sewanee (University of the South) that helps you understand just what you believe and how you can apply it in the world we live in today. The entire program is four years, and you commit to one year at a time. The first year is a very in-depth study of the Old Testament. Maybe you have always wondered why we still have that terrifying Old Testament God who could flood the world when it misbehaved. And, why Noah? Why do we keep those stories? This is not the “whitewashed” if the Bible says it, it must be true version. This is something that looks at everything from a variety of traditions.

The second year is an in-depth study of the New Testament. When was it written? Who wrote it and why? Why were some books written in one language and some in another? Why did Mary get to sit and listen while Martha had to work? Why did one guy get paid as much for one hour and someone who labored all day? And, if the disciples didn’t “get it” – how can I? The third year is all about church history. How did the Episcopal Church come to be? What does it mean inside the history of the whole church? This isn’t the memorize-facts-for-a-test version – this is the full piñata of fascinating information to help you understand just how we got where we are today.The fourth year brings us back to how we translate all these ideas into a living working faith for our time. It includes various stories about how we can connect with our physical world and how we can accept and nurture all peoples.

In addition to looking at the materials, we also set aside a time each week to practice thinking theologically. The very word “theological” can be scary but the theological reflection is a time to look at anything in the world today (or a Bible verse, or a personal experience or belief) and connect that to our own sense of what we believe. It’s a way of understanding why you believe one thing and someone else might not.

EFM is about how we can find our way and make sense out of a sometimes senseless world. We meet once a week (during the school year), usually on Thursday evenings. This is not a “smart people sit around and tell you what to think” kind of class. It is an open forum. It is one of the few places in church where you can say, “I’m not sure I believe that” and not be judged. The program gives you the background to make sense out of what you see and hear all around you and, eventually, to understand why and what you believe.

There is a yearly charge, but there is scholarship money available to defray the cost. We would love to have you join us. We start back on September 7, the first Thursday after Labor Day. Please contact the church office or Chris or Jan Potter ( for more information.


Habitat Dedication Ceremony

Sunday, July 23, 3 pm

Thank you to all of our volunteers who are supporting this year's home we are building as part of Cobb Interfaith Habitat Coalition (CIHC), a consortium of local area churches, mosques, synagogues and companies. Our new homeowner is Ms. Lynch and her family of five children. Everyone is invited to the joyous celebration of the finished house on Dedication Day at 3:00 pm on Sunday, July 23. The house is located at 433 Lee Road in Mableton. For questions please contact Connie Bergeron, 404-819-0891.

Rise Against Hunger - Saturday, August 5

Providing food for hungry kids worldwide

If you have not attended this event before, it is fun for all ages! On Saturday, August 5, join us at 10:30 am in the Parish Hall to help package 10,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger (formerly known to us as Stop Hunger Now), to be distributed to hungry children all over the world. All supplies are provided for us – we just need lots of manpower (measuring rice, adding veggies and vitamins, weighing meal bags, packaging in boxes, etc.). The event will take about 2 hours, depending on our number of volunteers.

Learn more about the program at Looking forward to this wonderful multi-generational outreach event!

Family Promise hosting week August 6-13

Sign up now

By Linda Scott and Barb Selby

Our next week to host Family Promise is Sunday, August 6 through Sunday, August 13. This time our guests will be housed at East Cobb United Methodist Church, August 6-13. This church will host the following week, so the families will not have to move for two weeks which should be better for them. We have the same sign-ups for hosting meals, Evening Hosts and Overnight Hosts -- we'll just be using their facilities instead of ours. East Cobb Methodist is only a few blocks away from St. Cat's at 2325 Roswell Road, it should be easy to get to.

We will need more sign-ups in all categories. Please see Barb Selby or Linda Scott after Sunday services in the next couple of weeks so we'll have a full chart and can let you know any specifics for the alternate location. If you can serve and want to contact us directly, please do so at


-> Family Promise fundraiser at Mountasia – Thursday, July 27

Family Promise of Cobb County will host a summer fun day for men, women, children of all ages, at Mountasia miniature golf, go karts and game room. Mountasia will donate to FPCC 15% of all sales of outdoor attractions on Thursday, July 27, from 12 noon to 10 pm. Mountasia is located at 175 Barrett Pkwy (east of Town Center Mall), Marietta, . Everyone’s invited to come have fun and support FPCC!

Outreach collection through July 31

Stock the ECMS Pantry

During the month of July, our Outreach collection is focusing on stocking the food pantry at East Cobb Middle School. The food pantry at ECMS assists families during tough economic times. The top needs include: canned tuna/chicken, peanut butter, jelly, canned spaghetti/ravioli, dry pasta and sauces, individually wrapped snack foods (chips, crackers, pretzels), canned vegetables and fruits, cereal/oatmeal, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, and gift cards to Walmart, Kroger, or Publix. If giving gift cards please label for “ECMS” and give to an usher or to Becky Adams in the church office. Other items may be brought to the Outreach collection bins across from the Parlor.

Dinners at The Extension Women's Center

The Extension Women's Center is a residential substance abuse recovery center in Marietta housing 20 to 21 ladies. St. Catherine's has provided dinner on the third Sunday of each month for many years. We thank Connie and Ron Bergeron for their long and dedicated leadership of this important outreach of our church. The Outreach Ministry Team is now pleased to announce that Marlene Stuart and Deborah Weigel have graciously agreed to assume coordination of this continuing program. Please watch for sign-up to host these dinners in the coming months -- next opportunity is August 20. We thank you!


College book scholarships awarded

We are so proud of our 2017 rising college freshmen! This year we award 5 college book scholarships to our fine young adults who are headed to college to continue their education:

Alison Adams - attending University of Georgia
Matthew Dirksen - attending Mercer University
Sofi Jones - attending Armstrong State University
Forrest Tuemmler - attending University of Georgia
Nick Vavra - attending Kent State University


Donating to St. Catherine’s Book Scholarship Fund

St. Catherine’s awards college book scholarships each year to our rising college freshman. The Fund began as the Dorothy Hanson Memorial Fund and is funded by individual gifts. To date, we have presented over 130 scholarships. We are able to give small scholarships now but with additional gifts we hope to expand it. We appreciate any and all support of this fund. To donate, please make your check to St. Catherine’s and designate it for "College Book Scholarship Fund" or pay online in The City. Please keep the fund, its purpose and future, and the young people who benefit from it in your prayers.

2017 Diocesan Council delegates appointed

Thank you to Tim Raasch, Mark Singleton, Anne Willcocks, and Stephanie Yucius, and alternate Steve Diffley, who have been appointed by our Vestry to represent St. Catherine's as our lay delegates to the 2017 Atlanta Diocese Annual Council taking place November 10–11 at First Baptist Church, Gainesville. We thank all who volunteered for your service to St. Catherine’s and The Church.

Blood Drive donors prize awarded

As a special thank you to all donors at our June 20 blood drive, the Red Cross offered two Braves game tickets for the July 15 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. A drawing was held, and while the first winner (Molly Banko) was not able to use the tickets, a second drawing awarded them to Mary Gault. A big thank you to all who have responded to the Red Cross's urgent need this summer!

Mark your calendar now for our next Blood Drive: Tuesday, August 22.

Stewardship 365 interviews Mother Sarah

Our Stewardship Committee invited Mother Sarah to respond on a few questions to continue to introduce her more fully to St. Catherine’s. So, read on…!

Welcome to St. Catherine’s! You have been here for a few weeks. What, so far, has most excited or gratified you about our parish? What has most surprised you? What, do you think, might be a challenge?
It has been a pure delight to be here! I love watching kids grow into their faith and develop spiritually, and I think they have a lot to teach us too. So starting my tenure with Vacation Bible School was a great gift to me.
What I find exciting and gratifying and hopeful about St. Catherine’s is her people. From my first interview to the grand welcome on my first Sunday, I have felt a real sense of community, kindness and hospitality at St. Catherine’s. St. Cat’s seems to have an innate ability to create a sacred space that allows people, wherever they are on their journey, to find a space to be known and loved, just for being who they they, just for being as God created them. It’s the kind of space that the world desperately needs now.
The biggest challenge I face right now is learning names! I’m grateful for all those name tags!! Longer term, I think St. Cat’s, like all churches, will have to continue to look at who we are and what the needs of the world around us are and figure out where those places meet.

Tell us about your call to the priesthood.
I have three distinct memories of people approaching me about the priesthood. With each approach, the question seemed less absurd and more like a yearning that deserved time to be considered. I was incredibly fortunate that in my discernment time, I was invited to work in the church as a layperson, serving both as a university chaplain and as a director of Christian formation. These early days of ministry gave me a deep and life-long love for the energy and possibilities that come from shared ministry. Working as part of a ministry team was key in my early formation. I thrived with it, and to this day, I actively seek collaboration and teamwork.
At its core, the priesthood is about being a symbol-bearer, helping to usher the irrational, delightful, ever-flowing love of God that it might be clearly seen in the world. It is about bringing hope and healing. It is about listening deeply and speaking thoughtfully. It is about being an arc, holding hurt and happiness, despair and joy, sorrow and delight all at once. There are times when it feels like I stumbled upon it. And maybe I did. But the ability to stumble is a helpful tool. For in stumbling, the fear of falling dissipates, and we are more able to fully engage with the richness of the creation along the road.

What is the single most important element in your role as rector? What is most essential?
Relationship. Being with people. Meeting people where they are. Listening deeply. A healthy dose of laughter helps, too!

Who are your spiritual role models or mentors?
There are many. Three in particular come to mind. When I was in middle school, we had a woman priest—the first one my church had ever had—who really saw me. She saw a kid whose parents were in the middle of a divorce, she saw a child of God trying grow into her spirituality, she saw me. And she walked with me in ways that had a profound impact on my life, although it’s taken me years to be able to articulate that. So I always think of her first.
I really admire my former bishop, Jeff Lee, the Bishop of Chicago. I love how he navigates the role of pastor and fearless leader. I can remember walking into his office to talk about some important church business and the first thing he asked me was “how is your relationship with Jesus?”. It’s easy in this work to forget to nurture your own spiritual life and your relationship with God—Jeff is good at calling me back to that basic question, reminding me that first and foremost, I am a child of God.
I would be remiss if I didn’t include my father on this list. He was a seeker, always curious about theology, God, and humanity. He loved to argue—our arguments of Scripture are some of my favorite invitations to delve deeper into the heart of the story. And perhaps more than anyone, he introduced to me the notion that the Scripture is alive, and that I am invited into it. I hope I carry that with me always.

How do you approach preaching? How do you keep your sermons fresh, relevant, engaging?
From an early age, I was taught to wrestle with Scripture and given permission to ask questions about it. So I really feel like I have a relationship with Scripture. And this is how I approach preaching. It matters to me that the Scripture comes alive, for if it doesn’t, how are we to invite it into our 21st Century lives? I think my sermons are most relevant and engaging when I give them the time and energy they deserve. I usually do a lot of prep work before I preach—sinking into the Scripture, paying attention to the events in our world, and listening to what’s happening within the local church community. All of these parts swirl around in my head for a while and, usually, the Holy Spirit shows up and then there’s a sermon!

What is your theology of stewardship? What does year-round stewardship mean to you and how can St. Cat's continue to move into a culture of year-round stewardship (Stewardship 365)?
Stewardship, as I understand it, is simply recognizing that all that we are and all that we have is a gift from God, and we have the opportunity, with all of our lives, to respond to that gift. I believe stewardship, in its fullness, is a holy habit and one that invites deeper into the heart of God. If we believe (and I do) that God is generous, and if we believe that we are created in the image and likeness of God, than it surely must be hard-wired in us to be generous. The practice of stewardship calls us back to that place of fearless generosity, it calls us to remember who we are and how we were created.
I am thrilled that St Cat’s is moving into year-round stewardship. So often we reduce stewardship to the annual campaign, but in reality, it’s so much more. For example, this morning I joined with about 50 new friends and we packed 1000 lunches for MUST ministries—lunches that will fill hungry bellies. This is profound stewardship—the offering of our gifts of our bodies, our time, and our love for people we’ve never met. This calls us to remember who we are and who made us. My hope with Stewardship 365 is that we may begin to truly see all the ways that God invites us to be stewards of our church, our community, our faith and our lives.

You currently serve as the Vice President of the Board for TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship). Tell us about TENS. (
TENS seeks to help people live generously. Some of the ways we live into that include some annual campaign materials, as well as resources for thinking about how to talk about our lives and our money. What I think we are best known for is our annual conference. This is where I first fell in love with stewardship—a TENS conference in 2008. It changed my life. There is something powerful about being in a room full of people talking about what it means to live generously, not out of obligation or guilt, but because in doing so, we discover it brings us joy.
I have just started my second term (each term is three years) on the Board of TENS and I’ve served as Vice President of the Board for about 2 years. I love serving with this organization. I have the honor of being in conversation with people who also love the art, habit and theology of stewardship. By the way, The Diocese of Atlanta is a member of TENS, which means that St. Catherine’s too. All of our member resources are available to St. Catherine’s.

What are you currently reading?

I have three books on my bedside table: The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu; a book of poetry by Marie Howe (currently Magdalene, but her poetry books rotate on my table); and The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Phillipp Sendker.

Favorite Restaurant?
Leon’s Full Service or No 246 in Decatur; The Last Resort or The National in Athens; TBD in Marietta (suggestions welcome!).

Atlanta Brave or Chicago Cubs?
I plead the Fifth on that one!

Volunteer Corner: "Where's Fred?"

By Stephanie Yucius

This article is a tribute to Fred Massey. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet Fred, let me tell you a little bit about him. Fred was gifted with a gigantic-sized heart. Although I have not consulted a cardiologist on this, I know it to be true from his actions. One of the locations that Fred has been spotted over the past years is at Elizabeth Inn doing many, many, many loads of laundry for the homeless guests at this shelter. You might have also seen Fred looking all cleaned up as the live auction host at the Valentine Dinner Dance for our youth and their pilgrimage. He can be quite persuasive! Every quarter you will find Fred dressed as a Count or Uncle Sam sharing with us the opportunity to save a life at the blood drive. This is another action that supports my gigantic heart theory!

In the past two years you would have found Fred almost every week sweating it out at the Youth House build. He has led this expansion project with enthusiasm, complete dedication, immense appreciation for those volunteers helping, and truly a love in his heart for our youth program at St. Catherine's.

Fred Massey, we give thanks to God for blessing you with your gigantic heart and for you using it to bless so many others. The completion of the Youth House expansion is in sight. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have and continue to give of their time and pledges to this project.

Interested in finding your purpose for ministry? Contact Pat Pepper, Coordinator of Volunteer Ministry, 770.971.1269 or to get connected!

Seen around St. Cat's

Photos by Bill Ivey. See lots more in the albums at Photo Albums.

Working on the Youth House expansion - so close to the end!!


MUST Summer Lunch - We made 1,000 lunches 2 times
this summer - so quickly and so fun!


Hard at work on Charlie Zimmerman's
Eagle Scout project

Congratulations to Amma Susan on
the birth of her new granddaughter!

Do you know about these ministries?

In our Parish Cycle of Ministries, we celebrate the life and work of these ministries in the upcoming weeks. Please read on to find out about each and consider if you’d like to become involved.

  • July 24-30: Sonshine — This week we celebrate the life and work of our Sonshine Ministry, volunteers who cook and deliver meals to fellow parishioners during a time of special need such as illness, returning from the hospital, new baby and more. To find out more about being part of this ministry please contact Nancy Certain, 678.576.9459,
  • July 31-August 6: Bread Pickup and Delivery — This week we celebrate the life and work of our Bread Pickup and Delivery ministry, volunteers who each week pick up date-expired baked goods from local supermarkets and deliver them to the food bank operations at MUST Ministries or the Center for Family Resources in Marietta. To find out more about being part of this ministry please contact Ron Cook, 770-428-4286..


Thank you to the following who have recently contributed communion wine to our parish:

  • Joyce Carter, in memory of Cyrus F. Carter Jr., and in thanksgiving for our family.
  • Gina Baumann and Jim Kareken, in celebration of their marriage on July 22

Letters have been received from the following to acknowledge gifts from our parish:

  • Habitat for Humanity NW Metro Atlanta on July 13, for monies from sale of Habitat build tshirts .


MUST Ministries Charity Golf Tournament

Attention St. Cat’s Golfers: come on Monday, September 11 to Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw for a fun-filled day of golf as we raise funds to help your neighbors in need! TWO flights of golf this year – 7:30am registration and breakfast , 9 am start, OR 12 noon registration and lunch, 1:30pm start. Sponsorships available and contests, gift packs and prizes! Single $225, Twosome $450, Foursome $900. See MUST’s Upcoming Events page at for details and registration.


England & Scotland Pilgrimage with Church of the Good Shepherd

Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Covington invites all to consider coming with them for “On The Pilgrims' Way: Discovering the Historic Beauty and Rich Tradition of Christianity in the British Isles”, an 11-day pilgrimage and tour of England & Scotland. The trip will be May 30 - June 9, 2018 and will be led by Father Edwin Beckham. Deadlines for early bird discounts on registration are coming up very soon. To see the full details and trip brochure, and for registration please visit .


Wellness Tips

  • Practice safe sun!
    “Slip! Slop! Slap! ® and Wrap” is a catch phrase that the American Cancer Society uses to help you remember to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. These four simple words help us to remember to SLIP on a shirt, SLOP on sunscreen, SLAP on a hat, and WRAP on sunglasses to protect the eyes and sensitive skin around them. Select sunscreen with broad spectrum protection (against UVA and UVB rays) and a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Re-apply often. Source: American Cancer Society
  • Preventing elder abuse
    The fastest growing segment of the American population is those ages 85 and older. Many elders are vulnerable adults and sadly, research shows that one in 10 become victims of financial, emotional and/or physical abuse. It is important for loved ones to be able to identify possible signs of elder abuse and to know how to report them. To learn more about elder abuse and available resources, visit the National Center on Elder Abuse at Source: National Center on Elder Abuse, Administration on Aging


If you have a name to be added to the Prayers please fill out the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin, or contact the church office, 770-971-2839, Names will remain on the Prayer Chain list for one month unless indicated for a longer period.

ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMED SERVICES: Pat McDougald, Tom Blackstock, Josh England, Jake England, Lucas Elgie, Andrew Hutton, Taylor Bacon, Ryan Johnson and Zach Hurley.

OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS: Donald, our president, Nathan, our Governor, members of Congress and this Country.

DECEASED: Linda Thompson, friend of Harry Tear

THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER: Chase Blanton, Brian Williams, Emily Mikkelsen, Rick Sullens, Anna Klaiss, Dot Lacy, KJ Rosynek, Stacy Willingham, Stephen Burd, Pat Hazlin, Charlie Zimmerman, Erica Bernhard, Roger Irwin, Sam Watson, Emily Richardson, Roger Carroll, Darlene Knight, Ann Brazil, Declan F., Dawn Ford, Bob Black, Sheila Lewis, Nancy Stokes, Keira Woodrow, Hale Sanders, Steve Burkholder, Marty Rankin, Marti Graham, Suzanne Gardiner, Chubby Rice, Betty Robinson, Jan Pienezza, Wes Woodruff, Jim Raasch, Janice Larkin.

BIRTHDAYS: (7/23) Nelson Gale, (7/24) Greyson LaGarde, Margaret McDouglad, Luke Fleming, (7/26) Amma Susan Johnson, Jan Potter, Susanne Muckerman, (7/28) Corry Sandlin, Joanne Foster, Pierce Hale, (7/30) Arlen White, Shirley Day, Maureen Donoghue, Scott Lummus, Wes Wilson, James Davis, (8/1) Mary Alice Barrington, (8/2) Dave Daniels, Laurie Dirksen, Rebekah Fontenot, Matthew Dirksen, (8/3) Elisabeth Walton.

ANNIVERSARIES: Michael & Rebecah Devault (7/27)

(7/23) Anne Whittle; Anne Willcocks; Brian & Jana Williams; Margaret & Anthony Wilson; Wes, Wendy, Duncan, Erin, & Brenna Wilson.
(7/30) Steve & Rosemary Wolfe; Bill Woods; David, Missy, Penn & Shep Worden; David, Stephanie, Riley & Danielle Yucius; Chuck, Michelle, Charlie & Madeline Zimmerman.

We love to recognize birthdays and wedding anniversaries for everyone in our parish! We have a year-round calendar to pray for these special dates, send birthday cards, and publish in our bulletin and newsletter. Would you like your birthday or anniversary included in our remembrances? Please send names and dates to us using the Volunteer Opportunities form in your bulletin, or contact the church office.


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Holy Baptism

Date coming up: November 5 (celebration of All Saints). To schedule a baptism please contact the church office for the customary booklet about Holy Baptism and to arrange a date.

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below are the next two weeks of events and activities, correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Saturday, 7/22 Saturday, 7/29


Baumann/Kareken Wedding

Amma Susan Retirement Dinner
Sunday, 7/23 Sunday, 7/30


Holy Eucharist
Newcomer Coffee
Holy Eucharist
Habitat Dedication Ceremony
Journey Reunion @Amma Susan's


Amma Susan's Leave-Taking
Holy Eucharist - 1 Service ONLY

Monday, 7/24 Monday, 7/31

Youth Ministry
Boy Scouts


Boy Scouts

Tuesday, 7/25 Tuesday, 8/1


Bible Study
Staff Meeting
Executive Committee
MUST Laundry Team
Family Promise Group


Bible Study
Staff Meeting
Family Promise Housing Committee
Wednesday, 7/26 Wednesday, 8/2
MUST Breakfast Team
Staff Lunch


Wheel Articles Due

Thursday, 7/27 Thursday, 8/3

Calling & Caring Ministry


Friday, 7/28 Friday, 8/4

Mother Sarah's day off
Amma Susan's day off

Women's Bible Study
Elizabeth Inn Dinner Team
A.A. Women’s Meditation


Mother Sarah's day off
Women's Bible Study
A.A. Women’s Meditation

Future planning

Please hold these dates:

  • Saturday, July 29 – Retirement Celebration for Amma Susan 6 pm
  • Sunday, July 30 – ONE SERVICE ONLY at 10:30 am - Amma Susan’s Leave-taking
  • Saturday, August 5 – Rise Against Hunger (aka Stop Hunger Now)
  • Sunday, August 6 – CHANGE to NEW Fall/School-year worship schedule: H.E. at 7:45 am, 8:45 am, 11:15 am and Christian Formation 10-11 am;
    “Blessing of the Backpacks” at 8:45 am service;
    Parish Town Hall meeting 10-11 am;
    Youth Church School begins
  • Family Promise hosting week - August 6-13
  • Monday, August 7 - Ministry Teams Quarterly meeting, 7-8:30 pm
  • Sunday, August 13 – Ministries “Brunch & Learn” 10-11 am
  • Sunday, August 20 - Program on Diocese’s Ghana Mission Trip 10-11 am
  • Sunday, August 27 – Intergenerational program 10-11 am for all ages
  • Wed., August 30 – Wednesday Night Live begins - dinner & programs for all ages; Choristers and Chancel Choir rehearsals begin
  • Parish Retreat – September 2-4 at Lake Logan, NC
  • Sunday, September 10 – “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” Church School begins for children;
    Adult Church School classes begin


By Youth Director Sally Paris,

-> Youth Calendar online

-> Photo albums

Upcoming Events

July 29 – Youth House Cleaning Day
August 5 - Rise Against Hunger; Diocesan Tubing Trip
August 6 - Worship times change to school-year schedule + First Day of Church School
       New schedule: 7:45, 8:45, 11:15 am / Church School 10 am
       10-11 am - Church School and Acolyte Training
       1:00pm - Rite 13 Parent Meeting (6th & 7th grade)
       2:30pm - J2A & YA Parent Meeting (8th -11th grade)
September 1-3 - Parish Retreat


Rafting trip - Saturday, August 26

The Youth Mentoring program is sponsoring a summer rafting trip! Join us for a day of paddling fun! Cost is $35 per person. Pack a lunch to raft with. If you are interested, Please email Sally ASAP! You do not have to be part of the mentoring program to participate.


At EYE - Episcopal Youth Event

EYE, the Episcopal Church’s international youth event held every three years, was July 11-13 in Oklahoma City, OK! Owen Snape was one of the three St. Cat's youth who attended along with Youth Director Sally, and below is his reflection on his experience:

EYE was one of the best weeks of my life. I had just gone to my first Happening a couple months prior, so I knew many of the youth attending. When we first arrived, I met others from Guam, Haiti, and many other states. It amazed me how far some people had come to this event, and it made me realize how special EYE really is. As the week progressed, it became obvious that everyone I met was so different and had their own stories to tell. The most memorable part of the week was during Oklahoma City day. We had traveled to different museums and the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial, enjoyed the Red Dirt Carnival, and had all gathered back at the memorial for Compline. The whole service was so deep and full of love, and the place we were worshipping made the service ever more special. I remember as the sermon started, I began to look around past the memorial. I saw the beautiful painted sunset behind a building, the lights on top of the skyscrapers, and then I looked up at the sky. I laid down on my back and gazed at the stars while listening to the incredible sermon. For some reason, that sky made me feel so small and insignificant, and it was humbling. Never before had I felt this sensation, and all along the ride back to campus I thought about how I wanted to just lay there forever. I could feel God that night enveloping all of us with a starry, pitch-black silhouette. I will forever remember how much love saturated the air during that special, special service.


Diocesan Tubing Trip - Saturday, August 5

Come join over 200 Episcopalians on the rivers of Helen, Ga. This is our third annual Diocesan Tubing Trip that you cannot miss. We spend the day tubing the river, eating good food, and we close it with a Youth Led Liturgy at Church of the Resurrection. Get information and register at .

Wheel schedule:

Next publications:

  • August 4
  • August 18
  • September 8

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