The people of St. Catherine's seek
to share in the love that Jesus Christ
has for us and the world by
welcoming, accepting, nurturing,
and serving all people through
the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Newsletter of
St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia
January 11 - 24, 2019

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1/12-13 – Rite 13 Urban Plunge

1/12 – Chili Cookoff

1/13 - Concert: Lopez-Tabor Duo

1/19 – Cats On Wheels lunch @ Frankie’s

1/20-1/27 – Family Promise Hosting Week

1/20 - Holy Eucharist 7:45 & 10:30 am;
Christian Formation 9:00 am;
Vestry Election;
Parish Annual Meeting;
The Extension dinner

1/21 - MLK Holiday;
Office & Preschool closed

1/22 - Elizabeth Inn Laundry Team

1/23 - Elizabeth Inn Breakfast Team

1/28 - Elizabeth Inn Dinner Team

1/30 - Elizabeth Inn Laundry Team

See below for complete calendar



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The Good Shepherd and the Child (Catechesis)

Grace Upon Grace

The Rev. Sarah K. Fisher

Good people of St. Cat’s:

Happy New Year! Thank you to each and every one of you for wonderful Christmas and Epiphany Celebrations. They felt full of hope and joy. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

These are a few of my favorite images from the seasons.

The All Y’all Come Christmas Pageant (photo by Jan Potter)

Richard Pearson made signs to help guide our pageant (Photo by Jan Potter)

The Midnight Mass Crew (photo by Frankie Bowden)

The Three Maji came to visit (photo by Daniel Mikkelsen)

Our newest choir, the Cherub Choir, leads us in worship, singing the Offertory Anthem (photo by Jan Potter)

I am delighted to tell you that beginning this month we will be welcoming a seminarian to St. Catherine’s for field placement. Seminarians (those studying for the priesthood) typically train in a parish for a year or so. In a parish they learn some of the basics of parish ministry and life—preaching, teaching, pastoral calls and other functions that priests need to have experienced. Gray Hodsdon will join us, and you can meet him at the Annual Meeting. Gray and his fiancée Catie have been at St. Catherine’s several times, and I am delighted to have him train with us. You can read his bio below.

Finally, I do hope you’ll join us at the Annual Meeting. It’s a wonderful time to be together to celebrate all the ministries and community of St. Catherine’s. We’ll do some business, eat some delicious food, hear from our newest choir, the Cherubs, elect new vestry members and say thank you to our outgoing vestry. It will be richer with you in the room.

It remains a joy and honor to be part of this life-giving community. I love this journey we are on together.

With gratitude and love,


Meet Gray!

Gray Hodsdon is a second year (middler) seminarian at the School of Theology at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. Prior to seminary, Gray attended Florida State University, where he studied Religion and Sacred Music. While there, he also became actively involved at the Episcopal University Center and at St. John’s Church in Tallahassee, where he discerned a call to ordained ministry.

Gray met his fiancée, Catie Richardson, at the Episcopal University Center at Florida State. Catie resides in Atlanta and is currently in her first year of Physician Assistant school at Emory. They will be married in Tallahassee in December of this year.

Annual Meeting 2019

Annual reports due January 11

The Rev. Sarah K. Fisher

Reports for the Annual Meeting are due on January 11. This year we are trying something a little different. We are asking Ministry Conveners and Ministry Team chairs to help us better tell the story of St. Catherine’s, as realized through our vibrant ministries. This year, we are asking for your ministry reports in a very specific way. Below you will find a link to an online form (our preferred method) or you can print and bring your responses to the office. Each team is invited to answer the three questions below and submit, if you’d like, a picture that you think captures your ministry. We know it’s hard to pick just one, but ask that you try. We are excited to hear about where we’ve been and where we’re going!! Here is the link -- ideally, please use this! And note that answers are limited to 1600 characters, about 300 words.

The Questions (please limit your response to each question to 300 words):

  1. Tell of a time or experience where you felt your ministry or ministry team really shined! Or tell a story of how your ministry or ministry team made a significant impact this year.
  2. What are your hopes and plans for this ministry in 2019?
  3. Are there folks who deserve special thanks for their work in this ministry?

Vestry election is January 20

We will elect four new Vestry members for 2019 from the following slate of candidates. The election will be held during the two services (7:45 and 10:30 am) on January 20, the day of our Parish Annual Meeting. You must be present at the service to cast a ballot. If a runoff is necessary, it will be held during the Annual Meeting. Our new vestry members will be announced at the end of the Annual Meeting. For questions please contact Senior Warden Stephanie Yucius.

We are very thankful for the service of our members who have represented us on the Vestry this year. Our Vestry for 2018: Stephanie Yucius, Sr. Warden *, Keith Dumke, Jr. Warden (‘20), Frank Adams *, Maureen Donoghue (‘20) , Carol Eskew (’19), Nelson Gale (’19), Marilyn Hunter *, Rhonda Robinson (‘20), Diane Sanders (’19), Bill Sapp (’20) , Phil Spessard *, Michael Wherry (’19)
(* denotes retiring members).

Candidates for Vestry

Susie Davis

Years at St. Catherine’s: 11
Activities, positions held at St. Catherine’s—Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Levels I and II, VBS volunteer, volunteer for Choristers as well as Jubilate, flower guild, and served as part of the Nominating Committee (Mother Sarah).
Occupation: Circus Ringmaster, Shuttle Driver, Peacekeeper, Referee, Humble Servant.
Biographical Information—As a life-long Episcopalian, I find that my church has frequently served as the backdrop for many of the experiences and activities that have shaped who I am today. It has been my framework for growth and meaning at many important times. As a young girl, my happiest memories were singing in church choir and as a middle schooler, EYC helped keep my little adolescent boat afloat. Later, Sewanee, Tennessee captured my attention for four years of college, giving not only the gift of a diploma, but also creating connections and relationships which would shape a large portion of my young adult life. Time and again the Episcopal church has added direction to my trajectory. It has been a safe-haven for me to learn new skills, meet new people, ask important questions, and witness people of faith doing what they do best – spreading the Good News. The last 11 years at St. Catherine’s have been no different. This church has been the backdrop for our lives as a young family, and it will help guide us as our children become youth of the church. Serving on the Vestry would be yet another opportunity for me to grow, develop, and learn. As a member of the Nominating Committee, I got a taste of what it is like to think in terms of the “big picture”, to have conversations about what matters to our congregation and above all, to listen for God’s voice in his plan for our parish. Thanks to this work, I gained a good understanding of the role of Vestry members, and what they mean to the daily work of St. Catherine’s. It would be a pleasure to serve this church as a member of the Vestry.

Sara Thomas

Years at St. Catherine’s: 6
Activities, positions held at St. Catherine’s—
VBS station leader 2015, VBS Youth trainer 2016-2018, 6th grade Christian Formation teacher 2015-2016, Level III CGS assistant, leader of Welcome, Accept, Nurture & Serving class, Invite Welcome Connect team, , Outreach participant for Holy Comforter, Family Promise meals, MUST Lunches, The Extension.
Occupation—former scientists, science teacher
Current mother of Milo (9) & Sullivan (5)
Biographical Information—I am the adult daughter of a Methodist Preacher, a published scientists, and former teacher, mother to Milo and Sullivan, and wife of a church-averse, but wonderful attorney named Kevin.
The vestry is exciting to me because I grew up knowing the inner workings of the church. I like watching the pieces come together, and I like being part of the decision-making. I have a lot of ideas! I also truly admire the St. Cat’s vestry and want to know them.
I’m an idea person, what can I say? I see the big picture, and often identify a path from A to B that other people have missed. I am invigorated by other people’s gifts and ideas and I love working in a team. I especially thrive in situations where many passionate people are problem solving together.

Lisa Johnston

Years at St. Catherine’s: 16
Activities, positions held at St. Catherine’s—Outreach: Calling and Caring, the Concert Committee and Friends of Music, volunteer with Family Promise, serving MUST Ministries and Elizabeth Inn, Communities in Schools at Sawyer Elementary School, and helping with events such as the annual Holy Comforter BBQ and Bingo Party, and I contribute to Lent & Advent Reflections.
Occupation—Occupation: Corporate and marketing communications professional (retired)
Biographical Information—I would bring more than 40 years of business communications expertise to our vestry, including managing staff and working on teams, departmental responsibility for budgets, hire/fire, meeting deadlines, and assisting CEOs and HR with crafting core messages and crisis communications. I’m a former manager at The Coca-Cola Company and also operated my own successful consulting firm for over a decade, serving most of Atlanta’s top Fortune 500 companies. Most recently as associate director and senior editor, I prepared research reports and developed print/Web content for the Southern Regional Education Board, a leading nonprofit that informs governors and legislators in 16 states on ways to improve public education. Educating our youth and helping the underserved are key passions of mine. I’ve been happily married for decades and enjoy travel, activities with my nieces/nephews, nature and photography. Since my husband, Mike, supports but doesn’t share my denomination, I work doubly hard to be part of the St. Cat’s family. I would be very honored to serve on the vestry.

Eleanore Pearson

Years at St. Catherine’s: 12
Activities, positions held at St. Catherine’s—Co-Volunteer Coordinator of Family Promise; Co-Chair of Fellowship; Flower Guild; Volunteer for VBS & Family Promise; Mentor for Youth Mentoring; Monday book study; Greeter; Convener of Pastoral Care Ministry; Women’s Retreats & Parish Retreats.
Occupation—Retired legal secretary. Sub paraprofessional for Cobb County.
Biographical Information—Richard and I have been married for 56 years. We have three children and 5 grandchildren. I enjoy traveling, reading & playing bridge.
I am a cradle Episcopalian. I hope to be able to prayerfully address concerns of all ages of our community & congregation with an open minded Christian heart.

Jason Snape

Years at St. Catherine’s: 16
Previous Service: Preschool board (parent), Rite-13 leader, Youth Mentoring, Facilities Committee, Holy Conversations, Marriage Journey, Discernment Committee (Amelia Arthur), Nominating Committee (Mother Sarah), Youth House and Habitat (build volunteer), Advent & Lenten reflections, Stewardship Sermon (with Sue), Design & Artwork: Christmas Art Market, Vacation Bible School, 50th Anniversary Gala, Youth Valentine’s Dinner Dance, Stewardship 365, J2A Youth, EYC, The Great Oak Fund, Diocesan Council, St. Catherine’s Postcards, Baptismal Certificates
Occupation: Graphic designer &, illustrator; fulltime Lecturer at Georgia State University; Head of Graphic Design BFA Program.
Biographical Information—Sue and I began coming to St. Catherine’s in 2002, when Owen was born. You have fed us profoundly in these years, giving us love and support, guidance and forgiveness. I left my design career of 10+ years to be home with Owen and Eva until kindergarten, and St. Catherine’s was instrumental in my transformation into both a teacher and an artist. From all of you, I have learned about faith, trust, prayer, patience, leadership, consensus, grace, hospitality, and openness. You have also taught me how to listen, and how to adjust to loss, conflict, disappointment, frustration, fear, and change. One of my biggest dreams and endeavors is to make a career of creating children’s books.

Bill Krupp

Years at St. Catherine’s: 26
Activities, positions held at St. Catherine’s—Vestry, Jr. Warden, Sr. Warden (2yr), Lay Reader, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Stephen Minister, Finance Committee, Great oak Commission, Men’s Bible Study, and Book club.
With Elaine, co-presenter in Education for Ministry and Episcopal Marriage Encounter.
Occupation—Spent 41 yrs in aerospace industry performing research in materials science and management. Retired in 2006 as Director of Test & Evaluation for Lockheed.
Biographical Information—Widower, after 53 yr love affair with wife Elaine Krupp. Two children, three grandchildren, and one great grandchild.
Talented at organizing, planning and budgetary activities. Blessed at finding a spiritual community of love, acceptance, and growth at St. Catherine’s. Honored to even be nominated for another vestry term. Hope to bring viewpoint of someone close to the end of the runway.

Beth Lee

Years at St. Catherine’s: 16
Activities, positions held at St. Catherine’s—
Fellowship committee, Journey Sponsor, Youth Mentor
Occupation: Kindergarten Paraprofessional at Sope Creek Elementary for 18 years
Biographical Information—For the past 10 years I have loved St. Catherine’s and been honored to call it home. My greatest joys are my husband, Bill, of 36 years, my three adult children and my two precious grandchildren. During my time at St Catherine’s I have had the pleasure of watching and learning. It is now time for me to offer my gifts of love, openness, honesty and loyalty to the this wonderful congregation.


Reminder: Check your check in the New Year

Now is a good time to make sure your new 2019 donations amounts are reflected in your payments this year. Do you pay your St. Catherine’s pledge online with The City or via your bank’s bill-pay feature? Remember to adjust any automatic pledge or other payment amounts to reflect your 2019 amount. Thank you from your Stewardship Team!


Pledge cards for 2019 needed now

Thank you so much to all those who have pledged to the mission and ministries of St. Catherine's for the coming year! We still are looking for all households/individuals who pledged last year, and all new members, to pledge this year. Please keep in mind that we set our balanced annual budget based on the pledges received, so EVERY pledge is VERY IMPORTANT now as we are developing our budget for 2019. If you will not able to pledge, then please do let us know that, all such information is in confidence. If you have not yet done so, please pick up a pledge card at church or print our online pledge card, then return your card at church on Sunday or send to Rose Wolfe in the church office as soon as possible.

Wade in the Water

Baptismal preparation class begins Sunday, January 13

What is baptism? Who should be baptized? Does baptism actually do anything? What difference does our baptism make in our lives? These are the questions we'll be considering in our four week series Wade in the Water. While this series is open to all, is it designed with special intent for parents and Godparents who are considering having their children baptized. The next date for Baptism is Sunday, February 24. Baptisms will also be offered in Easter season. If you would like for your child to be baptized in February or in Easter season, please attend this class, which begins on Sunday, January 13th. We will meet at 10:00 am, during the Christian Formation hour, on January 13, 20, 27 and February 10. For more information, please contact Mother Sarah . (Photo credit: Jan Potter).

Time for a Chili Cookoff!

Saturday, January 12

Plan to cook and judge the best chili from St. Catherine's, 4:30 to 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall! Bring yourselves and some chili or chili toppings. Water and lemonade will be provided. Children can play, all can taste, eat and vote (to win coveted prizes)! How can you participate?

  • Make your famous chili OR bring favorite toppings (cheese, corn chips, onions, sour cream, etc.)
  • Come, eat, meet, and vote!

Please sign up on our form if you will attend. All ages are invited to this event, hosted for everyone by our Young Families Ministry. Questions? Ask Becky Beal.

The Lopez-Tabor Duo: "From Beethoven to Latin America"

Sunday, January 13, 4 pm

St. Catherine’s Friends of Music will present The Lopez-Tabor Duo as a Sunday afternoon concert on January 13 at 4:00 pm. This Venezuelan duo returns for their second appearance at St. Catherine’s. Alfonso Lopez, violin, is the concert master of the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra; Michelle Tabor, piano, was born in Venezuela and educated in the United States. She lives in Tallahassee, FL. They have performed together since 2004. Their recitals have taken place in American colleges, universities, churches, and community centers.

This will be the second in St. Catherine’s seventh annual concert series which is free and open to the public. Please take this opportunity to introduce your friends and neighbors to St. Catherine’s Concert Series. Our programs always feature comments by the perfomers, and everyone is invited to a reception afterwards to meet the artists. For future concerts check our Concert Series webpage.

--> Reception cookies requested -- Donations of cookies for the reception are greatly appreciated, please bring to the foyer before the concert or leave them in the kitchen clearly labeled for “Concert Series”.

Safeguarding training

Saturday, January 12 at St. Patrick's

Safeguarding training sessions will be held on January 12 at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 4755 North Peachtree Road, Dunwoody, . The times are Safeguarding God's Children 9:00 am- 12:00 noon, and Safeguarding God's People 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Please register for either or both trainings by contacting Cowen Harter, .

The Diocese of Atlanta requires Safeguarding training of clergy, staff, vestry and many volunteers to protect children and youth from abuse and adults from sexual exploitation and sexual harassment. For information please visit Safe Church.

Change to Karolyn's Retirement Party

It appears we had picked a marvelously terrible time for a party. So we're changing our plans. Our party to bid Karolyn Olliffe farewell as Preschool Director has changed from a parish-wide gathering on January 11 to a private, off-site event. But fear not! Karolyn will still be around St. Cat's on Sundays, so you'll have plenty of ways to connect with her!

Sundays and Wednesdays in Epiphany

"It's time..."

An offering for Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings from the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE). "So much of our stress and anxiety drives from our pollution of time. God has given us the gift of time, and called it holy, yet we often experience time as a curse. In a series of short videos, the Brothers of SSJE invite us to recapture time as a gift." During Epiphany we will offer an adult formation class on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings using the "It's Time..." curriculum from SSJE. You are invited to participate in any way that works for you.

Join us on Sunday mornings during the Christian Formation hour or on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm to be part of this conversation! All are welcome (and we'll even feed you dinner on Wednesday nights!) For more information, please contact Mother Sarah.

Cats On Wheels

Saturday, January 19 lunch at Frankie's

Our next odd-month, pay-your-own lunch will be Saturday, January 19, 11:30 am at Frankie's Italian Restaurant, 3100 Roswell Road (at Old Canton Rd), 770-578-6608. RSVP so we can save you a seat, to Alan Certain,, 404-661-2200.

Cats On Wheels is our fellowship group for active senior adults and we welcome you! If you are old enough to be eligible for an AARP card (though no card is needed!) and have an adventurous spirit, you are invited to join this lively group of folks with life experiences for monthly lunches and outings to places of interest throughout the year. What we plan to do coming up:

  • Saturday, February 16 Alliance Theater - Ever After (musical)
  • Saturday, March 16 Keegan's Irish Pub, 1625 Ridenhour Blvd, Kennesaw
  • Saturday, April 27 Little White House - Warm Springs
  • Saturday, May 18 Yeero Greek, 4751 Sandy Plains
  • Saturday, June 15 Movie Tavern, 4651 Woodstock Rd, Roswell

Valentine Dinner Dance & Auction         

Saturday, February 9

It's time to mark your calendar for the next Valentine's Dinner Dance. This fun evening to benefit the J2A Youth Pilgrimage will be Saturday February 9. Watch for ticket sales beginning soon!

Auction items being accepted now

Auction items are being accepted now. Please consider donating items, services, vacation homes, event tickets, etc. for the live and silent auctions. Donations are tax deductible and forms are available outside Youth Director Sally Benton's office (contact her with questions).

Young Families Sock Hop is coming!

Sunday, February 10

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, teenagers had dances in the gym after basketball games. They couldn't wear their shoes because the floor was a protected area, and thus the Sock Hop was begun!

Come experience our free, fun-for-all-ages event, 4:00-5:30 pm in the Parish Hall. We will have a juke box to spin your favorites. Dress in 50’s attire if you wish, and bring kid-friendly appetizers to share. Everyone is invited to this event sponsored by the Young Families Ministry! For questions please contact Becky Beal.

Flowers and Candles

Our church flowers and altar candles are entirely supported only by your direct sponsorship of these ministries and we thank you! The 2019 schedule is available in the foyer to sign up to dedicate altar flowers or candles in memory of thanksgiving for a loved one. Note that sponsorship of any date is not limited to one or two persons, please choose the date(s) which apply to the persons or occasions you wish, and you may also partner with others to sponsor a date.

Flowers are $60 per vase and candles are $20 each. For more information please contact Rachel Hutton.

Make music with us this year - Join Choir

St. Catherine’s has a variety of music ensembles which are open to everyone with no auditions. Now is a great time to join in as we start the new year and begin preparations for the seasons of Lent and Easter. Please come and try us out!

  • Chancel Choir — Adults, and youth past the age for Choristers, please join us. Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 7:15-8:30 pm, and we meet at 10:30 am on Sundays to prepare for the 11:15 am service. Sight-reading ability, while helpful, is not required. For information contact Director of Music Dr. Brian Williams, 678.461.9656, or speak to any Chancel Choir member.
  • Choristers — Boys and girls in grades 3-12 are welcome to join the Choristers for the spring term. We lead music September through May at the 8:45 am service. Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 6:15-7:00 pm. For information contact Choristers Director Dr. Jana Williams, 678.461.9656.
  • Cherub Choir — Our newest group for our youngest members, this choir is for children in grades K-2 and is directed by Judy Guard. Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 5:00-5:30 pm. For information contact Becky Beal, 770-971-2839.

Time for Preschool registration

St. Catherine’s Preschool: Cherishing Childhood — Valuing Education

Preschool registration for the 2019-2020 school year is here! As always, we appreciate you referring friends and neighbors to our quality program serving East Cobb for over 40 years.

  • Registration is now in progress for current students.
  • St. Catherine's church members not currently enrolled may register Monday, January 28.
  • Open House for everyone is Thursday, January 31 at 10:00 am to noon.
  • Registration for the general public will begin on January 31 and continue every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the month of February and until all spots are filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • Tours are available every Wednesday and Thursday beginning January 16, 10 am - noon, no appointment needed.

St. Catherine’s Preschool, a ministry of St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, reaches out to our community and offers premier preschool/child development. Children enjoy a planned learning program under the guidance of a qualified staff in a loving, safe, and healthy environment. One year olds are nurtured in a loving environment while our two, three and four year olds enjoy a planned academic program. All children are welcome, within the age guidelines, regardless of race, national origin, or religious preference. Please visit the Preschool's website for more information on our wonderful offerings.


January Outreach collection: for women of The Extension

Just like all of us, cold and flu season hits The Women's Extension hard every year. Living in close quarters and not having the option of missing work is a challenge for the women. The small items that we take for granted in our lives are a luxury for them. Beginning in January, please consider donating the following items:

Kleenex and tissues, cough drops, lip balm
Chewable vitamin C, Airbourne, Emergen C Immune
Herbal teas (echinacea, peppermint, lavender, anything caffeine-free), honey

Please bring your items to the collection bins which will be at the Outreach table across from the Parlor from January 6 to 20.

The Extension is a non-profit, community-supported organization serving Cobb County and the Atlanta area with both a men’s facility and a women’s facility in Marietta which provide addiction recovery services through a comprehensive Residential Recovery Program, outpatient counseling and various outreach initiatives. St. Catherine's volunteers provide dinner for the residents of the Women's Center on the third Sunday each month. Anyone is welcome to join us in this outreach ministry. For questions or suggestions please contact Marlene Stuart,, and Deborah Weigel,

Snack Buddies gathering on January 27

When: Sunday, January 27 at 12:30 pm
Where: Parish Hall
What: Pizza, games, and to decorate and pack our snack bags for the children in grades K-2 at one of our neighborhood schools.

Snack Buddies is a ministry of Young Families and MOPS. All children are inviteded to please bring wrapped and nut-free school snacks by Sunday, January 27 and put them in the bin in the Catechesis hallway.

Last month we took snacks to teachers of children kindergarten through second grade in a local school where little children often do not have a snack! We also took some classroom supplies and chocolate to these teachers who often purchase snacks themselves! Our children decorated the bags and divided the snacks. Contact Susie Davis,, Sara Thomas,, or Becky Beal with questions!

MUST Dinner in December

A huge thank you to the Pyburn family and the Masseys for coordinating and supplying the monthly dinner for our guests at Elizabeth Inn on December 28. It was delicious with hamburgers, Southwest veggie burgers and hot dogs, cottage potatoes covered in olive oil and parmesan cheese, baked beans and black beans. Dessert featured peaches and sponge cake and nearly everyone came back for seconds. We fed between 50-60 people. Those participating included Harriett and Steve Pyburn, Bryce, Jennifer and Fred Massey, Bettye Harris, Tanya Bowers-Dean and Janet Livingston. And extra appreciation to Harriett who also coordinated and helped serve breakfast the previous morning at Elizabeth Inn! (Photo by Fred Massey)

Would you like to help serve our neighbors in need right here in our Marietta community? St. Catherine's volunteers serve meals and help with laundry every month year-round for the guests at MUST Ministries' Elizabeth Inn overnight shelter on Cobb Parkway in Marietta. See information online about the Inn and the Loaves and Fishes Kitchen.

  • Laundry Team — the fourth Tuesday (AND fifth Wednesday when there is one) of every month. For information contact Dave Yucius, 678.560.0456,
  • Breakfast Team — the fourth Wednesday of every month. Volunteers provide food, cook & serve. For information contact Audrey Nesbitt,
  • Dinner Team — the 28th of every month. Volunteers provide food and/or cook & serve. For information contact Connie Bergeron,, 404-819-0891 or Tracy Buckalew,

Thank you letter from Family Promise

December 2018
Dear [St. Catherine’s],

Thank you for keeping St. Catherine's door open to the families from Family Promise that need shelter, meals and caring fellowship from your members. FPCC absolutely could not do what we do without congregations like yours which support us. We've just completed 5 years of serving families in our community caught in homelessness and we are thankful that we'll be able to serve more families in the years ahead. Thank you again for being such a vital part of this mission to serve others.

With gratitude,
Bob Foster, Board Chair, Familly Promise of Cobb County

Family Promise of Cobb County is a local non-profit organization which assists homeless families with children to achieve adequate and consistent income, stable housing, and lasting independence by mobilizing our local interfaith community to provide meals, shelter, compassionate hospitality, and professional services. St. Catherine’s is one of several congregations participating in this network and we host the families in the program for one week in our church buildings four times per year. To learn more about being part of this ministry please contact Linda Scott,, or Barb Selby,, and see the FPCC website.

-> Next Family Promise Hosting Week is January 20-27


New Year's Resolution

Director of Children and Family Ministries: Becky Beal

A New Year! We make resolutions. When I look at our busy lives, I wonder how anyone can add one more activity, no matter how worthy Perhaps looking at small acts in a different way might give us a bigger space. Here are two examples:

  • Laundry, it piles up, it is continual; approach it with frustration or love? Pray for each person as you wash, fold and put away. Involve other family members and make it a time to tell jokes, make it a contest, have a sock fight and sing songs.
  • Cooking: such planning, buying, and prep work; is it a chore or an act of love? This is a great activity that can involve the whole family and be a chance to tell family stories about food.

Making everyday occurrences meaningful and involving the whole family is a way to praise God. It will give joy and perhaps a bit more time to add a resolution.


Director of Youth Ministries: Sally Benton

-> Youth Calendar online

-> Photo albums

Upcoming Events

January 12-13: Rite 13 Urban Plunge
January 20: Annual Meeting; 9:00 am Christian Formation
February 1-2: Happening Team Training
February 2: Flag Football
February 9: Valentines Dinner Dance
February 15-17: Happening 71
March 2-3: Rite 13 Banquet & Ceremony
March 5: Pancake Supper
March 6: Ash Wednesday
March 9: New Beginnings Team Training
March 22-24: New Beginnings 41
March 31: No Christian Formation
April 21: Easter
April 28: Hunger Walk
May 8: Youth Sunday Rehearsal
May 12: Youth Sunday; Graduate Recognition
May 19: Last Day of Church School
June 9: Pentecost


Wednesday Night Live is back

Wednesday Night Live meets weekly. Schedule: 6:30 – Fellowship, 7:00 – Programming. Please note that we will not be having dinner this semester.


Rite 13 Urban Plunge January 12-13

At All Saint's Episcopal Church. Atlanta. We will gather at St. Catherine's at 2:00 Saturday and will return on Sunday afternoon. If your name isn't on the registered list and you would like to participate, please email Sally as soon as possible!


Super Bowl Flag Football

Saturday, February 2, 1:00pm at East Cobb Park – We will meet to challenge youth from across the Marietta Convocation to a flag football tournament. Come ready to play, cheer, hang out with friends, and have snacks!


Youth in Pics

Celebrating Christmas at St. Catherine's (photos by Jan Potter, Todd Claire, Michelle Zimmerman)

In the Diocese - Spring Semester

  • Happening 71 - February 15-17 | Camp Mikell | ​Cost: $100
    Happening is a renewal weekend intended for high schoolers. Adults attend as chaperones, but teenagers lead the weekend for teenagers. Really, teenagers lead the entire weekend.
    Celebration Team application, due February 2
    Candidate registration, due February 2
  • New Beginnings 41 - March 22-24 | Camp Mikell | ​Cost: $100
    New Beginnings is a spiritual formation retreat designed to address the needs of youth in grades 6-8th. Every October and February, no less than 100 youth and adults come together for the retreat. The weekend includes talks given by high school team, small groups, skits, music, and plenty of fellowship.
  • Graduation Celebration - May 5 | 3:30-5:30pm | St. Bart's Decatur
    The first Sunday in May, we come together to celebrate our graduating seniors. All youth in middle and high school, their families, and friends travel from across the Diocese for the occasion.
    A contemporary Youth Led Liturgy starts at 3:30pm. Young adults come to lead music and preach. We are intentional about selecting a young adult that can shed some of their wisdom on the current graduating class. The young adults involved truly care about these youth, and they want to share their love and life experience with them as they prepare for the new journey.  Bishop Wright attends the event and leads the community in a Blessing of the Seniors. He also stays after the service to spend some extra time with our young people. 


Seen around St. Cat's

Welcoming Christmas Eve Visitors

Members of our Invitation Ministry Team & friends packaged some of our newcomer gift mugs, special ornaments, assorted goodies, and Christmas messages that we handed out during our Christmas Eve services to visiting families, new and returning guests, and others. Thanks very much to our greeter volunteers and other parishioners who helped us greet and welcome folks! (Photos courtesy Bettye Harris)

- Anne Hitchins,, and Bettye Harris,

Christmas at St. Catherine's

Photos by Jan Potter, Todd Claire, Rebecca Riney, Michelle Zimmerman. See more in the albums at December 23 and Christmas Eve.

Bishop Wright joined us and
preached on Advent 4
The Choristers sang at 8:45 this

Ringing the bells with the Bishop

Oak Martin was guest organist for
Christmas Eve 4 pm service

Hannah Harris played the prelude for
7 pm service

Celebrating our ministries

In our Parish Cycle of Ministries, we celebrate the life and work of these ministries in the upcoming weeks. Please read on to find out about each and consider if you’d like to become involved.

  • January 14-20: Prayer Chain — This week we celebrate the life and work of the Prayer Chain. This is a dedicated group who pray regularly, either individually or in small groups, for those in need. They receive a list from the parish office each week to pray for those who form our concerns throughout the congregation. To learn more about being part of this ministry please contact Rachel Hutton, 770-971-2839.
  • January 21-27: Flower Delivery — This week we celebrate the life and work of Flower Delivery, volunteers who deliver a smile by taking the altar flowers after services on Sundays to parishioners who are ill at home or in the hospital, and others to whom we would like to show special remembrance or thanks. Directions are provided, volunteers serve in rotation. To learn more about being part of this ministry please contact Margaret Shaw,


Letters have been received from the following to acknowledge gifts from our parish:

  • Family Promise of Cobb County on December 10, for gift of $100. "We have been giving away these food boxes -- We've met so many families currently in cars. Sincerely, Camilla"
  • MUST Ministries on December 11 for gift of $1,232.05. "Thank you for your faithful and generous gift of support!"


At the Cathedral Bookstore: The Jesus Fatwah: Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor as Yourself

In Arabic, the word fatwah simply means opinion. A religious or ethical fatwah provides a spiritually instructive opinion, usually given as the answer to a question about religious law. In that regard, Jesus was a master of the art. We submit that Jesus meant it when he told us to love our neighbors. Especially important, in an age of increasing Islamophobia, is the love of Muslim neighbors. The process begins when others learn who Muslims are and what Muslims actually believe. This three-night series led by The Rev. Thee Smith along with guest speakers, engaging videos with guest speakers from the Muslim community, will examine the basic tenants of Islam, separate fact from misinformation, and explore how to build bridges and relationships across differences of faith. This program is free and open to the public, and will be held at 6:30PM at the Cathedral Bookstore, 2744 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta.

  • January 16: Ms. Soumaya Khalifa, Executive Director, Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB)
  • January 30: Dr. Abdullahi An-Na'im, Candler Professor of Law, Emory University Law School
  • February 6: Imam Plemon El-Amin, Imam Emeritus of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam


If you have a name to be added to the Prayers please contact the church office, 770-971-2839, Names will remain on the Prayer Chain list for one month unless indicated for a longer period.

ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMED SERVICES: Taylor Bacon, Matt Bermel, Tom Blackstock, Mychael Claytor, Noah Cook, Lucas Elgie, Josh England, Jake England, Nathanial Herzog, Andrew Hutton, Ryan Johnson, Pat McDougald,  and Ashley Schoolfield.

OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS: Donald, our president, Nathan, our Governor, members of Congress and this Country.

THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER: The Boyd Family, Meta Gary, Don Killian, Joe Sanders, John and Jackie Clark, Lauren & Oliver Feldman, Bailor Bennett, Elrod Family, Julie Brannock, Marilyn Hunter, Herb Winters, Kelly Allgood, Ginney Linstrom, Claire Murphy, Jennifer Kellam, Gina Baumann, Lila Hahn, Jim Seal, Bill Brinson, Bill Woods, Liz Burlas, Rod Miller, Marianne Miller, Kris Kell, Don Killian, Mallory Daniel, Doris Lummus, Emil Walcek, Cora King, Mary Kammerle, Dorris Lummus, Jacky Henry, Lucy Perry, Shirley Henry, Peter Bernhardt, Charles Barnard, Mark Ernst, Christion Abercrombie, Miles, Grace Adams, Lindy Moot, Beth Sandoval, Allen Rosenfield, Patty Austin-Pendroid, Robinson family, Pam Johannessen, Daniel, Fran Corragio, Kris Harley, Raymond & Kristina Higgins, Ralph, Marion & Richard Bullard, Arthur & Roberta Loewy, Terry Adams, Rod Miller, Carol Fey, Michelle & Caitlyn Galloway, Debbie & Paul Gavin, Gwen, Luana Campos, Lou Smith, Hale Sanders, Gary Carragio, Bea McDowell, Barbara Perry, Hilary Small, Lynn Sapp, The Dilworth Family, Holly Krupp, Jose, Kevin & Doris Kissell, Bootie Farnsworth, Megan Lowery, Susan Shank, Binks Franklin, Tom Bonner, Bryan, Michael & Kacey Barton, Sue Schnorf, Jeanette Dini, Larry Long, Wyatt Pope, Rod Deutscher, Christian Harvey, Christopher Clements, Joyce Hendricks, Ken Buxton, Donna Schwartz, Heidi Winston, Melissa, Ruby, Patricia Aramburu, Jimmie Stinnett, Frances Short, Joe Popper, Becky Pfeil, Melinda Stuk, Gene Harlan, Jo Brokenshire, Alexis Miniat, Marti Graham, Velasta Buford, Juanita Butte, Diane Lee, Laurie Kelly, Nancy Eade, Tristan Patterson.

BIRTHDAYS: Jacob Fleming 1/11; Brian Paglia 1/11; Dianne Blackshear-Wood 1/13; Emily Gale 1/13; Noah Zurn 1/13; Alan Fey 1/14; Terri Gabrielson 1/14; Carol Starr 1/14; Penn Worden 1/14; Arianna Cantillo 1/15; Barri Gehrand 1/15; Kylie Morris 1/16; Carla VonHoffmann 1/16; Susannah Campbell 1/17; JoAnn Sampson 1/17; Gail Greene 1/18; Henry Michalak 1/18; Becky Adams 1/19; Jillian Fulcher 1/19; Bill Krupp 1/19; Margaret Shaw 1/19; Jake McGhee 1/20; Paige Culberson 1/22; Scott Fantz 1/22; Danielle Nabinger 1/22; Amy Morris 1/23; Allen Jablonski 1/24

ANNIVERSARIES: Beth & Angela Stone 1/20; Ellis & Claudia Kilgore 1/24

(1/13) Carl Bright; Peter & Swiss Britt; Jo Brokenshire; John & Fran Brooks; Cecil & Rosalind Brown
(1/20) Chuck & Jamie Brownlow; Jennifer, Logan, Connor, and Lilli Buckalew; Rick & Tracy Buckalew; David Perdue & Richard Bullard; Kathryn Burgher

We love to recognize birthdays and wedding anniversaries for everyone in our parish! We have a year-round calendar to pray for these special dates, send birthday cards, and publish in our bulletin and newsletter. Would you like your birthday or anniversary included in our remembrances? Please send names and dates to the church office.


When to contact the church

Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply call the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below are the next two weeks of events and activities, correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Friday, 1/11 Friday, 1/18


Clergy & Youth Director
   Day of Sabbath

Men's Bible Study
Women's Bible Study


Clergy & Youth Director
   Day of Sabbath

Men's Bible Study
Women's Bible Study

Saturday, 1/12 Saturday, 1/19


Rite 13 Urban Plunge
CGS Level 1
Family Promise Golf
Finnish School
Chili Cookoff

Cats On Wheels Lunch
Sunday, 1/13 Sunday, 1/20


Rite 13 Urban Plunge
Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist
Christian Formation
Youth Alumni Coffee
Chancel Choir
Holy Eucharist
Girl Scouts Troop 16125
Girl Scouts
Lopez-Tabor Duo Concert
KSU Campus Ministry


Vestry Elections
Wheel articles due
Family Promise Hosting
Holy Eucharist
Christian Formation
Holy Eucharist
Parish Annual Meeting
The Extension Dinner

Monday, 1/14 Monday, 1/21


CGS Mondays
Men's Book Study
Stephen Ministry Training
Boy Scouts
Women's Bible Study


MLK Holiday
Office & Preschool closed
Intergenerational Service Day

CGS Mondays
Stephen Ministry Training
Stephen Ministry
Boy Scouts

Tuesday, 1/15 Tuesday, 1/22


Bible Study
Staff Meeting
SHAFTS Practice


Bible Study
Staff Meeting
MUST Laundry Team
Master Planning
Wednesday, 1/16 Wednesday, 1/23
Cherub Choir
Adult Formation
Youth WNL
Chancel Choir
Boy Scouts


MUST Breakfast Team
Cherub Choir
Adult Formation
Youth WNL
Chancel Choir

Thursday, 1/17 Thursday, 1/24


Men's Bible Study


Daisy Scouts
Men's Bible Study

Future planning

Please hold these dates:

  • Thursday, January 31 - Preschool Open House
  • February 1-3 – Vestry Retreat at Montara Farm
  • Saturday, February 9 - Valentine Dinner Dance
  • Sunday, February 10 - Young Families Sock Hop
  • Sunday, February 24 - No Christian Formation (Cobb Schools Winter Break)
  • Saturday & Sunday, March 2-3: Rite 13 Banquet & Ceremony
  • Tuesday, March 5 - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
  • Wednesday, March 6 – Ash Wednesday, Lent begins
  • Breakfast for everyone by Breakfast Angels 8:15 am on the first 3 Sundays each month. Dates coming up: Feb. 3, 10, 17.

Wheel schedule:

Next publications:

  • January 24 (articles due Sunday, January 20)
  • February 14 (articles due Sunday, February 10)
  • February 28 (articles due Sunday, February 24)

The Wheel is published two times per month on Thursdays. All editions are posted on The Wheel newsletter page and distributed by email to all members subscribed to the "Parish Announcements" email list. Printed copies of each newsletter are available for pickup at church in the foyer on the Welcome Table or in the nearby wall rack. We welcome contributions of articles and photos of interest to the parish. Articles and photos are due by midnight on Sunday the week of publication date. Please submit items to Editor Karen Manno via email (below) or in her mailbox at church.

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