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The Newsletter of
St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia
July 7 - 20, 2008

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Calendar Highlights

Jul. 7-11 - Vacation Bible School

Jul. 12 - YF Wine Tasting

Jul. 13 - Kids4Peace Abraham’s Tent @ St. Anne's

Jul. 13 & 20 - Braves game ticket sales

Jul. 17-20 - J2A Urban Adventure

Jul. 20, 27, Aug. 3, 10 - St. Cat’s Country Fair

Jul. 28 - Elizabeth Inn

Jul. 29 - Braves game outing

God bless America

It's the season of the 4th of July and again we are reminded of the blessings we share in this wonderful country of ours. We see it on all the church signs around: "God bless America." And that is exactly what we celebrate on the Fourth. God’s blessings on this country.

It was the first Nooma video I saw, Rich. We used it during our stewardship effort last year. Its message bears repeating as we prepare to celebrate the 132nd birthday of this great nation.

There’s a popular bumper sticker that reads "God Bless America," but hasn’t America already been blessed? It’s easy for us to fall into a mindset of viewing "our" world as "the" world, because it’s all we generally see. We’re constantly bombarded with images of the latest styles and models of everything, and it can easily leave us feeling like what we have isn’t enough because we see people that have even more than us. But how does what we have compare to what most people in the world have? Maybe what we have is enough; maybe it’s more than enough. Maybe God has blessed us with everything we have so we can bless and give to others.

I don’t believe the United States of America is the only nation blessed by God. Generally speaking the industrialized nations of the world have been blessed with resources far beyond any nation’s individual needs. Perhaps this 4th of July we might give some thought to what it is America is being called to be and to give in a world where many suffer from famine, war, and disease.

It’s something worth thinking about as we view the "bombs bursting in air" at our favorite fireworks display. Happy Fourth of July. See you in church Sunday.


Vacation Bible School

July 7 - 11

Thank you to everyone who has registered! Our program is full and registration is now closed.

If you saw “the Professor” (at left — it's really Stephanie Yucius!) at church a few Sundays ago, you’ll know we’re exploding with excitement about Vacation Bible School at our POWER LAB, July 7-11, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Our science lab theme will have the kids discovering Jesus' miraculous powers through songs, bible points, outdoor games, crafts, experiments and treats. If you picked up a "beaker" from our poster, please bring your contributions of supplies to church by Sunday, July 6.

We are incorporating an outreach ministry with the VBS in which the kids and everyone in the parish can participate. Communities in Schools is an organization that can use any type of children's/youth books from pre-reading and picture books to chapter books. We are collecting gently-used to excellent condition children/youth books to distribute to children of Georgia that do not have books to read. There will be collection boxes set out all week for your donations. Please email with any questions.

St. Cat’s "Country Fair"

Sundays, July 20 to August 10, 9:15-10:15 AM

Come one, come all! Come to our summer Church School program for all ages planned by our Christian Nurture and Development Ministry Team. The St. Cat’s “Country Fair” will be held from 9:15 to 10:15 AM, between the 8:00 and 10:30 services. The Fair will feature activity booths, singing and fun for everyone on these four Sundays.

Each week, the fair will focus on the parables in the Gospel for the week:

  • July 20: Wheat & Weeds
  • July 27: Mustard Seeds
  • August 3: Fishes & Loaves
  • August 10: Walk On Water

So plan to join us on these dates and have some fun! If you would like to volunteer to help with the booths, please contact Barbara Garner at

July Ministry Team Focus: Outreach

Why Outreach?

In the language of the 21 st century the word “outreach” as it relates to churches seems to be more about growing churches. It seems a blend of evangelism and marketing which definitely is not the image that comes to mind when I think “St. Catherine’s Outreach.” What images come to your mind? If you were asked, “why reach out to others?” how would you reply?

Perhaps words such as “share” and “serve” come to mind, or “doing something for someone else with no strings attached”. Presumably, our motivations include that we believe we are doing God’s work; that we are expressing God's love to those in need; that Outreach is an effort to be God’s hands and feet in the world.

…Now you are Christ’s body, and individually parts of it” (1 Cor. 12:25-27).

Jesus comes to us in the poor, the sick, the dying, the prisoners, the lonely, the disabled, and the rejected.

“In so far as you did this to one of the least...of mine, you did it to me.” (Matt. 25:37, 40)
At its best, outreach improves the life of both parties. It provides each with a reward they need and could not otherwise claim. It is an exchange of love.” (AJ)

This month we focus on the life and work of our Outreach Ministry Team. Our community of faith at St. Catherine’s has a history of sharing our talents and treasures locally, in our nation, and in our world. There exist so many ways to give of yourself, to give to one of the least. We believe in working hand in hand with those we serve and in developing truly one on one relationships with them. So often we discover that when we open our hearts to others and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, the truest need is to be loved. Everyone wants to have someone else look into his or her eyes and to be acknowledged as a fellow human being. In the words of our baptismal covenant: “to respect the dignity of every human being.”

Outreach this month:

  • MUST Summer Lunch-making on Sunday, July 6

Thank you to everyone who donated lunch ingredients based on the first letter of your last name. We were committed to making 300 sack lunches for MUST.

  • A-B: Creamy peanut butter (no crunchy style, please)
  • C-F: Jelly
  • G-J: Loaves of white or wheat sandwich bread
  • K-N: Corn chips (Individually bagged)
  • O-T: Juice boxes
  • U-Z: Apples

We met in the Parish Hall to assemble lunches to be distributed to needy children in Cobb County. Another lunch making is planned for August, watch for announcements.For questions please contact Nadine Pope: or 770-973-9057.

  • Ingathering of school supplies and book bags through July 27 – Lists of suggested items are located on the outreach table. Collection boxes are near the outreach table in the lobby.
  • Donations of new or gently used children and youth books, from pre-reading and picture books to chapter books, for Communities in Schools. Please bring the books to the collection boxes all through VBS Week.
  • Kids4Peace. – Volunteer opportunities are available at St. Anne’s to serve meals and to accompany children on trips during the week of July 9-14, sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin.
  • MUST Back-to-School Festival – Volunteers will especially be needed to help pack school supplies the week of July 28. Contact Nadine Pope: or 770-973-9057.

Wine Tasting

Saturday July 12, 7-9pm — RSVP needed by July 10

Young Families Ministry presents our second Bi-Annual Wine Tasting at the home of Nelson & Emily Gale, 228 Lamplighter Lane, Marietta 30067. We will have a lesson from our very own Cyril Cardona about the flavors and unique qualities of various summer red and white vino. This event is open to all adults — please feel free to invite friends. Cost: $10 per person, bring your own glass and an appetizer to share!

RSVP is required to attend, no later than Thursday, July 10, sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact Jenny Gale (770.579.0657)—we need a firm head count in order to purchase the wine.

Come out to the ball game

Tickets on sale July 13 & 20

What a deal—just $5 per person includes admission and transportation! We are going to Turner Field on Tuesday, July 29, to see the Braves play St. Louis at 7:00 PM. Our St. Catherine's bus will leave from the church parking lot at 5:00. At this price the tickets will go fast and space is limited! So, sign up early—your check will hold your seat.

Katie Barrington — Our Kid for Peace

Katie’s presentation to the congregation on Sunday, June 29:

Hi, I'm Katie Barrington. I'm an honor student at Simpson Middle School and I am going into the 7th grade. I also play the French horn. At church, I'm an acolyte, a Rite-13er and in the youth choir. I'm in Kids4Peace and I'm very excited to be in it! Kids4Peace is to teach the three faiths to accept each other's faiths and to stop fights between them. I think this is a good experience for us because it teaches us to accept different cultures for who they are. The Atlanta group has been meeting for two months now to learn about these other two religions.

On Wednesday we will go to Camp Mikell for that week and learn about each other and do camp activities. Next week we will go and see Atlanta's sites like: the Georgia Aquarium; the Martin Luther King Center; the three houses of worship - a Temple, a Mosque and a Church; and because they have never seen a store with so many choices, we're going to Target for them.

I think this will be very fun for me. I have been talking to my PeacePal for a while now and Liam sounds like a normal 12 year old girl to me, so I think we will have a fun time getting to know each other.

I would like to invite all of you to come see The Abraham Tent. The Kids4Peace will present the stories of our three faith traditions. The first presentation will be July 8th at 7:00 p.m. at Retreat Village at Camp Mikell. The second will be July 13th after the 10:00 a.m. service at St. Anne's Episcopal Church.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Kids4Peace! Our loose plate collection on July 29 brought in $864 to help bring the 12 children here from the Middle East. If you are still interested in helping support this program, you can pick up a brochure at church to make donations or visit the website at

St. Catherine’s has the honor of being represented by our own Katie Barrington in Kids4Peace this year, July 2-15 at Camp Mikell and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. Kids4Peace is a year-long interfaith, cross-cultural, education for peace program for 11 & 12 year olds from the United States and Middle East. The group will be comprised of 12 children from the Atlanta Diocese and 12 children from the Middle East – 4 each from the Jewish, Armenian Christian and Muslim faith communities.

Katie Barringon will be St. Catherine's representative in the Kids4Peace program July 2-15 at Camp Mikell and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. Volunteer opportunities are available at St. Anne’s to serve meals and to accompany children on trips during the week of July 9-14, sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin.

The 2008 Kids4Peace will present the story of their three faith traditions in the Abraham Tent, A Celebration of Peace:

- Tuesday, July 8 at Camp Mikell, Toccoa, GA, 7 PM

- Sunday, July 13, at St. Anne's, after the 10 AM service, 3098 St. Anne's Lane, Atlanta 30327,

Men’s Retreat – Reserve ASAP!

This year’s Men’s Retreat will be Friday, Oct. 3 through Sunday, Oct. 5 at Montara Farm in North Georgia. It will be a great time to have fun, meet new friends, and renew old friendships in a spiritually fulfilling, restful environment. Cost for the weekend will be approximately $275.

Space is limited so reserve your spot today with a $100 deposit. Check the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact Keith Dumke or Hans Kraeger. Email:

Parish Day at the Lake & Picnic

Sunday, August 3

Please join us for St. Catherine's annual Day at the Lake and Picnic at Red Top Mountain State Park on Sunday, Aug. 3, following the 10:30 service. We have reserved shelter #6 on Red Top Beach Rd. The park has a beach for families with little ones, playground, and hiking trails.

Calling all boats and ski doos! The Masseys will bring their boat—anyone else with a boat to bring is invited to do so too!

Each family should bring their own picnic lunch, grills are available if you would like to cook burgers and/or dogs with your own charcoal. There is a $3.00 per vehicle daily parking fee in all state parks unless you have an annual pass. For questions, contact Diane Sanders at 770-565-2719 or at

Directions to Red Top Mountain State Park: Take I-75 north to Exit #285. The park is located 1.5 miles each of the exit. For more information please visit the website at Red Top Mountain on the Georgia State Parks website,

EFM: Education For Ministry

An invitation from Jan Potter:

Yes, I admit it. I’m a cheerleader for EFM. What, you might ask, is EFM? EFM stands for Education for Ministry. It is a program out of Sewanee to provide you with a theological basis for your life and your place in the church. It’s a 4 year program (September to May); you sign up independently each year. There is a cost, but scholarships are available.

So, why would you want to sign up for EFM?

Perhaps a better question might be – where else can you safely discuss your spiritual questions in a safe environment supported by others who are also seeking to better understand God’s word? EFM can be everything from serious theological reflection to joyfully considering what matters to you – all done in an environment that both supports and develops you to be the person that God wants you to be.

I know – I know, you’re sitting there thinking that you’re just not holy enough or religious enough or you just don’t know the Bible enough to be in a class like that. Or perhaps you are worried that questions you might have about religion or God or the Bible might not be “mainstream” enough – that someone might tell you that you are wrong, or that you will not get into heaven believing such a thing. Or perhaps you just find yourself outside all that warm fuzzy belief system that others seem to fit into so seamlessly. Maybe you are looking for a place to safely discuss and develop what you really believe.

EFM might be the place for you. The program itself revolves around the idea of theological reflection, but that sounds pretty high flying to many people. In reality, it can be a way of looking at almost anything in a theological way. You would be amazed what insights you can find in culture (movies, TV, news, etc.), tradition (the Bible, hymns, church history), position (your belief structure), and your own experiences.

What happens there? You learn about yourself and your church. You learn about the greater community of God’s people. You start off in EFM by giving a spiritual autobiography. It’s really a way to connect with other people and to show how you got to be the thinking, caring person that you are. It can be as complicated or as simple as you wish. You do this once a year. Each weekly meeting is spent going over a series of readings, a theological reflection, and ends with a short worship. The readings average 10-20 pages. The first year student looks at the Old Testament, the 2nd year student looks at the New Testament, the 3rd year student looks at church history, and the 4th year student readings are more geared toward philosophy. Within those readings, you will find that many people question what they have read. You have an open forum to say, “I don’t agree with this” and listen to how others reacted to the same material when they read it.

We hope you will consider joining us. This year we will meet on Thursdays beginning after Labor Day. The class lasts from 6:30 to 9 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Potter (770-587-3512) or “Father Sue” at the church office.

St. Elizabeth's Partner Parish Visit 2008

Our partners take a trip Centennial Olympic Park and the World of Coca Cola Museum ... and the Martin Luther King Center
June 18 - Parish Partner Dinner with great food for everyone Dining together indoors & out
The kids are ready for our partners to present their Fashion Show Rev. Sue Duffield of St. Elizabeth's thanks Ginny & Scott Lummus for their work in the partnership
Ginny Chimburas reads a history of the Ute people The Give Away gifts are presented

2008 Habitat Build begins in August

Our annual home build with Cobb Habitat For Humanity will begin Saturday, August 16, and continue for 10 Saturdays (excluding Labor Day Weekend). Sign up sheets and directions to this year’s site will be available several weeks before the start date, please watch for announcements.

Bishop's Visitation and Youth House Dedication -- June 22, 2008

Father Jim blesses wedding anniversaries including Richard & Linda Carter and Bill and Barb Selby Bishop Alexander prepares for the Youth House dedication with Youth Director Amelia , Father Jim and Deacon Kathy to assist
A proud day: entering the house Dedication
The congregation with the Bishop Received into the Episocopal Church this day by Bishop Neil - Bob & Pat Pepper, Beth & Bill Lee, Doug Jenkins

See more great photos at ConfimationAndYouthHouseDedication and Baptisms62908

The Youth House Dedication by our Bishop on June 22 was a glorious and emotional day. Thanks to your unselfish time and talents we are very near the end of this build. It has been an inspiration to all of us who have watched this house materialize out of a dream. Words can hardly express the thanks I have for all of your efforts. Because of each of you we have built a resource that will continue to serve this community of faith for years to come.


Work continues on the Youth House, putting up the porch railings in preparation for the porch roof, plus additional interior electrical and finish to be ready for final inspections. Jobs available weekdays and weekends. Information: contact Fred Massey, or 404.731.4466.  

ESL Update

Teacher Training – Saturday, August 2, 9 AM to 1 PM

To find out how to be involved with this exciting new ministry at St. Catherine’s, please contact Lu Dumke, 404-731-9874 or!

Plans are moving forward for our ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to be offered to the community this fall. A training session will be held Saturday, August 2, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for everyone interested in being a teacher. All volunteers, not just teachers, are welcome to attend. We will hold an ESL Program Open House at the church in mid-to-late August to register our students and will need plenty of help with this event.

Volunteer help needed:

  • Teachers — Lead Teachers, Co-Teachers, and Substitutes
  • Special Topic Speakers to present information to students that will be useful in their day-to-day lives. We currently have speakers who expressed interest in talking about health care and our education system, and would like to have more.
  • Greeters to welcome students, help with registration and placement testing, and direct people around the building on class nights.
  • Advertising help to distribute flyers in community in late July/early August, at schools, apartment complexes and area businesses
  • Helpers to organize/host the Open House for Prospective Students in August. We will provide refreshments, and would especially like for anyone with foreign language skills to attend.

“Exploring Our Creative Spirit”

Saturday, August 16

Several of St. Catherine’ gifted artists have agreed to join together once again on Saturday, August 16 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM to support, encourage, and massage the creative spirit which lives within you. Whether you fancy yourself as an artist or consider yourself hopelessly devoid of creativity, you will enjoy this time with Mel Paris, John Brooks, and Jason Snape. Professional story teller, Ginny Acocella and spiritual director, Kathy Holman will begin the day with scripture and reflection. Participants will then choose clay, words, or paper and pencil to articulate their experience of the morning. Lunch will be served and our group will gather together to process our reflections and creations.

The day will be light, fun and wondrous. We look forward to EXPLORING with you. For more information contact Kathy Holman,

Seek And Ye Shall Find: Cursillo Weekend #61

From Thursday evening, October 2, through Sunday, October 5, the Atlanta Episcopal Cursillo Community Weekend #61 will be held at Camp Fortson in Hampton, Georgia. You are invited to consider this unique opportunity.

The Cursillo weekend is a special time that accomplishes two goals. Cursillo is intended to help Christians learn and live what is fundamental as a Christian and discover and live out a personal vocation. It is a weekend that confirms and affirms present faith and leads participants to strengthen their present Christian lives. Many persons have found this weekend life changing.

Saint Catherine’s own Tracy Buckalew will be the Rector of Weekend #61. To learn more about Cursillo check out the Atlanta Episcopal Cursillo Community website at You can also contact Father Jim, Carla von Hoffmann, 404-213-7408, or Rick and Tracy Buckalew, 770-956-9609.

If you are a Cursillista interested in working the weekend or sponsoring a pilgrim, applications are on the AECC website. The deadline for Team applications is July 31 and Pilgrim applications are being accepted until September 19.

Coming in August

A few dates for your calendar...

  • August 3 –
    College Sendoff Sunday; MUST Summer Lunch Making; Parish Day at the Lake
  • August 5 –
    Ministry Teams Quarterly Meeting: All teams prepare for Rally Day!
  • August 10 –
    Acolyte Recognition Sunday; Parish Summer Meeting following 10:30 worship
  • August 16 –
    Habitat Build begins; “Exploring Our Creative Spirit” Workshop
  • August 24 –
    Rally Day & Ministry Fair
  • August 31 –
    Fall Worship time schedule begins

Pictorial Directory now online!

Have you looked? Are you in it? The newest Pictorial Directory for our parish is available online, View it now at -- for the password please read your Parish Announcements email or contact the church office. If you wish to make updates or corrections to your information please contact Jan Potter,

Put your business in our online directory -- Please send a file with the artwork and what category to be place it in to Jan Potter,

Ministry Directory updates due August 5

Our Ministry Directory is published annually as a guide to all the ministries at St. Catherine’s and how everyone can get involved. The next issue is being prepared for Ministry Fair & Rally Day, August 24. All Ministry Teams, please review your section in the booklet and make sure all your activities and committees are included with up-to-date descriptions and contact information. Send your updates to Karen Manno by August 5 (the date of the next Ministry Teams Quarterly Meeting) — email or place them in her mailbox at church. Please contact her ASAP if you would like a copy of your Ministry Directory writeup from last year’s edition.

Congregational Nurses Corner

CPR for Youth: Empowering Students to Save Lives

WellStar Corporate & Community Health Presents: American Heart Association — Heartsaver CPR in Schools. It may be the most valuable lesson a student can learn: how to save the life of a loved one, teacher, or friend by performing the simple steps of CPR. This credentialed course is specifically designed to teach young adults who are middle and high school age the life saving skill of CPR. The course covers:

  • Adult, child, and infant CPR
  • Choking rescue for adult, child, and infant
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use

Register your daughter, son, or babysitter today! Cost is just $50. Call (770) 956- STAR to register.

Dates: Monday, July 21 , 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM; Saturday, Oct. 18, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Location: Wellstar Health Place, 330 Kennestone Hospital Blvd., Marietta, Georgia 30060


From a letter from parishioner Hans Kraeger:


Randy Payne and his family have lived in Princeton Mill for over 9 years. This March Randy was diagnosed with AML, a form of Leukemia. Now, Randy is looking for a match to receive a life-saving marrow transplant. There is a chance that one of us is a bone marrow match to save Randy Payne’s life. Even if each of us is tested, we still may not find a match. However, it would be a tragedy if one of us was a match and we missed the opportunity to save Randy.

..I urge you to make the sacrifice of getting tested. The test to see if you are a match is SIMPLE. All that is needed is a quick swipe of a cotton swab on the inside of your mouth. ...You can log on to to learn more about matching and donor information. ...For more information contact Rod Gun, a recruitment specialist for the National Marrow Donor Program at 770-330-1590.

There are 7 kits left. Please email me at if you would like to participate. The donation is $25 and is tax deductible. Even if you are not a match for Randy, you could be a match to save someone’s life. All my best to you and thanks for taking the time to read this information.


A note from parishioner Jan Potter:

In case we have any space geeks in our congregation... My father, Gene Cowart, was the chief design engineer for the Lunar Rover. He is being featured on a Discovery program (it's on the "Science" channel on our cable). Here's a blurb on the show:

His is the very last section (on the lunar rover). I think it will be on 7/10 at 9pm eastern. He was interviewed for some 10 hours about it. This whole project is a follow-up to the movie "In the Shadow of the Moon" (which comes in the last segment here). If you haven't seen it, it is really wonderful. It was directed by Ron Howard and captures the whole mentality of why we ever went to space (and why it was a collective international moment of pride).

Holy Baptism

Next scheduled date -- August 10

Please contact the church office for information and the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.


SICK: Sharon Parisi, David Kerley, Lillian Vu, Jason, Justin Elliott, Elaine Stergiou, Ron Mighton, Tom Carter, Cindy Alexander, Maggie Alexander, Danielle Edwards, Gary Anderson, Pete Foley, Jeanie, Askar, Tom Herron, Bill Brinson, Bill Krupp, Steve Diffley, Sandra Radford, Corrie Smith, Reese Ivey, Bo Berry, Bryan Dodd, Catherine Rader, Agnes Floyd, Jane Lawrence, Ella Laird, Jay Hendricks, Tom Hutchinson, Amy Senn, Dorothy Torain, Charlie Templeton, Mary Florence, Stan Benson, Carey Resnik and family, Nancy Perkins, Sam, Gaye, Buddy Howard, Cathy Watkins, Doug Passmore

BEFORE SURGERY: Marilyn May, 7/7/08; Elaine Krupp, 7/14/08; Stan Dickson, 7/25/08

DECEASED: Henry Martin Shine, Jr., Husband of Larry Boyd’s cousin


(7/6/08) Joan Thurston; Jim, Karen & Jason Tindall; Kate, Rachel & Nathan Tomchik/Bruce, Tori & Garrett Brogdon; Peggy Towery; Tad, Alison, Emily & Lauren Travis

(7/13/08) Steve, Cindy, Frederick & Forrest Tuemmler; Jim & Meg Waddell; Claire, Davis & Mitchell Waldron; Gretchen, Charles, Elisabeth & Foster Walton


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar
Monday, 7/7 Monday, 7/14

Susan’s day off
Vacation Bible School
Men's Book Study
Boy Scouts Troop 713


Susan’s day off
Women’s Bible Study
Spiritual Comm.
Boy Scout Troop 713

Tuesday, 7/8 Tuesday, 7/15


EYE @ San Antonio, TX
Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting

Georgia Primary Election Day
Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Wednesday, 7/9 Wednesday, 7/16


Bible Study
Vestry sub-Visitor Group


Bible Study
Youth WNL

Thursday, 7/10 Thursday, 7/17
6:30PM Vestry subgroup 6:00PM
Catechesis Workshop
Friday, 7/11 Friday, 7/18
Jim's day off
Jim's day off
J2A Urban Adventure@Toronto
Saturday, 7/12 Saturday, 7/19

Wine Tasting @ Gale's



Sunday, 7/13 Sunday, 7/20

Coffee Time
Holy Eucharist
Praying for Pars
Holy Eucharist
Stephen Ministry
J2A Cookout


Coffee Time
Holy Eucharist
St. Cat’s Country Fair
Holy Eucharist



EYE, Episcopal Youth Event, July 8-13, San Antonio, Texas

Please pray for our youth, Taylor Baumann, Emma Markette, and Sally Paris as they travel to San Antonio to represent the Diocese of Atlanta and St. Catherine's at EYE, July 8-13th. Thanks to all who have supported our bake sales! You've helped send our youth to EYE!

During the week you can visit the website at to see schedules, images, and video from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and stay connected to all that is going on at the largest youth event in The Episcopal Church!


J2A Urban Adventure in Toronto, Canada, July 17-20

Please pray for our youth and leaders as they travel to Toronto, Ontario for their Urban Adventure, July 17-20: Emma Markette, Gaby Sutton, Keely Phillpotts, Monica Kraeger, Scott Burkholder, Paul Maxwell, Mitch Dumke, Sean Olliffe, Rob Stuart, Zach Pope, Claudia Kilgore, Scott Lummus, Bill Bowden, and Tom Donoghue.


Look for the next Youth Newsletter coming in July!

Wheel Schedule:

Next publications:

  • July 18 – print edition
  • August 1 – online edition
  • August 15 – print edition

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