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The Newsletter of St. Catherine's Episcopal Church
Marietta, Georgia
July 10-23, 2006

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July 10-14 - Fiesta VBS
July 12 - WNL
July 15-22 - Whiterocks Trip
July 16 - Acolyte robe planning mtg.
July 21-23 - Rite 13 Beach Trip
July 28 - Elizabeth Inn
July 30 - Bishop Alexander's visit; Young Families cookout
Aug. 2-5 New Orleans Trip
Aug. 7 - Christ Episcopal Golf Tournament
Aug. 27 - Rally Day & Ministry Fair


Mission Trip
Fiesta VBS
Whiterocks Trip
Acolyte robes
Elizabeth Inn
Bishop's visit
Young Families cookout
Faithful Mission
New Orleans Trip
Ministry Directory update
Habitat Build
Men's Retreat
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Softball & Family Fun Day
Holy Land Pilgrimage
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Stephen Ministry
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Holy Baptism
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Mission to Mississippi

Youth Mission Trip for Hurricane Katrina relief work
by Amelia Snider, Youth Director

Branches of one of the many live oaks that line the Mississippi shore hang over me as I sit a hundred yards away from our worksite. Much like our tree at St. Catherine’s, the trees here have been around longer than the people, weathering storms season after season, each spring telling a new story. Of all the things to write about on a mission trip, it is in some ways silly to be writing about the trees, but this week they have been an integral part of our story.

On the campus of Southern Mississippi State University there stands a live oak whose branches extend all the way to the ground. From far away the tree looks like a giant octopus perched a few hundred yards back from the beach. When you enter the shelter of its branches there is a sign that reads “Friendship Oak” and informs the reader that anyone who stands under the tree together will remain friends for life. The tree is ancient, planted in 1487. It has sheltered pirates, colonists, college students, and now, youth groups. It is older than the Episcopal Church, the United States, and any tree east of the Mississippi River.

We started our week by driving down the coastal highway towards our worksite, our mouths hanging open in astonishment at the amount of destruction. Katrina is one of those things that no picture can properly explain. Long Beach looks like an abandoned war zone.

When told that we would be laying concrete sidewalks at the university there was a part of all of us that felt as if we weren’t going to be doing something that made a difference. Over the course of the week though, we have all come to understand and appreciate the importance of what we have been doing, and have gained personal rewards from our experiences. Yes, in short we have built a sidewalk to be part of an outdoor fitness trail, however, many intangible things have also been built this week. We have learned teamwork from having to drive rebar stakes into the ground and have become united in our efforts to rid Camp Coast Care of both the professional snorer and the crazy priest that sings at 6 am (no, this is not referring to Fr. Jim Nixon). We have stood under the friendship tree and climbed up into its branches, connecting not only with the tree and the land but with each other as we extend hands to help each other reach the perfect perch for our picture. This week we have seen the best and worst of New Orleans, the Mississippi Coast, and each other.

Out trip would not have been complete without the people we have met along the way. Our site supervisor, Fred, has brought a sense of humor to our worksite and has shown us the value of taking our time and not constantly working. We have been nourished by our second and third mothers, Norma and Mariah, and by the stories that we have heard from people who survived the storm. Twice while visiting St. Peter’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church we have encountered parishioners who have come to check out the progress and have told us their stories in the meantime.

While there is a profound sadness in the loss and destruction, there is also hope. Looking down the beach on the 4th of July there were firework displays as far as we could see. Over the horizon we could see the faint lines of fireworks from Pascagoula, then Biloxi, Gulfport, and Long Beach. This week we have been in awe of the magnitude of the destruction, the graciousness of new friends and old, and the beauty of things as simple as a wooden cross, butterfly, or a fireworks display.

After the first day these are the things our youth were saying;

“With much of the destruction and memories of horror and sadness lingering all around, happiness and hope is all I see” Tegan Hurley

“I can’t believe that all this has happened in just two short days. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in the coming days” Claire Frost

“Once again, another unforgettable trip to go down in my history” Erin Hurley

“Meeting people who went through the hurricane and listening to their stories is so uplifting because they all have such a positive outlook on the situation and such strong faith” Stephanie Burkholder

“Everyone here has a story and you absolutely have to listen, not only because they are some of the most harrowing stories you will ever hear, but because they are part of the healing process. More important than listening to their stories however, is that you have to retell them. You have to make sure that these stories live on so that we don’t ever forget what these people have gone through.” Daniel Sykes

After working on our sidewalks this week I believe that we will all feel a sense of accomplishment when we bring our own families here to sit under the Friendship Oak or to walk the trail we built. We will tell them the stories of what we saw and the people we met and in that sense this place will become a part of us even though we have never lived here. After a few days the cots at Camp Coast Care and yes, even the 6 am singing priest, are as much a part of who we are as the houses we live in at home. In the coming weeks and months we will share our stories and our pictures and hopefully we will inspire more people to come and help. When we left we thought we were giving up our 4 th of July. I think that we have lived fully into the spirit of this nation we call home and have gained as much as we have given. This week we didn’t have to bring our bibles and our prayer books to be doing God’s work, we did it by living into the call to serve others and to love our neighbors as ourselves.


July 10-14, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

We look forward to a great week! Plenty of volunteers are needed, please contact the church office if you are interested.

Food donations—If you took a sunshine sticker from the Fiesta Cactus in our lobby, please bring items by Sunday, July 9. Items can be put in the collection basket in the lobby. Refrigerated items should be brought to the kitchen -- please mark clearly for VBS!

Whiterocks, Here We Come!

4th Annual Companion Parish Trip, July 15-22

On July 15, as part of our companion relationship with St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, on the Ute reservation in Whiterocks, Utah, seventeen parishioners will depart for a week of celebrating, renewing friendships, and cultural sharing plus a variety of other activities. Please keep in your prayers: Father Jim Nixon, Scott and Ginny Lummus, Carol Eskew, Jamie Harding, Rod, Nadine & Zach Pope, Joan Thurston, Emily Gibb, Linda Smith, Taylor Baumann, Bill Williams, Susan Roberts, Ginny Acocella and Dale & Paige Schlenker.

After traveling for 13 hours to reach the reservation, the St. Catherine’s group will be welcomed with a dinner prepared by St. Elizabeth’s. During the following week, St. Catherine’s and St. Elizabeth’s will share the love of Christ by jointly presenting "Safari Adventures" Vacation Bible School for the children of the parish and the community. They will also work on several small church construction projects, relax together at the great “Yellow Slide” (a one slide water park), conduct knitting and fry-bread classes, picnic up in the mountains at Big Springs, and be ready for the numerous surprises and fun which surely will arise.

We are looking forward to our trip with great anticipation as our journey has become synonymous with a large family reunion. We intend to send pictures of our week-long adventure to St. Catherine’s website so you can share in our experiences – please look for them!


Culture Day on a previous visit to St. Elizabeth's

Help with new acolyte robes

Organizational meeting -- Sunday, July 16, 10:00 AM

Help with new robes for our acolytes! There will be a brief meeting, Sunday, July 16, at 10:00 am (between services) to set the 'plan.' No need to be a seamstress--we have plenty of other choices and need your help. Questions? contact Barbara Barrington 770.516.9224 or

Glimpses of gratitude at The Elizabeth Inn

After serving dinner to 50+ guests of the Elizabeth Inn homeless shelter on June 28, Carolyn Hilley and I went next door to begin doing laundry. While folding towels, out of sight from the residents of the Inn, I overheard a gentleman describe, with great enthusiasm, on the telephone, course by course what he had for dinner. “We had barbeque chicken, and potato salad and a green salad and a dessert of fruit salad with cake on the bottom and.…” He stated that it was the best meal he'd had in weeks.

Often we never know if the “good” we are doing is really making a difference. It was an unexpected God moment for me and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. I thank all of the volunteers who cooked and served dinner last month, Val Buxton, Ann and Tom Snead, Lucy Hilley, Carolyn Hilley, and Marci Blair.

With thanksgiving,
Tracy Buckalew

Saint Catherine’s provides dinner and overnight volunteers to man the Elizabeth Inn in Marietta on the 28th of each month. If you are interested in serving, contact Connie Bergeron, 770-951-1411 or Tracy Buckalew, 770-956-9609 to volunteer for dinner; Fred Massey, 404-731-4466 or Carolyn Hilley, 770-973-8636 for overnight volunteers. Find out more about the Inn on the MUST Ministries website.

A visit from Bishop Alexander

Sunday, July 30

The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, Bishop of Atlanta, has scheduled his visitation to St. Catherine's for Sunday, July 30. Bishop Alexander will preach and teach in the course of the morning. He will spend time with our clergy and vestry. And, of course, we will mark his visit with hospitality and joy.

We will have a lemonade reception after 8:45 service and a full reception after 10:30 service this day. Please consider bringing an cold or hot appetizer for this event. Desserts and beverages will be provided. For questions, please contact Joan Nixon at 770-977-2525.

Young Families Group Gathering

Sunday, July 30 at East Cobb Park

Our group for families with young children will have an event for the whole family: Sunday, July 30, following the 10:30 service. Bring everyone for a cookout and fun afternoon at East Cobb Park on Roswell Road. All invited, see you there!

Faithful Mission volunteers needed now

The Faithful Mission Steering Committee has been working through the spring and summer to prepare for the Capital Campaign this fall. Now we are recruiting people to help us make the calls on our fellow parishioners. We will provide extensive training on how to make a call to present information about our Stewardship program and to present the case for support for our Faithful Mission campaign. You will be teamed up with another volunteer to make these calls. By volunteering to be a caller, you become a member of the Steering Committee. Therefore, you will be asked to make your own pledge to the Campaign, help evaluate the prospects, call on parishioners and secure their pledge to the Faithful Mission Campaign. Because we are doing this in the fall, we will also make a presentation for our Stewardship Campaign.

If you are interested or need more information, please contact either of the Co-Chairs for the Faithful Mission Campaign: Jennifer Massey at 404-375-8327 or Nelson Gale at 770-953-3407. Training will be Monday, August 14, and Monday, August 28 at 6:30 PM. You will need to attend both sessions.

New Orleans Ministry Trip set for August 2-5

Team now forming! If you are interested in this summer’s trip to New Orleans to participate in our partnership with St. George’s Episcopal Church on St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans, please sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact Barbara Perry, Dale Schlenker, or Paul Parisi.

Ministry Directory updates due August 18

All Ministry Teams and Committees, please send your updates to the Ministry Directory for 2006-07 to Karen Manno, The directory will be published for Rally Day and Ministry Fair on August 27. Contact Karen if you would like a copy of any entries from last year’s directory. Also, be sure to send all your activity dates as they are scheduled to Rosemary Wolfe,, to ensure that you will have space and to avoid conflicts.



Habitat Build begins

Our 2006 Habitat House build is scheduled to begin on August 12. Watch for announcements and sign up to build and help with food.

Fall Men’s Retreat

“Come, let us be fishers of men”

Fall is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the serene setting of St. George Island, Florida. We are determining interest in a men's retreat there, Friday, October 13, through Sunday, October 15. The retreat will be led by Father Jim and allow 21 interested men to participate in fellowship, spiritual growth and personal development. Cost per person would be around $280.00, including lodging in two rented beach homes, 8 meals, transportation and recreational activities centered around a beach setting. Please contact John Barrington or Ellis Kilgore for more information.

Outreach Collection all summer long

This summer we are collecting staple foods, household supplies and new or gently used children's books in support of several local charities/ministries. Item lists are available on the Outreach table in the church lobby, or see below. The next time you go to the store please pick up a couple of these items, then bring them to the collection baskets in the lobby -- thank you!

Item List

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Corn Meal
  • Cake Mixes
  • Jello
  • Juices
  • Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet tissue
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • General disinfectant
  • Gently used or new children's and youth books

Diocesan Softball & Family Fun Day

Saturday, August 26

Come cheer for St. Cat’s softball team on Aug. 26, at Heritage Park in McDonough. The Softball Tournament and Family Fun Day will benefit The Grant Park Family Health Center and The Alleluia Fund for Mission. The park has four adult fields, two playgrounds, ample parking, a walking track and a historic village. In addition to softball, there will be a "Traveling Ministry Fair"—any and all ministries that can be displayed under a tent are welcome to come. St. Cat’s team will ROCK! For more information visit the Diocese of Atlanta website.

Lenten Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Seeking Jesus with Heart, Soul and Mind

You are invited to travel to the Holy Land during Lent, 2007. This will be a trip for members of St. Catherine’s and their families as we journey together into a land that has birthed the great faiths of the world. This land and its people have much to teach us as Christians living in the 21st century. The trip is about encountering the places and times of our Lord and exploring together how they inform our faith today.

A pilgrimage is something more than a sightseeing trip. A pilgrimage creates an atmosphere of prayerful encounter with the places and stories of our Biblical tradition. For some it might mean praying at holy sites, for others it’s a time to rededicate themselves to God’s will for their lives and yet for others it’s a time of discernment as we follow Jesus to the places where he encountered many of the same struggles we encounter in our daily lives.

The trip will be for a maximum of 25 persons. We will leave Atlanta on Sunday, March 4, and return Thursday, March 15. Brochures are now available on our resource table near the name tag kiosk. Each brochure includes a registration form to be completed and returned to World Wide Pilgrimages. If you have any questions please contact Fr. Jim.

Watering summer flowers

Rain or no rain, we need a hand this summer watering the flower beds around our grounds. Please check the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact Gail McGill, 770-971-8890 or

Summer Church School every Sunday

Our summer Church School class for adults continues each Sunday, 9:40-10:20 AM in the Board Room with our study of the Book of Common Prayer. Please join us, even if you cannot attend every week.

Is EFM for you?

We are now recruiting for our new EFM class beginning in the fall. EFM (Education for Ministry) is a four-year extension course from the University of the South. The class meets one evening a week to study the Bible, church history, and church philosophy. There is a cost associated with this course. For information please contact Chris or Jan Potter, 770-587-3512 or

Stephen Ministry class forming

Stephen Ministry is now in the process of identifying those who will join the new class of trainees in the fall. Stephen Ministers undertake 50 hours of training to equip them to provide on-on-one, medium to long-term care for people who are dealing with crisis or otherwise difficult time in their lives. If you would like to learn more, check the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin, or contact David Moore, Fr. Jim or Sherry.

Wedding Congratulations

Congratulations to Caroline Paris and Tim Brennan, married at St. Catherine’s on June 24. Mr. and Mrs. Brennan will reside in Marietta.

Diocesan Centennial Celebration 1907-2007

Corporate sponsorship opportunity

The Centennial Celebration Committee offers promotional/advertisement opportunities for businesses to the Diocese’s 55,00 members in middle and north Georgia during the Centennial Celebration year. Multiple events will be held throughout the Diocese, beginning in November 2006. We encourage you to join in the festivities by taking advantage of these promotional opportunities. Corporate sponsorships are available at several levels and can receive recognition on website, T-shirts, brochures, and/or at events. For complete details visit Centennial Celebration Corporate Sponsors.

Mystery Dinner Theater at St. James’

St. James’ Episcopal Church Women with the Polk Street Players will present a Mystery Dinner Theater, “Cat on a Hot Tin Street Car” on Sept. 8 & 9. Last year’s event raised $12,000 for parish and outreach projects. Tickets are $50 per person and reservations are required. Sales begin Aug. 6. For information call 770-403-7902 or visit the St. James' Episcopal website.


Emmaus House
June 2006
Dear Friends at St. Catherine’s

Thank you for your generous gift of $1,250.00... It will be put to good use supporting our many and varied programs. With your generosity

  • Our Seniors Strollers will meet three times a week for food, fellowship, and activities,
  • The poverty Rights Office will provide advocacy and support to those in need,
  • Our Community Art Project will offer creative activities for neighborhood residents of all ages,
  • Our monthly trip to Reidsville Prison will continue to allow family members to visit loved ones,
  • Our Summer Program will offer over 150 neighborhood children academic support, creative activities, and a trip to Camp Mikell,
  • Our Christmas Ministry will serve 30+ families and over 650 children.

Your partnership with us make our work possible, and our prayers and involvement give us strength for the journey. We hope that you have a real sense of being connected to the people whose lives are changed because of the presence of Emmaus House. If you would like more information, or would like to volunteer, please contact us at 404-525-5948.

Again, thank you for your gift. You have the gratitude of our staff, board, volunteers, and those we serve.

Yours faithfully,
The Rev. Elizabeth Claibourne Jones, Vicar and Director


Episcopal Relief and Development
June 19, 2006
Dear Mr. Nixon:

Thank you for St. Catherine’s recent gift of $1,000 ... designated for our Greatest Need.

Your generosity enables Episcopal Relief and Development to serve people on your behalf. After human-made and natural disasters, ERD provides critical supplies immediately, such as food, water and shelter. Once the initial crisis is over, ERD remains with communities to help rebuild lives and livelihoods. Our long-term development programs focus on food security and primary health. ERD’s food security programs ensure that food supplies are available, affordable and accessible. Our primary health programs allow communities to have access to quality health care services, clean water and sanitation systems, as well as resources to fight preventable diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. Through your partnership, ERD is bringing hope to communities world-wide by helping people stay healthy and become more self-sufficient.

To learn more about how your contribution is making a difference, please visit

Your gift is deeply appreciated and helps support our continue efforts on behalf of those in need.

Robert W. Radtke, President


Kittens need a good home!

Rosemary Wolfe in the church office has rescued a moother cat and her 4 kittens. We hope to turn Momma into a church cat, but we need homes for the kittens. They are 8 weeks old and adorable! If you would be willing to give one a home, please contact Rose in the church office at 770.971.2839 or email her at

Holy Baptism

Next Date: August 6

Please check with the office for more information and to request the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.


SICK: Sharon Parisi, James, Natalie May, Missy Greene, Curtis Bagby, Betty Boyce, Steve Wolfe , Kristin Blackstock, Joe Hannigan, Ann Fuchs, George Schnorf, Lisa Arnold, Mary Ann Harwell, Betty Thomas, Deanna Stewart, Rusty Davis, Stephen Lee, Bebe Campbell, Frank Odom, Debbie Stokes, Brent Wilson, Heather Mosier, Ollie Mosier, Kenny Synder, Carla von Hoffmann, Carol Norsworthy, Stacy McEllen, Patti Lloyd, Clyde Harris, Joan Fitch, Bill Montero, Mary Gober, Darin Richards, Sylvia Franks, Jamie Harding, Kenny Pero, Severine Konkel, Carrie LaMorte, Deborah Guy, Jim & Olivia Perkins, Marilyn May

BEFORE SURGERY: Katherine Rader, 7/5/06; Logan Parisi, 7/5/06; Sallie Sompayrac, 7/10/06; Ann Frensley, 7/17/06; Steve Kareken, 7/5/06, Dick Kareken’s son; Doug Ferguson, 7/10/06, relative of Kathy Kareken

DECEASED: Sally Granade, former choir member and parishioner; Mary Ellen McCurley, Debra Guy’s aunt; Rosemary Perkins, Sue Snape’s friend and co-worker’s wife; Doris Barron, Bill Bowden’s godmother

Defend all the men and women of our armed forces at home or abroad especially in Afghanistan , Iraq and Kuwait that they will have a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be.

(7/16/06) Doug, Bonny, Andrew & Christopher Block; Mark, Kimberly, Justin & Stephenie Blythe; Kelly Beard
(7/23/06) Larry, Meg. Andrew & Catherine Boyd; Ron & Julie Brannock; Frank & Pat Brent; John, Fran, Patrick & Addison Brooks; Lani & Bailey Brooks; Jennifer, Michael, Caitlyn & Connor Buckalew


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

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Sherry's Day Off
Boy Scout Troop 713
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Vacation Bible School
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Wednesday, 7/12 Wednesday, 7/19


Vacation Bible School
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A.A. New Beginnings

Thursday, 7/13 Thursday, 7/20
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McGill Wedding Rehearsal
Wheeler Band Meeting
Youth Team
Friday, 7/14 Friday,7/21


Jim's Day Off
Vacation Bible School

Jim's Day Off
Rite 13 Beach Trip
McGill Wedding
Saturday, 7/15 Saturday, 7/22
Whiterocks Trip
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Men’s Bible Study
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Holy Eucharist
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Choral Holy Eucharist
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Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Summer BCP Class
Holy Eucharist
Stephen Ministers


Rafting & Camping Trip
July 15-16

We are planning a raft and camping trip to the Nantahala River for the weekend of July 15-16. Contact Hale Sanders ASAP at to let him know you are interested!

We leave from St. Catherine’s on Saturday at 1:30 PM for Lost Mine Campground in Bryson City, NC, and camp overnight. On Sunday we will rent rafts at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. We will arrive back at church around 5:00 PM on Sunday. Total cost will run $45 to $65 each depending on whether we take an unguided or guided raft.


On the Calendar

WNL -- July 12 -- 7-9pm

Camping & Rafting Trip -- July 15-16

Rite 13 Beach Trip -- July 21-23 -- Get those forms in!!! Remember that the balance for the trip is due before we leave!


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